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Mortal Instruments 06. City of Heavenly Fire (Mortal Instruments 6) (Englisch) Taschenbuch – 5. Februar 2015

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Mehr über den Autor

Schon als Kind hat Cassandra Clare viel gelesen. Bücher waren ihre treuesten Begleiter in einer Zeit, in der ihre Eltern mit ihr durch die Welt zogen. Cassandra Clare lebte, noch bevor sie zehn Jahre alt war, in vielen Ländern, darunter die Schweiz, England und Frankreich. Nach dem College ging sie nach Los Angeles und New York, um für diverse Unterhaltungsmagazine zu schreiben. Die Welt von Britney Spears und Paris Hilton war jedoch nicht wirklich die ihre. 2004 begann Cassandra Clare ihren ersten Roman zu schreiben, inspiriert vom Bezirk Manhattan in ihrer Lieblingsstadt New York. Mit ihren "Chroniken der Unterwelt" war sie schnell so erfolgreich, dass sie 2006 den Job als Societyreporterin an den Nagel hängen konnte. Heute lebt sie mit ihrem Freund und zwei Katzen in Brooklyn, New York.


Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende

Cassandra Clare is the author of the internationally bestselling Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Bane Chronicles, The Shadowhunter's Codex and Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. Her Shadowhunter world has captivated 40 million readers. The books have been translated into over 35 languages and have appeared globally on bestseller lists. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is a major movie and Shadowhunters is airing on Netflix. Cassandra lives in Massachusetts, USA. She is currently working on two new Shadowhunter series, The Dark Artifices and The Last Hours. Visit her online at Learn more about the world of the Shadowhunters at

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City of Heavenly Fire


“Picture something calming. The beach in Los Angeles—white sand, crashing blue water, you’re strolling along the tide line . . .”

Jace cracked an eye open. “This sounds very romantic.”

The boy sitting across from him sighed and ran his hands through his shaggy dark hair. Though it was a cold December day, werewolves didn’t feel weather as acutely as humans, and Jordan had his jacket off and his shirtsleeves rolled up. They were seated opposite each other on a patch of browning grass in a clearing in Central Park, both cross-legged, their hands on their knees, palms up.

An outcropping of rock rose from the ground near them. It was broken up into larger and smaller boulders, and atop one of the larger boulders perched Alec and Isabelle Lightwood. As Jace looked up, Isabelle caught his eye and gave him an encouraging wave. Alec, noting her gesture, smacked her shoulder. Jace could see him lecturing Izzy, probably about not breaking Jace’s concentration. He smiled to himself—neither of them really had a reason to be here, but they had come anyway, “for moral support.” Though, Jace suspected it had more to do with the fact that Alec hated to be at loose ends these days, Isabelle hated for her brother to be on his own, and both of them were avoiding their parents and the Institute.

Jordan snapped his fingers under Jace’s nose. “Are you paying any attention?”

Jace frowned. “I was, until we wandered into the territory of bad personal ads.”

“Well, what kind of thing does make you feel calm and peaceful?”

Jace took his hands off his knees—the lotus position was giving him wrist cramps—and leaned back on his arms. Chilly wind rattled the few dead leaves that still clung to the branches of the trees. Against the pale winter sky the leaves had a spare elegance, like pen and ink sketches. “Killing demons,” he said. “A good clean kill is very relaxing. The messy ones are more annoying, because you have to clean up afterward—”

“No.” Jordan held his hands up. Below the sleeves of his shirt, the tattoos that wrapped his arms were visible. Shaantih, shaantih, shaantih. Jace knew it meant “the peace that passes understanding” and that you were supposed to say the word three times every time you uttered the mantra, to calm your mind. But nothing seemed to calm his, these days. The fire in his veins made his mind race too, thoughts coming too quickly, one after another, like exploding fireworks. Dreams as vivid and saturated with color as oil paintings. He’d tried training it out of himself, hours and hours spent in the practice room, blood and bruises and sweat and once, even, broken fingers. But he hadn’t managed to do much more than irritate Alec with requests for healing runes and, on one memorable occasion, accidentally set fire to one of the crossbeams.

It was Simon who had pointed out that his roommate meditated every day, and who’d said that learning the habit was what had calmed the uncontrollable fits of rage that were often part of the transformation into a werewolf. From there it had been a short jump to Clary suggesting that Jace “might as well try it,” and here they were, at his second session. The first session had ended with Jace burning a mark into Simon and Jordan’s hardwood floor, so Jordan had suggested they take it outside for the second round to prevent further property damage.

