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am 24. August 1999
I just returned from the trip through Germany for which I bought this map. I suppose if you are traveling far off the beaten path, the enormous detail might be helpful. But if you are planning on using major highways, such as the Autobahn, this is a very hard map to follow. The highway numbers appear as tiny, unhighlighted print next to the roads, and you could kill yourself trying to figure out where you are. The free maps my cousin got me from the German auto club (ADAC) were infinitely more useful.
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am 21. Mai 2000
If you want the 5 minute summary, don't buy the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Likewise, if you plan to stick to the Autobahn, this map is overkill.
Michelin maps come in different levels of detail, and this happens to be the most detailed one for this region. Michelin maps are universally accurate and I find them easy to read. I particularly like to follow the routes marked in Green because they are always worth the detour.
For safety reasons, I recommend that you use this, or any map to plan your route prior to driving, unless you have a passenger available to navigate.
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