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am 20. Dezember 2013
Colin Powell beschreibt sein militärisches und sein politisches Leben.

Dies ist die Geschichte eines Einwandererkindes aus der Karibik, das es aus kleinsten Verhältnissen kommend nach ganz OBEN geschafft hat - weil er nach den Regeln gespielt hat und alle Chancen genutzt hat. Er war immer der Erste und der Beste, aber nie der Erstbeste. Das Militär war gut für ihn, er hat Vietnam durchlitten, er war am Golf, er war auch in Deutschland, er hat die Welt gesehen und er hat eigentlich alles erlebt, was man in seiner Zeit als aufstrebender junger Mann in der Army und in der Politik erfahren konnte.

Powell war dem Rassismus seiner Zeit ausgesetzt. Er gehörte später zum politischen Personal und hat alle wichtigen Figuren seiner Zeit getroffen. Er schreibt in seinem Buch von den "Rules", die er aus seinen Erfahrungen gezogen hat. Ein Zitat habe ich mir herausgeschrieben in Bezug auf den Umgang mit der Presse: - " I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it " (George Bernard Shaw).

Die Darstellung seines Familienlebens ist ein anderer interessanter Aspekt: wie lebt man als US-Soldat, wie ist das mit der Familie, wie lebt man als "african-american" Aufsteiger und was macht man in seiner Freizeit? Alte VOLVOS reparieren. Ein sympathisches Buch von einem bekannten Darsteller der jüngeren Zeitgeschichte, welches nichts beschönigt und den Leser teilhaben lässt an seinem politischen Leben in Amerika. Man lernt viel, man trifft die bekannten Persönlichkeiten der amerikanischen Politik, man versteht die Ziele der US-Administration, ihre Strategien, ihre Irrtümer. Man sollte das Buch lesen, bevor die Ereignisse um 9/11 vergessen sind. Schon mal von v. Clausewitz gehört? Er hat!


Schließlich: Englisch habe ich auch gelernt. Das Buch war für mich flüssig zu lesen und unbekannte Ausdrücke erschließen sich weitgehend aus dem Zusammenhang. Ich habe mir dann anschließend "It worked for me" genehmigt. So schlecht kann dann wohl "My American Journey" nicht gewesen sein. DANKE
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am 12. Mai 1999
I found MY AMERICAN JOURNEY by Gen, Powell, to be one of the most outstanding memoir ever written, more so because I were one of those African American soldiers that went & served before him. To my comrades that gave their very all; All were not in vain.
Psychologically we Black Americans are encouraged from childhood, not to speak or write of our black heroic deeds. We are encouraged not to do so by our parents, relatives and well meaning friends. The reason is they;they're fearful it'll make (some) people uneasy.. So when those amongst us do it, we're accused of boasting, praising the evils of wars, or being some kind of radical. Some go as far as to say that such stories put wrong ideas in the heads of our younger generation, when in reality it leaves them with a sense of pride, and knowledge of their history.
On March 27, 1950, I turned seventeen years old, and immediately set to work persuading my mother to give the consent required for me to join the military. Ten days later--April 6--I enlisted in the United States Army. In August of that year I was sent to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, for engineering training. During that training, I learned of the so-called police action taking place in Korea, and like many other adventurous young soldiers, I volunteered for combat duty there. Our worst fear was that the action would be over by the time we arrived in Korea, I even cut short an eight-day leave to be sure I wouldn't miss anything. Such was our minds conditioned.
I was shipped to Korea as a rifleman to serve in the U.S. Army's Last All Negro Unit the 24th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Batation, G-Company, 1st Platoon, 1st Squad. where I was to serve from Dec.4 1950 until Sept. 1st, 1951. The regiment originally known as the Buffalo Soldiers, was one of the most outstanding combat units in the Korean War.
In my book WHAT'S A COMMIE EVER DONE TO BLACK PEOPLE?, I wrote of my experiences, it details the psychological effect of the war, on a 17-year-old kid, It also tells the story of a black man's fight in a racist United States army. A war where we black soldiers soon realized the bitter irony of our situation--supposedly fighting to protect the rights and freedom of an ethnic people, many of us had never heard of before; even as that freedom was denied us in our own country. My experience was a rude awakening to the realities, not only of life and death, but of politics. Writing this book was one of the most difficult decision of my life. But perhaps it'll serve as an inspiration to other Black-veterans, to tell their stories, our history. Reflecting back now, at age 65, and realizing the advancements we Americans, of African decent have made, I feel very proud of my participation; and privilege to share them with you, the younger generation.. Perhaps, if I had known then at the ages 17, what I know now, I too might've stayed home and remained in school. But I didn't. I chose the road of adventure, The Creator spared me, perhaps to add this chapter, to the history of African-Americans in the making of this country; to pass it on, so that all should know,that the freedom and privilege we now enjoy, many fought and died for it. Again I'll say, every American should make MY AMERICAN JOURNEY a must read..
A Forgotten Soldier of a Forgotten War

