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4,6 von 5 Sternen38
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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14 von 14 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 6. Juli 2009
In Hessen gehört es für den Englisch Leistungskurs zur Pflicht, ein Drama von William Shakespear zu lesen und zu bearbeiten. Auf Grund seiner relativen Kürze und des spannenden Inhalts entschieden sich die Kurse unserer Schule für "Macbeth".
Für unseren Kurs wurde daher die "No Fear" Version bestellt. In dieser gibt es eine kurze Personenübersicht zu Beginn, sowie anschließend das eigentliche Drama, mit anschließend Platz auf einigen Seiten für Notizen. Jeweils auf der linken Seite befindet sich die "orginal Version Shakespears", auf der Rechten die "Übersetzung" im modernen Englisch. Auf diese Weise erschließt sich einem der Inhalt des Buches auf jeden Fall. Das moderne Englisch ist sehr gut verständlich und leicht nachzuvollziehen, sowie zu lesen.
Natürlich ist die Orginalversion hervorragend, man muss sich aber erst hineinlesen um einen guten Fluss zu finden. Wenn man mal hängt, genügt ein Blick auf die andere Seite um eine verständliche Version zu finden.

Übersichtlich und praktisch !! An den Seitenrändern mit gelegentlich kurzen Erläuterungen zu unbekannten Wörtern bzw. Ausdrücken.

Übrigens nicht explizit für faule, oder es sich einfach machende kontinental-europäische Schüler entwickelt, sondern für amerikanische High-School Schüler zur besseren Bearbeitung!

Für jeden Kurs nur zu empfehlen! Wichtige Textstellen können in neuem Englisch gemeinsam nachvollzogen werden. Aber auch für einzel Personen und Schüler zu empfehlen, die Shakespear lesen müssen, oder Shakespear gerne lesen möchten, sich aber vielleicht nicht trauen, auf Grund mangelnden Verständnisses.

