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"This I won't do, no matter what." very often when we read or hear about atrocities human beings inflicted on each other, we are quite sure, that we wouldn't do the same things if we got into the same situations. and luckily, our convictions are seldom put to the test.

Ishmael Beah had been 11 years old, when his village was attacked by rebels in Sierra Leone and after a year flight through the country he became conscripted into the army - and together with some boys the same age he committed a lot of atrocities. He explains in this book, how it came to this and why he did what he did. And how he came out of there.

This book is not about an excuse. It is about redeeming oneself by acting against the things that lead to the atrocities. In this edition - on the P.S.-pages at the end, we can see some of the redeeming efforts - and get more information about child-soldiering all over the world. everybody who still believes war is an opportunity for glory should really read this book very, very carefully.
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am 1. März 2011
Imagine, you live in a village; you know, the ones without electricity and plumbing? You get water from the river for your mother so she can cook dinner but, when you come back, the village is ablaze and everyone is running. Not just running in one direction but everywhere; screaming, yelling, falling down dead.

This is what causes Ishmael Beah's childhood to be lost.

Beah starts out as a quiet, peace-loving boy who suddenly is on the run from all the destruction and terror with his older brother, Junior, and some friends. After months of wandering on paths and in the forest, they come to a farm outside of a village. Beah finds out his family is in the village and as a group they start walking. Then the rebels attack and his family is dead.

Torn, tired, and angry, Beah will eventually lose everything he cared about; his family, his health (both mentally and physically), and almost his life. As a boy soldier recruited by the Sierra Leone Army he changes drastically. Drugs, energy stimulants, and other illegal acts (in the United States) cause him to kill without thinking, never even cringing at
the sight of death and basically causing him to feel almost inhuman.

A LONG WAY GONE is Ishmael Beah's memoir based on his experiences and the tragic events of his life. I loved this book because it was a huge eye-opener about the war in Sierra Leone and how it affected everyone, even children. I also believe that everyone should read this book at least once in their life time. Maybe then people can help those who have become boy soldiers or anyone affected by a war. Maybe A LONG WAY GONE could change the world, make it a more peaceful place; that is what I hope can happen.

Reviewed by: Rachel - The Class
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am 1. Februar 2009
Ishmael Beah erzählt seine beeindruckende aber auch sehr bedrückende Geschichte als Kindersoldat während des Bürgerkriegs in Sierra Leone. Inhaltlich verdient das Buch die Bestnote, da es den Leser fesselt. Es ist mir (und ihm selbst wahrscheinlich auch) unbegreiflich, wie Beah diesen Krieg überleben konnte. Die Erlebnisse sind zwangsläufig brutal, aber nicht auf reißerische Weise erzählt. Die Kapitel über seine Zeit unmittelbar nach der Entwaffnung geben herausragende Einblicke in die Psyche von Kindersoldaten!
Das Buch ist geschickt aufgebaut: Es beginnt in der Gegenwart und springt anschließend zu Beahs Kindheit, mehrfach wird kurz wieder zur Gegenwart geblendet. Dadurch bekommt man einen guten Einblick von den psychischen Folgen der Erlebnisse als Kindersoldat. Schwach ist, dass der Teil zwischen Flucht nach Guinea und Beahs Ausreise in die USA völlig fehlt. Das Buch endet abrupt, mindestens ein weiteres Kapitel wäre wünschenswert gewesen.
Die Sprache ist einfaches Englisch, nicht kindlich, aber zumindest ohne langjährige Englischkenntnisse problemlos zu verstehen. Thumbs up!
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am 1. Juni 2010
After reading some of the readers' comments I decided to read "a long way gone" because I thought it would be worth it. And it was. I am of the opinion that it is an absolute must for every person living in a stable and peaceful country just to get reminded over and over again how lucky we are. I had to put the book away several times as I couldn't go on reading because I simply couldn't cope with the atrocities Ishmael describes .
Nevertheless I read the book with my 17 year old students, who shared my opinion. They were partly overwhelmed by the vivid, cruel, honest and at the same time very sensitive portrayal of the life of a boy soldier. I wouldn't read it with students younger than maybe 15 as they might be shocked too much.
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am 19. September 2007
Powerful, sad, disturbing, painful, happiness, fury, shocking, impressive, strong...readers will enter a roller coaster of feelings. Never forget, this is a real story. A real life. Ishmael is only one of hundreds of thousends of children with a similar destiny. And he was lucky. He survived and is now able to tell us his story. This book is a must read. Thank you Ishmael!
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am 27. November 2010
Es ist ein sehr tiefgreifendes Buch. Absolut empfehlenswert! Sehr detailiert und anschaulich geschrieben. Jeder der sich nicht nur für sich, sondern auch für Menschen interessiert, die wirklich Probleme haben für die sie t.w. nichts können, wird in diesem Buch eine Menge erfahren.
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am 23. Januar 2016
This book kept me awake for hours and from my point of view a MUST read. I have forgotten about many books, let alone their title. This one I've never forgotten. A brutak yet beautiful story written with the eyes of a child.
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am 3. Mai 2013
What a devastating yet probably accurate account of how badly children are treated in war zones till today....made me grateful yet again for the situation i was born into... great book
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am 6. Februar 2009
Das Buch von Ishmael Beah ist eines der besten Bücher über den Krieg und dessen schrecklichen Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft. Dass die unglaubliche Spannung, die sich übers ganze Buch hindruchzieht real ist, macht sie zu einer unglaublichen Tragik. Meiner Meinung nach ein "must read".
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am 5. Februar 2014
I read the book as a memoir and was quite impressed with it.
But I did have doubts about some of the stories, they just sound too perfect. Like the episode in the forest where he sleeps on a nest of branches an eventually gets chased by a bunch of pigs for half a mile until he jumps on a tree to save himself. Sounds a little like a Disney movie to me. Also he and his group of friends get saved from being killed by a group of scared villagers twice entirely accidentally by Beah's Rap music cassette falling out of his pocket. Of course the villagers would start listening to it and Beah would have to perform a dance which the chieftain of the village would like and let them go.
So after I read it I would do some research and there is indeed substantial doubt about the truthfulness of this book as the facts just don't check out. Read up for yourself if you are interested.
He probably was a child soldier for a little while, but by far not as long as he claims. Many of his war stories must therefore be made up. All that Rambo stuff did sound a quite over the top, right?
Well, overall I think it's still kind of an interesting read but by war not as powerful as if it was real.
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