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am 2. Juli 2010
I started reading this book with the hope that it would tell me how to find the work that would be deeply satisfactory for me. In the middle of the book, I got very disappointed, because the book wasn't telling me this. But I'm very glad that I read the book to the end, because I learned a lot.

POSITIVE things about this book:

I learned the following things:

(1) There are three types of work:

- Drudgery: this work is terrible and makes one sick in the end, one suffers there

- Craft: either mind or heart are involved here, but not both

- Calling: this is the true work that gives us energy and deep satisfaction

I find this classification quite accurate, and I was able to analyze and understand my previous experiences using it. The author goes into lots of details to explain how these types of work differ from each other. However, the explanation of Calling is right in the end of the book, so one has to be patient. However, it still makes sense to read the book sequentially, because the book parts build on each other.

(2) Especially HSPs seem to need two types of income in their work: money income AND psychic income. The latter means the relationships with people. I thoroughly agree with the author that especially HSPs cannot enjoy work if their relationships with people at work are in some way "unhealthy". The non-HSP can ignore relationships if they like the job tasks, but the HSPs cannot. I was very relieved to read this, because I thought that something is wrong with ME, because I absolutely need good relationships at the workplace.

(3) It is very difficult, if not impossible, to transform Drudgery into Craft and Craft into Calling if one tries to remain at the same workplace. That is, if one experiences Drudgery, one has to leave this work. I think this is very wise, even if something in me still doesn't want to believe this.

(4) Some people are so-called "high sensation seekers", they are always looking for "interesting" jobs, get them, but then loose interests pretty fast. I myself don't have this trait, but to know about this might be helpful for people who are made this way.

(5) There is a helpful self-management part in the book, that tells us how to deal with overstimulation at work. I found one thing especially helpful: if you are in Drudgery, no relaxation technique (Yoga, bubble bath, nice hobby) will be able to help you permanently. You have to get out of Drudgery as fast as possible.

NEGATIVE things about this book:

The author states that some HSPs have such a lot of interests that they find it difficult to choose one interest as a job. This might be true, but it's not true for me. I don't have any strong interests, everything I do is just a little bit interesting for me. Unfortunately, there is not a single word about such condition in the book.

I wish the book was better structured. I really needed a lot of patience with it. That's why I give it 4 stars, and not 5.

There are some grammatical peculiarities in the book, probably due to an inattentive editor. But generally, they are not too disruptive.

The book gives absolutely no clues at how to search for the Calling. Although the author says that one has to grow personally, and then the Calling will get nearer to you, but I still wish that she was a bit more outspoken here, probably by providing several examples at how people were looking for (and found) their Calling.

CONCLUSION: A wise and helpful book about HSPs at work. However, if you are looking for a "howto", you will get disappointed. For myself, I had to agree with the athor at the end: There is no "howto" for finding your real work. You have to think, observe yourself, try things out and think again. This seems to be the only way.
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am 29. Mai 2015
A great book that makes you understand what you need at work (control, meaning, challenge) and what the difference between drudgery, craft and calling is. If you need further information, this book offers great tipps for other literature about the different topics (like finding your calling, handle bullies etc). - I would recommend this book to any HSP (and non HSP).
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