Demenstprechend nur zu empfehlen! William Shakespears "Macbeth" verständlich im Orignal für Jederman!
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3 von 3 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 27. Juli 1999
Shakespeare's cleverness shows through in Macbeth, in my mind one of his greatest plays. By appealing to ALL components of his audience, from James I (via Banquo's royal progeny) to the uneducated and superstitious groundlings (via witches and ghosts), Shakespeare created a timeless classic. Macbeth's tragic flaw, "vaulting ambition," ultimately causes his downfall; this downfall serves as an ultimate, meaningful, and universal warning: while ambition may cause a person to rise in status and prestige, too much ambition may cause a person to both lose touch with reality and improve his/her status by any means possible (including murder). Suspense and mystery, combined with mystical superstition, believable characters, eerily vivid descriptions, and universal themes, make Macbeth a wonderful play to read, to interpret, and to analyze.
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am 28. Mai 2011
Für mich als Schüler ist dieses Buch einfach perfekt. Gute Vokabel-Erklärungen, Zusammenfassungen der einzelnen Szenen in modernem Englisch und zahlreiches Zusatzmaterial. Die Verarbeitung ist auch top, zerfleddernde Seiten dürften also selbst für Chaoten wie mich kein Problem sein. Absolut überzeugend, von daher 5 Sterne.
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am 13. Januar 2000
Shakespeare's shortest and bloodiest tragedy, MACBETH is also possibly the most serious. Macbeth is a warrior who has just had his greatest victory, but his own "vaulting ambition," the spectral promises of the three weird sisters, and the spurring on of his wife drive him to a treason and miserable destruction for which he himself is completely responsible. The ominous imagery of the fog that hovers over the first scene of the play symbolizes the entire setting of the play. Shakespeare's repeated contrasts of such concepts as fair and foul, light and darkness, bravery and cowardice, cut us to the quick at every turn. MACBETH forces us to question "what is natural?" "what is honor?" and "Is life really 'a tale/ Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury/ Signifying nothing?'" Few plays have ever illustrated the torments of Guilt (especially how it deprives one of Sleep) so vividly and stirringly.
I have read this play curiously as a child, excitedly as a teenager, passionately as a college student, and lovingly as a graduate student and adult. Like all of Shakespeare's writing, it is still as fresh, and foreboding, and marvelous as ever. As a play it is first meant to be heard (cf. Hamlet says "we shall hear a play"), secondarily to be seen (which it must be), but, ah, the rich rewards of reading it at one's own pace are hard to surpass. Shakespeare is far more than just an entertainer: he is the supreme artist of the English language. The Arden edition of MACBETH is an excellent scholarly presentation, offering a bounty of helpful notes and information for both the serious and casual reader.
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am 8. Januar 2013
Top book to use for English students, first because of its competitive price and second because of the simplified modern English translation side by side with the original - easy to understand without losing the lovely Shakespearean imagery
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am 22. Oktober 1998
If you are looking for tragedy and a dark bloody drama then I recommend Macbeth with no reservations whatsoever. On a scale of 1-5, I fell this book deserves a 4.5. Written by the greatest literary figure of all time, Shakespeare mesmorizes the reader with suspense and irony. The Scottish Thane Macbeth is approachd by three witches who attempt and succeed at paying with his head. They tell him he will become king, which he does, alog with the aide of his ambitious wife. Macbeth's honor and integrity is destroyed with the deceit and murders he commits. As the novel progresses, Macbeth's conscience tortures him and makes him weak minded. Clearly the saying "what goes around comes around," is put to use since Macbeth's doom was similar to how he acquired his status of kingship. He kills Duncan, the king of Scottland and chops the head off the Thane of Cawdor, therefore the Thane of Fife, Macduff, does the same thing to him. I feel anyone who decides to read this extraordinary book will not be disatisfied and find himself to become an audience to Shakespearean tragedies.
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am 26. September 1999
This play is great! I've always liked Shakespearean comedy and tragic romance, and I didn't want to read this play at first, but when I did--it got me.
For those who want to read a play full of word play, appearance and reality in the world and for you, irony and Christian innuendoes, Macbeth is for you. The word play, especially the surprising comparison of murder with "Tarquin's ravishing", and the really effective ones like ambition with drunkeness, will make you read it again and again. There is a haunting soliloquy in Act 5 that Macbeth gives about life--it's famous and most would have heard of it, but nothing beats reading it together with the play.
Behind every successful man there is a woman, and behind every tragic hero there should be a tragic heroine. Lady Macbeth will repulse you and gain your pity. Don't despise her, folks, she just squashed her femininity thinking it was the best thing to do. She wouldn't have to ask evil forces to take away her human compassion if she didn't have any to begin with.
A must-read, and must-savour.
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am 8. April 1999
Historical inaccuracies aside (Macbeth was one of Scotland's great kings), this stands as one of Shakespeare's most brilliant plays. It's his shortest tragedy, and has been declared (as the Folger edition quotes) "wholly tragic." Plenty of ambiguities to sort through as well as a wealth of famous lines ('out, out, brief candle!', 'the be all and the end all', 'I begin to grow weary of the sun', etc etc).
I always recommend the Folger editions over others. They have the footnotes on the facing pages (so they aren't disruptive but are at the same time accessible), illustrative images from Shakespeare's time, and a scholarly essay at the end. They are also very clear (without being pedantic) about the uncertainties in editing the work (between folios and quartos, although no quarto editions of MacBeth were published in his time).
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am 17. Juli 1999
First let me say that Shakespeare's plays weren't written to be read, but watched, and that's still the best way to experience them (assuming it's a good production). I had to read this in high school like so many other people, and the language made it impossible to appreciate, and of course years later the language is the prime reason to read these plays. Shakespeare's imagery is legendary for a reason. Lines such as "Full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife" brilliantly convey MacBeth's state. The Arden editions are the best. With detailed notes on the arcane references and often difficult language, the Ardens are both for people reading the play for their first time or their hundredth.
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am 4. April 2013
Übersichtlich strukturiert, veraltetes Englisch und poetische Worte werden erklärt. Außerdem ist es ungekürzt und unbearbeitet, sowie in Englischer Sprache, was für mich einen weiteren Pluspunkt bedeutet, da das Stück nur so seinen epischen Charakter ganz entfalten kann. Ich rate jedem, sich diese oder eine ähnliche Version zu kaufen; keinesfalls eine "No Fear Shakespeare" oder noch schlimmer eine deutsche Version, da das Stück erheblich an Kraft verliert - es wurde so geschrieben wie es sein soll und man muss es so lassen.
Daher 5 Sterne für diese Ausgabe, die ihr Geld definitiv wert und für mich 1. Wahl ist.
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