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4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 28. März 2002
Even though there are almost 1400 critics already, I can't help adding my own two pennies worth...
I had high hopes for this series when it first came to my attention; it sounded just like what I was looking for, the Biblical end-times put into a fictional plot, so that one could get a better grip of what it might be like. After reading van Kampen's "The Sign" (which is good, but hard-going and a non-fictional analysis) I thought LaHaye and Jenkin's concept might make a nice change.
Well, I must say that the whole CONCEPT of the book strikes me as really good. There are such brilliant ideas in there, such genuninly good bases for exciting plots and stories - but they all get butchered by abyssmal writing and a complete lack of developing either the characters or the story to just a margin of their potential. Either the story moves along much too fast and without any insight into the development of what the characters experience during all these horrific scenarios (i.e. wittnessing the chaos on earth after the Rapture, Buck's (non-)reaction when he sees his friend being blasted to bits by a bomb etc.) or the conversation/plot moves round and round in the same circles all the time (i.e. Chloe's process of becoming a Christian, Rayford and Hattie's (non-)relationship etc.). The charcters are all so under-developed that I simply couldn't care for them at all. But quite apart from that, I found the whole style of writing so stilted and immature, that it reminded me of a highschool paper rather than a novel...
I am usually a great fan of series, because you get to visit and re-visit the same "people" all the time, sharing a bit of their "life" and "fate". But since I simply couldn't get a connection to either Rayford, Chloe, Buck or any of the others, I will not be continuing with "Left Behind", even though there might be some good conceptional ideas in the other volumes.
Bottom line: It COULD have been so much better.......
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am 24. Juli 2000
This book and its sequels comprise the most pitiful excuse for "Christian" writing that I have ever come across. I read them (forced myself after the first few pages of this first volume) at the request of a family member who wanted my opinion about the series. He had begun his reading of the series rather enthusiastically, then became increasingly disillusioned as the saga, with its absurd and boring set of characters, plunged deeper and deeper into indescribable idiocy. This would make excellent sleep-inducing material for insomniacs to read, except that it's so infuriating to know that such horrible writing is being bought and gobbled up by earnest, well-meaning Christians. What kind of message do they think stuff like this is sending to the rest of the world? That everyone had better become a Christian with a particular set of beliefs about the "end times"? I think not. I'm afraid that LEFT BEHIND's message is, instead, that Christians are foolish, frightened, rather uninteresting people, or....even worse...smug and self-righteous folks who want those who don't agree with them on every point to see what horrors are in store for them. This is very different from the message that I believe we're supposed to glean from the Bible: one of compassion and love toward our fellow man and an awareness that none of us is perfect. Oh, and by the way, it's too bad we aren't given the option of *no* stars, or even more fitting: MINUS five stars!
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am 27. Februar 2008
This "book" is just plainly BAD. Motive - religious delusion, Language - simplistic redneck level, Plot - complete fraud, Characters - cheap comics, Writing skills - oh, boy ! , Message - none, Lessons learned - keep away from religion or you'll end up reading and believing this nonsense....
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am 30. Juli 2000
This book is the only one in the series that comes ANYWHERE close to being a good read. For me, there was something oddly addictive about it, and even though I knew it was pretty bad writing I'm embarrassed to admit I let LEFT BEHIND #1 hook me into buying several of its sequels--- each of which became progressively lamer. Jenkins's writing skills(?) are really pretty bad, and the way they've ended each book with a "cliff-hanger" to lure the reader into buying the next has seemed more and more cynical and calculated. As a Christian, it's pretty scary to me the way so many people seem to be forgetting that these books are fiction and are taking them as a literal picture of the near future. If you want a good, well-written perspective on the way good and evil battle for men's souls, read THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS by C.S. LEWIS. If you want to study biblical prophecy just stick with the Bible. If you like science fiction, there are TONS of better-written books in that category.
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am 19. September 2000
After hearing all the hype about this book my expectations may have been a little high. But I think my disappointment would have been as great even without the buildup. One reviewer pointed out that it was written for the 'low brow' crowd - readers of Clancy and Grisham were mentioned. I would have to disagree - this book is *much* worse than Clancy and Grisham. In fact it is the worst writing I've seen published. It may well be true that the story is exciting - but if you are used to grammatical and syntactically correct writing you might not be able to continue reading long enough to judge.
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am 3. Juli 2000
I read this book all the way through in the course of an evening, but I do have some major problems with it. But they have nothing to do with the theology of it, since I don't know enough about these topics to be able to correct it.
My problem is with the writing. It's awful. It's worse than awful... it's the book equivalent of 'Manos: the Hands of Fate'.
First of all, the characters are made out of cardboard. From the major characters to the background players. Especially those 'left behind'. The most major 'sin' evidenced by one of the 'left behind' is Rayford's lust towards another woman, which is incredibly vague; sometimes they treat it as if he only desired her, and then they have Hattie thinking they're supposed to be in a relationship? Uh-huh.
And the names are really just... silly, for the most part. Rayford, Dirk, Buck/Cameron, Hattie... if they were supposed to be somewhat representative of real people, they would have done better to choose more common names. Tons of 'strange' names are a frequent problem with beginner specfic writers; apparently, these guys are no exception.