Peace & Happiness Curtis J. Morrow
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am 5. Mai 1998
Its surprising to learn some tactical points from Gen. Powell who is often refered as being political: having his ARVN troops wear flak jackets on point in Vietnam, his attention to detail while jumping with U.S. Army PATHFINDER School come to mind. His principles in the back of the book are good to post on everyone's wall and bulletin board. But readers need to be very careful about pitching Gen Powell's story as proof positive that being good will garner you success. His encounter with the bigoted CO at Fort Carson almost ruined his career had it not been for "mentors" looking over him and protecting him. There are a lot of "Colin Powells" in the military or have been in the military who when they meet this career threatening jerk-of-a-co; find noone to save them, and we lose their brilliance. We do a great dis-service to our young people when we push blind naivete' and ambition as the answers to life without telling them of the jealousies and back-stabbings that are sure to follow. Gen Powell clearly understands this because he always tries to remind everyone that the "U.S." in "U.S. Army" means US--all of us, that one person's success means everyone's success. I like Gen Powell's egalitareanism shown in the book, and I hope people who read it be like him. I wish the U.S. Army would create a required reading list for its Soldiers, place this book on that list and give their people correspondance course credit after answering questions on the book (should be some essay questions to make them think) to jump-start the professional revival we need starting from the bottom up, by all ranks not just high-brow officers.
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am 14. November 1996
This book deserves praise on so many different levels. Powell
has told a wonderful story about his life, but that's what an
autobiography is supposed to do. He has given us many of his
opinions and insights into the Washington political and military
culture, but that's what everyone expected him to do. He has
also provided us with a readable and thoroughly enjoyable
modern social history. This is what makes the book a "must read."
This book is not a dry historical text. It is nostalgic or new,
culturally, politically and militarily, depending on the reader's experiences.
For example, Powell's story of driving through the South, alone,
during the height of America's racial and civil unrest will undoubtedly
cause some readers to stop and think about related events in their
own lives. However, for younger readers the passage may be more of
an educational awakening. Either way, all readers will be touched.
The reason this book succeeds is because Powell does not only
what is necessary or expected, but what is interesting as well.
And he does it in a down-to-earth, conversational way.
This book is for anyone of any age, political party, race or occupation.
This book is for anyone who wants to learn not only about Colin
Powell and his "American Journey," but also about OUR American journey.
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HALL OF FAMEam 30. Januar 2005
"americans do not want their young dying for $1.50-a-gallon oil. we can't make a case for losing lives in kuwait:" COLIN POWELL, zeitlebens brave taube, ist nun von der terminatrix im hintergrund, CONDOLEEZZA RICE, endgültig ausgebootet worden. als strippenzieherin des falken-lagers, ständig george w. bush nah am ohr, hatte sie powell eh schon recht lange das leben schwer gemacht. umso interessanter eigentlich, was powell, auf sein leben zurückblickend, aufzutischen hat. bei seinen beurteilungen des serbien- oder irak-krieges entdeckt man, dass er nur widerwillig sich in diese hornissen-nester ziehen ließ - die sorge um das seiner obhut anvertraute leben der soldaten ließ ihn sehr oft bremsend argumentieren und fragen (zu häufig für den geschmack der hardliner), ob hier denn amerikas interessen wirklich zur debatte stünden. aus allem die armee herauszuhalten, ist powell nun aber wahrlich nicht gelungen. aufgewachsen in der bronx (zudem farbig), schlimmes erlebt in vietnam, sich durchgebissen bis ins weiße haus: trotz aller persönlichkeits-stärke: die kriegslust der gegenwärtigen washingtoner administration umzubiegen, ist ihm trotz allen selbstvertrauens nicht gelungen. vielleicht wäre ohne seinen sachverstand noch alles viel schlimmer abgelaufen! dies ist der grund, wieso es sich lohnt, die nase in diese 600 seiten zu stecken
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am 22. Januar 2000
