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am 15. Mai 2004
The introduction to these scriptures explains exactly how vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, RDAs are defined and provides thorough background information about supplements and we need to take them.
Then follows the Hot Hundred nutritional supplements from Alpha Carotene to Zeaxanthin. Each entry provides the potential benefits and interactions of these substances, plus the food sources in which they are found. These are verily the 100 golden talents for good health, if not the 100 commendments.
The chapter Hot News About Old Favorites discusses aged garlic, capsaicin, reishi mushroom, GLA, Ginseng, Omega fatty acids, magnesium, selenium and many other well-known substances that for a very long time have been known to promote health.
In the chapter Fat Burners and Sports Supplements, stuff like androstenedione, CoQ10, creatine, pyruvate, amino acids and other supplements are investigated, whilst Mood Enhancing Supplements deals with inter alia SAMe, 5-HTP, St John's Wort and Tyrosine and contains a section Stress Busters with information on Kava Kava, DHEA and flower essences.
The other chapters are titled Supplements For Your Sex Life, A Brief Guide To Homeopathy, Hot Supplements From Around The World (including those from the Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions, and from the rain forests), Supplements For Sensational Skin and Get Smarter With Supplements (including discussions on Grape Seed Extract, Lipoic Acid, Vitamin E, DMAE, Ginkgo Biloba, Pregnenolone, Phophatidylserine and other major discoveries).
This excellent guide to what is hot on the supplement scene concludes with a bibliography and concordance. I also recommend The A - Z Guide To Supplements (Prescription For Nutritional Healing) by Phyllis A Balch, Renewal by Timothy J Smith, The Superhormone Promise by William Regelson and Forever Ageless by Rothenburg. Let these tried and trusted works of wisdom be a lamp unto your feet.
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Dr. Mindell's treatment of the subject of supplements is not just a blanket endorsement of each item you'll find on the shelves of your local health-food store. He walks you through an explanation of the supplement, providing examples and references to germane research (if there is any published), reviews the myth and hype surrounding its use, and then delivers a level-headed recommendation for its use or a well-reasoned arguement for abstaining. After doing extensive research on my own to try to find the "truth" about supplements, finding Dr. Mindell's book is like finding a nugget of gold in the information wasteland. Read and enjoy!
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am 20. Juli 1999
Hi! I heard that Earl Mindell has a powdered supplement for weight loss....where can I obtain it?
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