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am 20. April 1999
He hates all of them for their scorn of him even after four decades of cleaning up the messes left behind by hotshot scientists at the University Physics Lab. However, janitor Michael Deramo overhears a group of scientists discussing hiding a potential environmental problem involving lithium batteries. The seventy-two years old Michael expects a big payoff to keep quiet. Instead, he is silenced in a more deadly manner.
The Revere, Massachusetts police turn to their science consultant, retired physics professor Gloria Lamerino, to help them with the technical aspects of the investigation. Though expected to stay out of harm's way, Gloria begins to make inquiries among the researchers and the victim's family. She quickly uncovers the environmental hazard, but realizes that Dereamo's murder goes deeper than just the labs of research. As she further digs into the case, Gloria places herself in danger from a killer who wants to remain anonymous.
The third periodic table murder (see THE HYDROGEN MURDER and THE HELIUM MURDER) is an entertaining cozy that provides readers with a fresh amateur detective. The story line is taut and the chemistry between Gloria and a police officer augments the tale. Readers will need a leap of faith in the fact that the police do not fire Gloria for her extracurricular activities but the novel and its previous stories are worth the leap. With over 100 elements to go, sub-genre fans have plenty of novels by Camille Minichino to look forward to enjoying.

Harriet Klausner
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am 4. August 1999
I loved this book, and not only because it's set in Revere, Massachusetts, my and author Camille Minichino's hometown. Historic Revere Beach was America's first public beach. Its unique urban location, just north of Boston, and Italian-American citizenry are perfectly captured in the third volume of Minichino's mystery series based on the 109 elements of the periodic table. The author herself is a retired physicist who deftly combines science, mayhem and mid-life romance into a crisp modern thriller. Gutsy, zaftig physicist-heroine Gloria Lamerino and Revere police detective Matt Gennaro are more than friends (but just barely!), and you won't find a single expletive in these pages. Yet, Minichino's wry tale of blackmail and high-stakes laboratory chicanery mirrors today's headlines. In short, THE LITHIUM MURDER is good, clean fun--with an edge. You'll learn something about physics and these touching characters will soon seem like old friends. Go, Gloria! Deborah M. Nigro, author: 'The Winthrop Case'
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am 15. Juli 1999
Reading the third Minichino science-murder mystery was like visiting old friends: you can't wait to hear and learn what's new. The adventures of Dr. Gloria Lamerino, a retired scientist turned police consultant, are heating up, and so is her sentimental life, long neglected during her scientific career... Industrial physics and the pressures on scientists turned salesmen come to life, and you will learn willy-nilly about the promise, uses and hazards of lithium batteries, while enjoying the yarn. Living in danger above a mortuary, testing her brain and brawn, and enjoying italian american food and Revere friends suits Gloria...Am waiting for the Beryllium mystery...
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am 15. Juli 2000
This third visit to the periodic tables brings the reader into yet another scientific mystery. I marvel at the concept of a retired physicist as the protagonist. Having worked with many such scientists in my career, I could not envision even the most brillant of them in the dogged pursuit of a killer who garrots his victim to death. Yet the author makes such a concept totally believable. This is enjoyable reading yet it forces the reader to expand their knowledge. The plot and structure of the book works perfectly in luring the reader into the tale.
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am 30. November 1999
I've thoroughly enjoyed all the books in this series. And, unlike many other authors writing mysteries today, Ms. Minichino writes books that I can send to my mother after I am finished reading. Her books focus on character and plot, and don't require vulgar language or explicit sexual reference to propel the story. I eagerly await the remaining 100+ books required to complete the periodic table!
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