Historians, military leaders, intelligence (or counterintelligence) officers, or students of foreign policy (or government for that matter) need to put GEN Powell's book on their must read list. I bought the book when it first came out in hardcover, and couldn't put it down. It sits on my nightstand, and I still pick it up and read pieces from time to time. It is an amazing success story and an inspiration--as well as great publicity--for those who have been or are in the military. As a career counterintelligence officer, I find his perspective from the position of National Security Advisor during the Ronald Reagan Presidency informative and useful when taking a look back at the times. GEN Powell, I believe, was (maybe still is) sensitive to being called a political general. Truth to tell, he will probably be known for years to come as much more than that: he is unquestionably one of the greatest statesmen of our times. The US military is full of savvy officers who are comfortable in uniform and in the field but miscast in civilian clothes. GEN Powell is an officer who was equally comfortable and effective in both. Regrettably, I never had a chance to work directly for him or have the benefit of his wisdom until now. One of the finest books I've ever read. Kelly V. Denton, Dieburg, Germany
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am 18. Juli 2000
This excellent book provides a great study of leadership through the story of Colin Powell's life and career.
Colin Powell, throughout the course of his career, developed a habit of action that distinguished him as a true leader. His path was circuitous and non-traditional; the truly unique and rich set of experiences that together formed the mosaic of his life tested him on a continual basis. The confluence of the many tests Powell faced and his consistent problem-solving modus operandi forms the essence of his autobiography, My American Journey. The role of Machiavelli's 'fortuna,' however, is not to be discounted. He was often the right man at the right time.
A habit of action may best be described as a pattern of behavior exhibited by an individual when confronted with a challenge. To be sure, Colin Powell faced many challenges throughout his career in the Army. Great leaders share one thing in common: underlying their habits of action is a set of core values and guiding principals. In the case of Powell, he stood by his thirteen rules. Taken individually, each of these rules holds an important lesson -- taken as a group, a managerial philosophy and template for leadership becomes visible.
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am 25. Juni 1997
Six hundred seventeen pages about a contemporary general? This is one of the few modern biographies I have read and I was amazed at how enjoyable it was. Powell's life is a traditional rags-to-riches story, the American Dream come true. His writing is clear, suscinct, and entertaining, giving you a feeling for the man behind the uniform. He offers an interesting perspective on America's leaders and provides an insider's view on how decisions are really made in our government. His career provides a parallel for the re-making of the American Armed Forces. He offers us Powell's rules, and
peppered with cameo appearances by contemporary celebrities, he unravels the story of a how a boy from the Bronx can rise to hold the highest position in the Armed Forces today. At the outset of his book, he dabbles with the topic of racism, but by the end he is revved into high gear delivering a clear message: every single American should be proud of his heritage, but he should be proud to be American, too. This is an uplifting book, with a message that needs to be heard by all Americans.
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am 16. Juli 1999
I read this book in chunks, and could not put it down, every moment I had free, that book was in my hand. General Powell is a very admirable person, someone who defeated the odds, and have endured a lot. This book should be required reading in schools, not because of the great story, but because it shows a small part of the bureaucratic machine in Washington, and how big decisions are made. Which I found fascinating.
I loved the little stories that are shared with the reader, the stories you don't get from everyone, the little jokes and humanising character I only hear about in the news.
I could not help but notice that the last part of the book is, or seems like, very self serving, where the General explains how he was right, while the others were wrong, and how he managed to come out as the good guy. I'm not doubting the man, but it seems a bit extricated, and becomes a bit too much. Still, this is a man who deserves admiration.
At the end of the book there is a list of General Powell's Rules. I printed a copy and have it hanging in my office.
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am 23. Oktober 1998
I read this book not just as a member of the military assigned to the Pentagon for three years, but as someone wanting to learn more about a man I saw once a week or so (on the average) for so long a period of time. General Powell's honesty and integrity come through in this work. If you never had the pleasure of knowing him personally, the book tells the reader who the real man is. It is the genuine article, and should be read by all who preach racism, segregation, or alienation. Gen. Powell is "a man for all seasons," and his compassion for his troops and human kind in general, even in time of war, should become the standard by which all leaders are measured.
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