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am 6. März 2002
The Coca-Cocaine problem has always been of great interest to me for various reasons: I consider myself German als well as Peruvian, I'm a mother of 4, and I lived in mystical Peru for over two decades.
Over the years, I researched the topic, by gathering and reading every piece of information I could get a hold of. The idea of writing a book startet taking shape. The book would bring attention to the forgotten aspects of this complex issue. It would point out the refusal of high-level officials in various international institutions to tackle this problem in an objective and systematic way that is so urgently needet to come up with a viable solution.
Then my daughter, who still lives in Lima, send me a book by a certain Ms. Boville Luca de Tena. At first, I had some inhibitions to read it. My reasons were purely personal, feeling as if she was taking a dream away from me. At the end, I read it, and I'm a fan of her writing ever since.
I'm convinced, that Ms. de Tena's book is the best publication on this topic, period. She has conducted extensive research, takes into account the North- and South-American political dynamics and has the gift to describe the proceedings in simple and accessible language. The information is extremely complex, but she doesn't leave any stone unturned. She mentions the very small German Cooperation in Coca investigation, as well as the Embargo on research of coca as a medical resource in International Institutions. The book is analytical without being dry, and Ms. de Tena is involved without endangering her credibility. It is a book that should be translated into English, French and German to enhance it's availability throughout the world.
(translation Ana Manrique)
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