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am 28. Oktober 2011
For those who my be lead to think that this a
different case for Carl Morck.
It's the first book of the Dep't Q series,
and is perhaps better known under the title MERCY.

Now for the review - It's a terrific read.
A protagonist who is flawed (aren't they all ?).
Written with a pinch of humour - especially the
interaction between Carl and his assistant Assad.
Carl himself is not without a sense of
humour, altho it tends more to sarcasm and

The plot is excellent - the 'case' starts in
2002 and the chapters alternate between
the past and the present (which is 2007).

A woman is kept prisoner in a concrete cell.
She is subjected to either continous light or
absolute darkness. Food is given her in a pail.
Her toilet is also a pail. She has no idea why she's
being tortured this way nor by whom.

This is Carl's case. Due to political pressure a
'cold case' department is formed with Carl as the only
detective. He is not keen on it, or on
working at all. He's been shot, one partner is dead,
and another is hospitalized (paralized). He just wants
to be left alone. But almost against his will he's determined to
uncover the mystery of the missing woman.

Well written - terrific translation by Lisa Hartford.
Good plotting - altho one does begin to see who's behind
the imprisonment of Merete. Suspenceful to the end.
One is never quite sure how it will end. I'm looking forward
to reading the next Carl Morck case.
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am 28. April 2012
This is absolutely not OK, to sell the same book twice by giving it another title. This is cheating - unbelievable! It' the same book as Mercy.
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