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4,5 von 5 Sternen85
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 26. Juli 2000
I have read Lucifer's Hammer 6 times. Soon to be 7. Every time it grabs me and doesn't let go. The characters are so real you feel you are looking over thier shoulders. It is "Simply the Best" book on the end of the world by far, from the tidal waves to the cannibalism. This story gives you a true idea what events might happen if such a catastrophy were to occur
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am 13. April 2001
Es ist schon vorstellbar: Ein riesiger Komet rast auf die Erde zu, zerbricht beim Eintritt in die Erd-Atmosspäre in Einzelteile. Hat aber noch genug Wucht um die menschliche Zivilisation auszulöschen. Zivilisation ist also futsch... Wer das Inferno überlebt, kämpft nun ums nackte Dasein! Nachdem sich einige Menschen durch den Horror des Weltuntergangs gekämpft haben, wersuchen sie im Kleinem ihre eigene, funktionierende Welt zu bauen. Aber leider müssen sie noch öffter in die "zerstörte Welt draußen! Da warten aber unter anderem kanibalich lebende Motorad-Gangs! Luzifers Hammer (so ist der Komet im Buch benannt) besticht durch seine sehr direkte Schilderung menschlichen Verhaltens in extremen Situationen (hier bis auf die Spitze getrieben). Der Wille zu Überleben; und das Leben gegen eine fremd gewordene Umwelt zu verteidigen verlangt den Protagonisten und auch den Lesern dieses SF-Romanes alles ab!
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am 14. April 1998
When I first read LH I was still with the government and involved in contributing to what passes for our government's emergency action plan. Since no one individual can imagine all possible scenarios, it is a good idea to get the benefit of someone else's thinking. That's why many of us read books like LH and Alas Babylon - - to get the value of other's ideas of what MIGHT happen and how people MIGHT react. From this standpoint I give the book a 10. It makes you think and gives you a scenario within which to organize those thoughts. Are you prepared? If not, why not? What do you do to become more prepared. I suspect that the trauma associated with the El Nino storms this year might have been mitigated if more people had looked at possible worst case scenarios and prepared for them. If you plan to start some study along this line, don't neglect the many factual books out there from histories such as The 900 Days (the siege of Leningrad)and/or the myriad publications dealing with specific hazards such as hurricane, earthquake and other mass disasters. Our society is more fragile than most believe. It does NOT stretch the imagination to envision something similar to the plot of LH.
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am 30. Dezember 1998
I agree that this is the best book of all time. This in spite of the fact that it would at first seem to have two strikes against it: first, all the major characters come from the decadent, anything-goes culture of 1970s California; second, it is a disaster novel, which puts it in a genre which has been mined to death. It gets both of these strikes commuted to balls and hits a grand slam to win the world series. Harry Randall, Tim Hamner, and Maureen Jellison, oversexed decadent slobs that they are, seem positively heroic, ESPECIALLY because of where they came from. The disaster novel theme is turned on its head, as the authors show beyond a doubt that with the help of technology, we can not only survive but TRANSCEND a comet's collision with earth. You'll be turning pages frantically all the way up to an ending guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. Also, I appreciate the fact that Niven and Pournelle put in an epilogue to show the readers what became of the characters' final decision. I sincerely hope that this story will join the ranks of Hamlet and A Tale of Two Cities as one of the all-time classics of literature.
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am 10. Juni 2014
Dieser Roman hat mich wie seit langem keiner mehr berührt.
Die Geschichte hört sich erstmal an wie jede andere "Endzeit"-Story : Durch einen EMP erlischt die Stromversorgung in der gesamten USA. Eine kleine Stadt in den Bergen versucht, irgendwie mit der neuen Situation klar zu kommen, also wie kann man die Bevölkerung ernähren, was tun gegen Plünderer, was wird aus den Alten/Kranken und und und...
Was das Buch für mich so bemerkenswert macht ist die realistische Schilderung der Zustände und Gefühle, die eine solche Katastrophe in den Menschen hervorruft. Die Hauptfigur, die z.B. verzweifelt versucht das Insulin für seine kleine Tochter zu kühlen, damit sie wenigstens ein paar Wochen länger überlebt oder wie verteilt man die Vorräte des Ortes "gerecht", damit die Arbeiter und Kämpfer bei Kräften bleiben...
