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am 27. Juli 2000
I first learned about Mind Boosters on author Ray Sahelian, M.D.'s Web Site. My particular interest has been in vitamin and hormone supplementation as an anti-aging regimen. Dr. Sahelian provides an extremely informative discussion of a multitude of supplements -- vitamins, herbs, amino acids, and hormones -- that can keep one's mental acuity at its peak and help maintain a high level of overall physical well-being. Since many of these supplements have yet to be subjected to long-term clinical testing by medical experts, Dr. Sahelian brings to the reader the latest information about the use of many of these supplements that is partly based on his own personal experiences as well as results reported by countless others. He is both prudent and cautious in recommending the types of supplements and the appropriate doses one should take for his or her particular needs. This book is well written, informative and can and should serve as a continuing source of reference.
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am 7. Juli 2000
I was pleasantly surprised when I received my copy of Mind Boosters from amazon. As I looked through the 300 pages of the book, I was in awe on how much information was packed. On just about every page of the book there was a heading that caught my eye. I was especially drawn to the author's personal experience with the supplements. Dr. Sahelian apparently took the dozens of nutrients he has in his book and it was very refreshing that he included his observations on how they made him feel. He also lists the scientific research on each supplement and the cautions and side effects. What made me trust the information in this book even more is that he mentions a few supplements that don't work or how a cheaper alternative can save the reader a lot of money. Also, his dosage recommendations seem prudent. Everything seems to be well-explained and organized with proper references. I like the way he categorizes the chapters and how he makes brain chemistry real simple to understand and the biochemical basis on how the nutrients work. His chapter on supplements for mood elevation was excellent. Since I have mild depression, his step by step guide is very practical. I also liked his chapter on the top nutrients that improve vision. I followed his guidelines on the fish oil intake and did notice within two days my vision being sharper and clearer. There is a good glossary of the scientific terms used in the book and an excellent index. Over the years I have read quite a few books on brain supplements, and, without a doubt, this is the finest book on this topic that I've come across so far.
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am 26. Juli 2000
Once again Ray Sahelian has written THE handbook for supplements helpful for keeping our busy brains functioning. I sound like his publicist, but I'm not. He knows what he is talking about! I first encountered his work through a site, iHerbLtd. This company sells a whole variety of supplements and depends upon his work for documentation. No longer is diet enough, and thank goodness that Sahelian has done the research he has to educate us on what supplements are good. I am also thankful for reliable sites like iHerbLtd who use his research as a basis for the products they stock. I feel like I am in good hands as I am taking my own health into my own hands.
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