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Guitar Chord 3D Pro

von Kguitar Co., Ltd.
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Neueste Aktualisierungen

Was ist neu in Version 2.3
  • [v2.3]
  • 1. Chord Inserting and Deleting function has added in the Repeat Mode.
  • 2. Fixed some bugs.
  • [v2.2]
  • 1. 5/6 Voices Chord Algorithm added. For using 4 voices chords, press the "Accomp.Chords" button on the keypad, if you change to "Harmonic Chords" state, can be used.
  • 2. 3D-Fingering Algorithm Updated.
  • 3. You can save the tempo information to Repeat Mode of the queue. Click on each chord queue in the Repeat Mode, and you can adjust the tempo by the slide bar on the left.
  • 4. Applied the Fretboard Chord Synchronization.
  • - The positions of the leading and trailing chord was set to close. To change the position of each chord, or to select the inverted chords, please use the "〈" and "〉" button.
  • 5. Improved Related Chords scrolling in the Repeat Mode.
  • 6. Option for left-handed, has been added. (Display Mode〉 View Point〉 Left-handed)
  • 7. Configuration information of part of the menu will be saved. (Play Mode, Mark Mode, Left / Right-handed)
  • 8. Fixed some bugs.


  • Erscheinungsdatum: 5. Juni 2014
  • Bewertung: Für jedes Alter Diese Anwendung kann dynamische Inhalte enthalten. Was ist das?


  • Three types of the 3D-Hand Model for displaying 3D-Fingering Model
  • 4-Part 4-Voices and 5/6-Voices Chords (For using 4 voices chords, press the "Accomp.Chords" button on the keypad, if you change to "Harmonic Chords" state, can be used.)
  • Auto-correction + Auto-guiding Keypad
  • Related Chords Searching
  • Repeat Mode for playing chord progression
  • Transformation of the first and third person viewpoint
  • View support for the left-handed
  • Universal App for Android Pad and Phone


Guitar Chord 3D Pro provides three types of the 3D-Hand Model for displaying the visual and intuitive 3D-Fingering Model for the Fretboard Chords.

The 3D-Viewer provides all kinds of the useful Fretboard Chords including whole Invertible Position.

How to use this app does not require knowledge on the Chord Construction Theory, or the correct Chord Name, or the Lineup Chord Suffixes.

The Chord Suffix Keypad returns the proper Fretboard Chords and the Recommended Chord Name on the User Query - the Chord Suffix Combination selected at random.

The Chord Construction Algorithm is built in accordance with the 4-Part Writing Rules under the Traditional Harmonics Conception. You can get effect of learning transfer to the Chord Construction Theory.

The Fretboard Chord Algorithm is based on the each Chord Composition Principle and the each Nomenclature implied by the Classic Genre or the Jazz Genre. It serves both the Solmization Syllable Name and the Pitch/Tone Name with the Fretboard Instrument Sound.

Guitar Chord 3D Pro stands on the basis of the Fretboard Harmonics Theory written by the K-Guitar Lab of Musicology.

Musical Tone Playback System with Awadon Guitar Series.

A singular suffix is basic element of the chord name. You can make the other construction of chord name.

ex 1) 7 + sus2 => 7sus2
ex 2) 9 + b5 + sus4 => sus4add2b5 (Auto Correction)

* Special Features

1. Counter

- If you click the Counter button above the Search button, "《" and "》" button is enabled. You will be able to move quickly in the fret position units. You can be used to quickly move from high position chords to a low position chords to be satisfied at fr.0.

2. Related Chords

- Related Chords function scroll through the chords that is associated with the chord that was entered on the keypad. If you click on the Related Chords button first, and then output a list of Related chords, when you click again, and then output the Menu. Repeat Mode at the same time at the time of execution, not the Menu, and then output the Queue.

3. Repeat Mode

- If you run the Repeat Mode, by using the Search button, you can specify that you want to put more than one chord to the Queue. If you use the Related Chords in this state, you can change the chords that are associated with each chord that is specified in the queue.

- Run the Repeat Mode, if you select the Play Mode button on the Menu, you will be able to change the playing style in Repeat Mode. Menu button is on the right side of the Counter button. In this case, you can specify a different playing in each of the pre-specified chord. To mute processing some of the chords, please select the Rest in Play Mode.

- By using the trigger button "±", you can specify the number of repetitions of the specified chord playing. Specified number of repetitions is only meaningful when two or more of the chord is specified.

- By using the trigger button "〈〉", you can select the specified chord position and inverted chords. If you click on the Counter button in this state, you will be able to move quickly.

- You can save the tempo information to each queue of Repeat Mode.

4. Chord Synchronization

- The positions of the leading and trailing chord was set to close.

Technische Details


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