Und trotzdem (oder gerade deswegen) verliert sich die Geschichte nicht, es kommt immer wieder zu (unerwarteten) Wendungen, die einen das Buch nicht aus der Hand legen lassen.
Klare Empfehlung für Leute, die das Genre mögen aber auch für jeden, der sich mal über das was wäre wenn Gedanklen machen will...
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am 11. Februar 1997
Although published in 1977, this book continues to be one of my favorites.

A great sci-fi suspense thriller. From the initial sighting of a new comet, speculation grows as to whether or not the comet will strike the earth. The characters are well presented and you easily follow their actions and reactions to this catastrophic event. You will quickly become involved with the characters as Tim Hamner, who first sights the comet, fights to stay alive after being blamed for the terrible things that are sure to happen if the comet hits earth. Amidst the turmoil there is a wonderful story of love, death, relationships and ultimate human survival instinct that you will enjoy.

Every time I want to relax and enjoy a good thriller- sci-fi survival story I pull out my tattered copy of Lucifer's Hammer. When ever I see a copy in the store, I quickly purchase it, just to have a new copy around. I have given this book as gifts to many family members and friends.
I just wish that Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle would write a sequel just to let us know how these characters are progressing in their quest to rebuild the world
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am 14. Oktober 1998
This book deserves 10 Stars. The characters are realistic, believeable, credible, and if my one- line summary was meant to read like a sensational tabloid headline, good. I grabbed your attention. Lucifer's Hammer is about a comet that's on a collision course with Earth. What happens in the ensuing three days, shows the best and worst of us. There's Johnny, an astronaut who's carrying on an affair with more than one woman, (very 70s. This was, after all, written before AIDS.) One of whom is Maureen--the daughter of a U.S. Senator from California. There are also a host of supporting characters. The main character, Tim Hamner, is an amateur astronomer who co- discovered the Hamner-Brown Comet. Remember four years ago when the Shoemaker-Levy Comet slammed into Jupiter? What if it had slammed into Earth instead? Don't think it can't happen, America. An asteroid with a diameter of 6 miles slammed into Earth 65 million years ago and made the dinosaurs extinct. The question is: Are we next? Maybe we are. Ninety years ago, what might have been a comet, slammed into Siberia near the town of Tunguska.
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am 4. Juli 1998
There are many end of the world books, often using a well-aimed comet or asteroid to do the job (even authors such as Dennis Wheatley have written books of this genre). This is by far the best of the offerings that I have encountered. It has authentic detail and a very realistic scenario for the use of the technology then available (alte '70s or very early '80s).
The characters are believable, the plot plausible and the novel really stands the test of time. What I like is the development and the realism... this is what an impact would really be like. Perhaps it should be required reading for some world leaders before it's too late.
The most curious aspect of all is the way that reality caught up with the book. The discovery of Comet Hamner-Brown bears some astonishing similarities with the discovery (and discoverers) of Comet Hale-Bopp - a fact which amuses Alan Hale and Tom Bopp!
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am 21. September 1999
Larry Niven hit the nail on the head, with his story of the gargantuan comet that throws Earth, and society into chaos. The story development (including the character introductions and the unfolding set-up to the novel) was the perfect length, without throwing the comet into the story too early. The authors' depictions of the post- apocalyptic gangs which came to be were stunning, and brutally real, without any cowardly censorship, or gentle twists. Overall, the struggle to survive was effective as a steady clincher, but too often, I found the "non- stop action and suspense" lacking, when, at times, too many pages were devoted to boring descriptions and interpretations. However, these instances were far and few- between, and overall, this novel was an interesting look at what human nature can be reduced to, in the most horrible of circumstances.
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am 1. März 1999
Lucifer's Hammer has been compared to "The Stand" and I compare it somewhat with Robert McGammon's "Swan". I say "somewhat" as Lucifer's Hammer hasn't the Bibical conotations as the "The Stand" and "Swan". The beginning is a little slow, but good things should be taken from the start and slowly build up to the pre-splash down. The "Stronghold" is a possibility. While on vacation a few years ago we detoured through the mountains and flats of California near Portersville-great! My wife and I have read -Hammer at least six times and it gets better every time. The life situations that are presented are real-Armies of refugees, Scout camp, helping and fighting, even the mailman was as real as you are. On par with "Earth Abides" if not surpassing that great story.
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