“No killing,” Jordan said. “We’re trying to make you feel peaceful. Blood, killing, war, those are all non-peaceful things. Isn’t there anything else you like?”

“Weapons,” said Jace. “I like weapons.”

“I’m starting to think we have a problematic issue of personal philosophy here.”

Jace leaned forward, his palms flat on the grass. “I’m a warrior,” he said. “I was brought up as a warrior. I didn’t have toys, I had weapons. I slept with a wooden sword until I was five. My first books were medieval demonologies with illuminated pages. The first songs I learned were chants to banish demons. I know what brings me peace, and it isn’t sandy beaches or chirping birds in rain forests. I want a weapon in my hand and a strategy to win.”

Jordan looked at him levelly. “So you’re saying that what brings you peace is war.”

Jace threw his hands up and stood, brushing grass off his jeans. “Now you get it.” He heard the crackle of dry grass and turned, in time to see Clary duck through a gap between two trees and emerge into the clearing, Simon only a few steps behind her. Clary had her hands in her back pockets and she was laughing.

Jace watched them for a moment—there was something about looking at people who didn’t know they were being watched. He remembered the second time he had ever seen Clary, across the main room of Java Jones. She’d been laughing and talking with Simon the way she was doing now. He remembered the unfamiliar twist of jealousy in his chest, pressing out his breath, the feeling of satisfaction when she’d left Simon behind to come and talk to him.

Things did change. He’d gone from being eaten up with jealousy of Simon, to a grudging respect for his tenacity and courage, to actually considering him a friend, though he doubted he’d ever say so out loud. Jace watched as Clary looked over and blew him a kiss, her red hair bouncing in its ponytail. She was so small—delicate, doll-like, he had thought once, before he’d learned how strong she was.

She headed toward Jace and Jordan, leaving Simon to scamper up the rocky ground to where Alec and Isabelle were sitting; he collapsed beside Isabelle, who immediately leaned over to say something to him, her black curtain of hair hiding her face.

Clary stopped in front of Jace, rocking back on her heels with a smile. “How’s it coming along?”

“Jordan wants me to think about the beach,” Jace said gloomily.

“He’s stubborn,” Clary said to Jordan. “What he means is that he appreciates it.”

“I don’t, really,” said Jace.

Jordan snorted. “Without me you’d be bouncing down Madison Avenue, shooting sparks out of all your orifices.” He rose to his feet, shrugging on his green jacket. “Your boyfriend’s crazy,” he said to Clary.

“Yeah, but he’s hot,” said Clary. “So there’s that.”

Jordan made a face, but it was good-natured. “I’m heading out,” he said. “Got to meet Maia downtown.” He gave a mock salute and was gone, slipping into the trees and vanishing with the silent tread of the wolf he was under the skin. Jace watched him go. Unlikely saviors, he thought. Six months ago he wouldn’t have believed anyone who’d told him he was going to wind up taking behavioral lessons from a werewolf.

Jordan and Simon and Jace had struck up something of a friendship in the past months. Jace couldn’t help using their apartment as a refuge, away from the daily pressures of the Institute, away from the reminders that the Clave was still unprepared for war with Sebastian.

Erchomai. The word brushed the back of Jace’s mind like the touch of a feather, making him shiver. He saw an angel’s wing, torn from its body, lying in a pool of golden blood.

I am coming.

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So I FINALLY read this book. I read the first three books years and years ago. I loved them back then, and I knew there was going to be a spin off series, but then the series just randomly continued, which threw me a little. I didn’t love City of Fallen Angels to be honest, and I struggled a lot with the first half of City of Lost Souls (books 4 and 5 in the series, if all the City titles are confusing you too). It felt like the story was past the point where it should have naturally ended, and the writing bothered me a little as well. At one point I took three sample pages from City of Lost Souls and counted how many times the words “gold” and “silver” were used to describe random body parts of Jace or Sebastian. Trust me, it was a lot. HOWEVER, I did care about the characters and the story enough to want to finish the series. Little did I know there were going to be 18329 more books in the Shadowhunter world, but let’s not digress.

