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4,4 von 5 Sternen11
4,4 von 5 Sternen
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am 18. Februar 2008
'Le Pere Goriot' ist ein Roman Balzacs, der die Geschichte des Nudelfabrikanten Goriot erzählt, der von seinen Töchtern ausgenutzt wird und am Ende vereinsamt stirbt. Wichtiger aber als diese Hintergrundgeschichte ist Balzacs Kritik an einer Gesellschaft, die sich nicht mehr um Werte und Moral kümmert und die hinter der Fassade und der Oberflächlichkeit keine Tiefe mehr besitzt.
Ein gutes Beispiel für Balzacsche Romanschreibekunst. Ich wollte Balzacs Stil einmal kennenlernen und habe die vielen Details seiner Beschreibungen genossen.
Dennoch muss ich leider 2 Sterne abziehen. Und zwar nicht für den Inhalt, sondern die Form, für die Ausgabe. Wie KANN man ein Buch so auflegen???
Es ist auf grauem Recycle-Papier gedruckt, die Seiten sind eng beschrieben, kaum ein Rand, manches Blatt sogar leicht schräg bedruckt. Das Papier mieft leicht, es ist rauh und abweisend.
Nein, das kann man nicht machen. Sicherlich gibt es finanzielle Gründe, aber wie auch immer die Kalkulation sein mag, so geht sie nicht auf. Von diesen 'Livres de poche' werde ich nie wieder ein Buch kaufen und möchte auch Ihnen DRINGEND davon abraten. Da geht die Hälfte des Lesevergnügens verloren: Balzac also lesenswert - aber nicht in dieser Ausgabe.
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am 3. Januar 2000
Old father Goriot made a fortune off other people's misery, selling bread at extortionate prices during a famine. His wealth didn't do him or his family a bit of good.
His beloved wife died young, leaving him two adored daughters, Anastasie and Delphine. Goriot gave away all his money to them when they married. He wasn't allowed to live with either daughter. After all, he was just a baker and they and their new husbands were high society. So the old man spent his life in a flophouse.
In this world of French high society, family values go something like this. Everyone commits adultery openly. Husbands give their wives very little money to live on. Instead they spend on their girlfriends. Wives fall desperately in love with scoundrels. As Frank Zappa once said, I'm harder than your husband - to get along with.
Enter our hero, Eugene de Rastignac, the one innocent person in the book. Granted that his values are distorted and his ambition in life is to be a high roller in society, but he's French so what do you expect?
It's a small world. He lives in Goriot's flophouse and they are great friends. He enters society and meets a terribly unhappy wife and jilted adulterous lover, a girl named Delphine. Where did we hear that name before?
Will Eugene and Delphine fall in love? Will Eugene make it in French society, as if we care? Will old pere Goriot's daughters come to visit him before he dies? Some of these questions might be answered by the end.
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am 30. November 1998
This was the first Balzac book I had ever read because I was told it was his best. I found myself reading it at a fairly quick pace enjoying the bulk of it. Unfortunately the plot goes stale from about pages 30 - 60 but from then on in it is superb. Goriot is a wonderfully written ex pasta merchant who's good intentions are constantly met by depression, mostly thanks to his two daughters Delphine (M. de Nucingen) and Anastasie (M. de Restaud.) They are a pair of spoiled little girls who take their father for granted which eventually brings about his demise. Eugene Rastignac is a countryboy trying to climb into Parisienne society but discovers that it is unfulfilling and empty. Vautrin, a recurring psycopath in Balzac's books, makes an appearance but seems to leave rather suddenly.
Overall an excellently written story, although after I read Eugenie Grandet by Balzac I have to admit i preffered that one. None the less, still worth it, better than any of the stuff being printed today.
Warning: Every one of Balzac's characters usually has at least two different names, you musrt be fully aware of both of their names at the beginning or you will find yourself grasping and losing the plot.
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am 23. Februar 2000
In this novel,Balzac took a plot that in the hands of most writers would have come out like a penny dreadful and created a masterpiece.All of the Comedie Humaine portrays every aspect of humanity in a way that helps you understand that everyone has a story and we should all be a little more sympathetic.Balzac explains the motivations behind behaviour that many would scoff at with such depth of perception he could only have been a greatly compassionate person.I've read many of this great author's books and have only one dissapointment;I can't appreciate them in their original french version for lack of knowledge of the language.This book and others by Balzac will teach you that people do not fit into nice little boxes;they are very complex and every action ,no matter how outside your realm of understanding it is,has a rational explanation where it pertains to that person's circumstances.
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am 1. März 2000
Le Pere goriot is the brightest gem among Balzac's otherbrilliant works. It is not about creating a riveting, action packedplot, but rather chronicling the saga of a man's ultimate deception and betrayal after giving everything to his daughters, only to have them respond by selfishness and unbridled materialism. Rastignac is the quintessential male character of this time period. He recognizes the deceipt of Goriot's daughters, but is nonetheless overwhelmed by his unquenchable desire to fit into aristocratic society. Balzac leads the writer through the mixed emotions of Rastignac until the final culmination of the masterpiece's bitter irony and Rastignac's betrayal not only of the memory of Goriot, but of the reader as well. A must read in order to understand the sickening power of greed.
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am 8. Dezember 1996
Take a seat in the dining room of Mme. Vauquer's 19th-century French boardinghouse. The characters in this dingy, fringy, faded portrait of the consummately fallible inhabitants of this unforgettable portion of Balzac's "La Comedie humaine" will soon also occupy a permanent place in your memory of great literary characters.

Balzac's powerful imagination and his genius for intricately detailed observation make our tour of this squalid boardinghouse and its desperate and disparate characters into a fulfilling journey into the human heart and its dark corners. Remember, you can check out anytime you want--but you can never leave
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am 20. Juni 2000
Pere Goriot exposes the darkest and the ugliest side of human beings: deception, greed, selfishness. Balzac had an unsually keen perception of the human nature. His ability to see through people allowed him to write the lines that reach your heart. In this book, he reveales the true nature of human much more powerfully than any other book he has ever written... I think anybody who is not familiar with Balzac's work should first read, his by far most outstanding book, Pere Goriot.
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am 27. Juli 1998
DeBalzac's 'Pere Goriot' is a fantastic novel. Taking us into the realms of Eugene de Rastignac's impoverished life, 'Pere Goriot' is a brilliant statement on the French astistocracy in the 1700's. But brilliant characters and flawless writing make it an altogether unforgettable novel.
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am 13. Februar 1999
if the only review one needs to know is this one, let it be this, it has been required reading in French literature since its creation. Trust in art, this book will confirm your belief in language.
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am 11. Februar 2009
Indubbiamente il romanzo fa parte del patrimonio letterario e solo per questo vale la pena di essere letto.
Tuttavia il piacere nel leggere non è puro. Ci sono dei monologhi forzati e delle descrizioni lunghe dove il lettore si sente strappazzato. La trama è contorto e viene introdotta in modo troppo lento. I temi non sono più rilevanti oggigiorno, vedi la decadenza morale dell' aristocrazia. Il tono è troppo sentimentale. L'amore paterno di Goriot ha l'aria di essere patologico.
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