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Mercury Rises (Book Two of the Mercury Series)
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Mercury Rises (Book Two of the Mercury Series) [Kindle Edition]

Robert Kroese
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Amazon Exclusive: Apocalyptic Journalist Christine Temetri Interviews Robert Kroese

Christine Temetri:
Mercury Falls concerned a plot to bring about the apocalypse. Can we assume, given the fact that you have now written a sequel called Mercury Rises, that the apocalypse did not occur?

Robert Kroese: Apocalypse is a process. It's not something that just happens all of a sudden. And it's not entirely clear that you can prevent it, although it seems to have been delayed a bit. As Harry Giddings said, "We've always been headed toward the apocalypse. It’s just a question of proximity."

CT: So what can you tell us about Mercury Rises? Does the apocalypse happen in that one?

RK: I probably shouldn't answer that.

CT: Well, I hear you're working on a third Mercury book, so presumably it doesn't. Gotta keep that gravy train running, huh?

RK: I’m sorry, have I done something to offend you? Why are you so anxious for the apocalypse to happen?

CT: Why am I so anxious? Do you know how many near-apocalypses I've been through? Not to mention the fact that in Mercury Falls, you almost killed me on five different occasions. I can only imagine what I get subjected to in Mercury Rises.

RK: Oh, you're not in Mercury Rises.


RK: That was a joke. Of course you're in Mercury Rises. The volcano scene wouldn't be nearly as exciting without you.

CT: Volcano scene?

RK: You'll see. It's fantastic. There's a flaming goat head and everything.

CT: Sounds like a real literary coup. I suppose I have to put up with that jackass Mercury in this one, too?

RK: Well, he is the title character.

CT: Yeah, about that. Wasn't the first book really more about me than Mercury? Why isn't it Christine Falls?

RK: Mainly because that's a terrible title.

CT: So, do Mercury and I get together in this one?

RK:'s really not that sort of book. There isn't a lot of, you know, getting together.

CT: To sum up, then, no apocalypse and no sex. Is there anything of interest in this book at all?

RK: Uh...well, there are ziggurats.

CT: What's a ziggurat?

RK: You know, a step pyramid. Like in ancient Babylon?

CT: The big selling point of the book is that it has “step pyramids” in it?

RK: Well, not the big selling point.

Mercury: Wow, dude, you are terrible at this.

CT: Mercury! Where did you come from?

M: I have a tendency to show up whenever Rob starts to get really long-winded and boring.

RK: He's like comic relief.

M: More like AWESOMENESS relief.

RK: That makes it sound like you're offering relief from awesomeness.

M: Dude, seriously. I've got this. Go read your Stan Hawkins book.

RK: It's Stephen Hawking. He's a famous physicist. I'm doing some research for book number three. You see, there’s this guy in Mercury Rises who is trying to capture these quantum particles to try to...

M: Wow, I just felt this tremendous disturbance in the Force, like a million people not caring at all.

RK: Fine. [inaudible]...write you out of existence...[inaudible]...

M: Good luck with that, Physics Boy!

"Mercury is an engaging character and his many adventures are uproariously funny. The main character development is first rate. The supporting cast of assorted demons, archangels and others in their settings of cubicle hell and layers of heavenly bureaucracy along with ample helpings of history and biblical lore make for a thoroughly entertaining read." --Monsters and Critics


Mercury Rises: The explosive sequel to Mercury Falls!

Jaded religion reporter Christine Temetri and Mercury, a renegade angel, have just thwarted two diabolical plots to destroy the world. But their work isn’t finished yet: mysterious powers outranking even the Heavenly bureaucracy seem intent on keeping the Apocalypse on track. While the world is plagued by natural disasters and nations prepare for war, crazed billionaire Horace Finch plots to use a secret device hidden beneath the African desert to discover the deepest secrets of the Universe—even if he has to destroy the Universe to do it. Meanwhile, unassuming FBI investigator Jacob Slater tries in vain to find a rational explanation for the mysterious destruction of downtown Anaheim—a quest that ultimately brings him to Kenya, where he meets Christine and Mercury. Together, the three must stop Finch from activating the device and tearing reality to pieces. Uproarious and wildly entertaining, Mercury Rises proves that the devil is in the details!

Über den Autor

Robert Kroese's sense of irony was honed growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan—home of the Amway Corporation and the Gerald R. Ford Museum, as well as the first city in the United States to fluoridate its water supply. In second grade he wrote his first novel, The Saga of Captain Bill and His Spaceship Thee Eagle. This turned out to be the high point of his academic career. After barely graduating from Calvin College in 1992 with a philosophy degree, he was fired from a variety of jobs before moving to California, where he stumbled into software development. As this job required neither punctuality nor a sense of direction, he excelled at it. In 2006, he started his blog,, as an outlet for his absurdist wit. Around the same time, he was appointed to be a deacon in his church, and this juxtaposition of roles prompted him to create the character Mercury, the star of Mercury Falls. Kroese (pronounced KROO-zee) currently lives in Ripon, California, with his wife and two children.
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