First things first, this book is LONG. I have the paperback, but I have a feeling it’s still heavy enough to knock someone out. Forget baseball bats, this is the only weapon I need if someone ever breaks into my apartment. Or steals my chocolate. So how long did it take me to make it through this 733 page long monster of a book? Goodreads says six days (and we all know Goodreads is more reliable than my memory), but I was actually reading the better part of it for the last day and a half. Maybe it’s because I’ve waited so long, but I really enjoyed returning to the characters and the world and I was in the exact right mood to read it. I love all the new books and authors I’m discovering, but I miss the feeling of returning to a world I already know and love, so I really appreciated that in this book.
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“Heroes aren't always the ones who win," she said. "They're the ones who lose, sometimes. But they keep fighting, they keep coming back. They don't give up. That's what makes them heroes.” - S.95

The Mortal Instruments war eine Reihe, deren erste drei Bände ich wahnsinnig gerne mochte. Als es damals hieß, die Autorin würde nun weiter schreiben, war ich wohl eine der wenigen, die sich nicht wirklich darüber gefreut haben. Ich weiß, dass es immer heftige Diskussionen auslöst, wenn jemand das sagt, aber ICH bin der Meinung, dass Cassandra Clare gut daran getan hätte nicht weiter zu schreiben. Welches Ausmaß diese ganzen Shadowhunter-Reihen mittlerweile angenommen haben, wissen wir ja alle. Wenn euch das gefällt, dann freut mich das wirklich für euch, aber ich sehe das einfach anders. CITY OF GLASS war ein fantastisches Buch und hätte mir als Ende durchaus gereicht. Auch CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS gefiel mir noch ganz gut, aber CITY OF LOST SOULS war mein Untergang und was 800 Seiten CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE mit mir gemacht haben, könnt ihr in diesem Booktalk jetzt gerne nachlesen. Der Grund, warum ich die Reihe beendet habe, obwohl ich Band 5 nicht mochte, war einfach meine Neugier.

Der Prolog des Buches erzählt sehr lange die Geschichte von Emma und Julien, welche zu diesem Zeitpunkt in der aktuellen Gegenwart leben, aber jünger sind als Clary & Co. Diese beiden Charaktere werden samt ihrer Familien von vorne bis hinten vorgestellt und man wird mit Namen nur so zugebombt, das ist nicht mehr feierlich. Die vielen, neuen Charaktere leben alle in dem Institut in LA und sind die Grundlage für die neue Reihe, die es 2015 geben wird.
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Oh mein Gott! Was für ein Buch. Ein krönender Abschluss für diese großartige Buchreihe! Wenn ihr nicht zu viel über den Inhalt erfahren wollt, dann solltet ihr gleich runter scrollen zu meiner Bewertung, ich verrate nämlich etwas mehr, als die Rückseite des Buches.

Es geht spannend los! Gleich im Prolog werden uns Emma Carstairs und Julian Blackthorn vorgestellt – die Protagonisten der nächsten Shadowhunter –Buchreihe. Die Beiden trainieren im Los Angeles Institut, als Jonathan Morgenstern aka. Sebastian das Institut angreift und Julians Vater und die anderen erwachsenen Schattenjäger in dunkle Schattenjäger verwandelt. Nur mit Mühe können die Kinder durch ein Portal nach Idris fliehen.

Zur gleichen Zeit scheint das Leben in New York immerhin halbwegs normal voran zu gehen. Jace muss lernen das Himmlische Feuer in seinen Venen zu kontrollieren. Alec muss mit seinem Liebeskummer zu Recht kommen, nachdem die Beziehung zu Magnus zerbrochen ist. Und Clary und Simon versuchen so normal wie möglich ihre Weihnachtseinkäufe hinter sich zu bringen. Der zeitweilige Frieden wird gestört, als die Schattenjäger des New Yorker Institutes von Sebastians Angriffen erfahren. Dabei wurden zahlreiche Institute angegriffen und auslöscht und die Bewohne in dunkle Schattenjäger transformiert. Um weiteren Angriffen zuvor zu kommen, sollen alle verbliebenen Institute geräumt werden und die Schattenjäger nach Idris zurück kehren.

Während in Idris Kriegsrat gehalten wird, muss Simon in New York damit kämpfen, dass ihn das „Mark of Cain“ nicht mehr beschützt. Der fehlende Schutz fordert seinen Preis, als er von Maureens Vampir-Klan entführt wird.
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