And on top of all that, there's the single largest tenant of fiction writing: Show, Don't Tell. Buck isn't supposed to toe the line, but yet he's always shown trying to conform. Chloe is rebellious, yet it hardly takes her any time at all to convert. And worst of all, they make little use of dialogue when it's most needed--Nicolae's eloquent, powerful speech is usually condensed into description instead, and the rest of what he says seems bland, voiceless.
The plot lacked the movement it needed at some points, lapsing far too many times into evangelizing without any real emotion to keep the reader reading. And most of the conflict is, well, laughable. The miracles, which should be some of the main points in the book, are practically ho-hum to the characters, and therefore to readers as well.
I was looking at this like a novel; I have my own beliefs, and I don't generally take them from fiction. But while I've heard from other reviews that it was either fantastic or terrible as theology, the writers of this book need a number of refresher courses in their craft.
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am 6. Januar 2000
Well, I'd been looking at this series in bookstores for some time before I decided to buy book one. I don't think I'll be returning. This novel will probably only appeal to Christians, and those who are not converted will not likely find much to run with.
The story is somewhat interesting, but the way it's written ruins it. The dialogue is totally self-serving and stilted (Daughter to her born-again father: "Wow, dad. It's hard for me to accept, but I can see your faith means a lot to you. Maybe it's something I should check out." I paraphrase.)
The last couple chapters are pretty exciting actually, probably saving the book from a one-star rating.
The populace is apparently stupid. Millions of people have disappeared, and clear signs are evident that things are going just as the Bible prophesied. Yet no one seems to notice but our select few heroes. Everyone else is busy with pseudo-scientific explanations that make no sense. I am not a Bible literalist, but if things started happening like in the book, I'd be converting faster than you can say "time of tribulation." Plus, no mention is made of all the Muslims, Buddhists, or any other non-Judeo-Christian faith. Perhaps that's picked up in subsequent novels, but the omission is glaring.
If you're a fundamentalist Christian looking for some easy-to-read brain candy, this one's for you. If you're not, don't expect this novel to serve as anything but a lightweight adventure featuring occasional laughs but only a decent ending.
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am 4. Juni 1999
Das Beste am Buch ist das Cover. Inhaltlich besteht das Buch aus gähnender Leere. Es fehlt praktisch alles was ein gutes Buch ausmacht. Gute Zutaten wie Wortwitz, eine gut entwickelte Story, ein schlüssiges Konzept sind nicht vorhanden, so als ob diese plötzlich verschwunden wären. Das einzige Kompliment, daß man den Autoren machen kann ist, daß Sie es geschafft haben aus nichts ein 468 Seiten dickes Buch zu machen. Aus allgemeinen christlichen Werten wird eine wirre Handlung abgeleitet die eher auf ein zufälliges Aneinanderreihen von Wörtern schließen läßt. Man muß das wohl vor dem Hintergrund sehen, daß in den US of A an jeder Straßenecke eine andere Glaubensgemeinschaft auf Seelenfang geht. Daher hat das Buch dort wohl auch gute Absatzchancen. In den von diversen Sekten angebotenen Zeitschriften findet man ähnliche Inhalte. Wer das Original haben möchte sollte lieber die Bibel lesen und ein Gesangbuch zur Hand nehmen. Als kleine Anekdote am Rande sei erwähnt, ich habe das Buch gerade in einem Zug gelesen, der plötzlich infolge eines Personenschadens zum Stillstand kam. Dadurch war ich tatsächlich "Left Behind" und konnte mich weitere zwei Stunden mit dem Buch beschäftigen. Die Marketingkonzeption, die hinter dem Produkt steht finde ich dagegen ganz interessant. Hörspiel, Video, die Jungs wissen, wie man Geld verdienen kann.
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am 23. Mai 1999
Dangerous book. Conspiracy plots, subtle anti-semetism and prejudice against all who "don't believe." What ever happened to living your life as a righteous person and trying to repair this world and make is a better place for EVERYONE to live? I think it's about how you live your life and treat others that is important. Do you mean to tell me that if you are a truly good and righteous person but do not believe in Jesus Christ that you will burn in Hell for eternity? Do you all really believe that one cannot be a "worthy" person if one is not a Christian? Are you all really damning the majority of the world's population because they don't believe exactly what you do? Hasn't history shown us how dangerous that is? Unfortunately tragedies in history are bound to repeat due to a mindset like this one. How depressing and frightening! I know most of you reading and loving this book feel you are good people and Christians. Try to think about what being a good person and Christian means. Loving, caring and helping one and other because we are HUMAN BEINGS no matter what race, or religion. Wouldn't the world be a much better place if we could just adopt this phlosophy?
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am 7. März 1998
This books reads like a a kindergarten kid telling you: "see? I told you mom would come". Its supposedly Bible-based scenarios are such a stretch that they make the parting of the Red Sea look like something I might see during my commute every day. And I see far more wonderous things , believe me. It is a moral fable of very low quality. Its 'simplistic' (not simple) views are a drag . It's characters reactions and behaviour are so unrealistic they become symbols: greed, lust...just like in a medieval tableau. Last time someone though that the Messiah would come with BIG announcements, there was some disappointment.
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