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4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 10. Juni 2013
Jay Crownover created with „Jet“ a God of rock’n'roll and for damn sure, I am a believer.

Having read and loved the previous book in the Marked Men series called „Rule“ I was excited to get my hand on the book that would revolve around Jet and Ayden. I had high expectations for Jay and sure as hell she did not disappoint.

Jet is beyond any doubt a swoon-worthy male book character. I mean damn, what is there not to like: He is a singer in a heavy metal band, is covered in tattoos, wears pants that leave nothing to imagination, is pierced in places that will make you blush and is full of fire, passion and anger. He is so hot he will make you rawr. At the same time he is sweet, thoughtful and loves with all his heart and soul. He wants to protect the people he cares about and this regardless of the consequences this might bring for him.

Ayden is such a wonderful counterpart to him. Controlled, ambitious, a good girl next door. But she wasn’t always like that and the parts of her that she tries to suppress want to break free and make her run into Jet’s arms. She has a troubled past and demons that haunt her and make her unsure what her next step should be. She tries so hard to be better. But what is really better? Her character has many layers that add to the depth of Ayden’s personality. She is smart, she is loyal, loving and caring and she has the looks of a model. She is a female character you can’t help but like. She isn’t whiney, she isn’t weak and she damn sure isn’t a bubblehead.

The chemistry that Jay Crownover created between Jet and Ayden will make you laugh with them, love with them and suffer with them. There is a realism to their relationship that helps the reader connect to their feelings for each other. It’s not a fairytale. Sometimes it is ugly and painful. But this makes the good parts even better. The sexual tension between them made the room around me sizzle. And the sex scenes are so steamy and hot, that a cold shower might be a good idea while reading the book. Following the course of their relationship, trying to see what will happen with them is nerve-wracking, but so rewarding at the same time.

The other characters that have already made appearances in „Rule“ gain even more depth in this book. Each personality is unique and original, while remaining realistic and believable. This group of friends is downright lovable and I was thinking multiple times during the read that I would love to be friends with them and be part of their group. They are a tight-knit unit that has each other’s back, accepts each other with all the quirks and faults and looks out for each other. I absolutely adore every single one of those characters. Jay shows real talent in how she manages to get the reader interested in multiple side characters, give them depth, show their personality and she does all of this without taking the focus off of Ayden and Jet. The characters become like a drug. I want to read more about them. I want to learn their secrets and immerse myself in their world.

Jay’s writing style is witty and funny. It is eloquent and has a bite to it. The storyline has so many twists and turns, I think at some point I was in danger of whiplash. But it sure as hell was an incredible ride.She knows what she is talking about and does not have to resort to stereotypes and half-cooked knowledge. She captured my interest and held on to it tightly throughout the book. She made me laugh out loud, she made me cry, she made me swoon. And as an extra bonus there was wisdom in her book that can be incorporated into everyday life, into everyday relationships.

At the end of the book, you will have gone through hell and back. Been picked apart and put back together. You will look in a whole different way at sweater vests and you will be irrevocably in love with the Marked Men.

Note: You don’t have to read „Rule“ to read and enjoy „Jet“ but I would highly recommend not missing out on it.
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am 10. Juni 2013
Nachdem ich Rule gelesen hatte, konnte ich kaum abwarten bis Jet endlich erscheint. Auch hier wird die Liebesgeschichte wieder aus beiden Perspektiven erzählt, was ich wirklich schön finde. Beide Charaktere hatten auch ohne den anderen schon ihr Päckchen zu tragen - wie wir ja irgendwie alle.
Ayden fand ich manchmal ein bißchen anstrengend und ich habe mich immer gefragt wieso sie Jet nicht auch einfach alles anvertrauen konnte nachdem sie ja auch seine Probleme kannte. Aber das wäre wohl dann auch zu einfach gewesen.
Ich liebe die beiden jedenfalls und fand es auch schön die anderen Charaktere "wiederzusehen".
Jetzt warte ich sehnsüchtig auf Romes Geschichte.
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am 31. Mai 2013
Die Fortsetzung von Rule, diesmal die Geschichte von Shaw's bester Freundin Ayden und Jet, dem Sänger einer Metalband und Rules Freund. Sie ist nicht ganz so leidenschaftlich wie der erste Band und die ständige Zerrissenheit von Ayden, ob sie nun die alte Kentucky oder die neue Denver Ayden sein soll, sind schon etwas nervig. Aber im Großen und Ganzen ist auch dieses Buch flüssig und in einem Rutsch zu lesen. Man bekommt besseren Einblick über die anderen mitwirkenden Charaktere, wie etwa Cora (der der nächste Band gewidmet ist) und Rowdy aber auch die weitere Entwicklung von Shaw und Rule. Die Figur von Jet hat mir besonders gefallen und ob man's glaubt oder nicht ich kenn auch einen Trash-Metal-Sänger - auf der Bühne nur unverständliches Schreien aber Mann kann der auch gut singen! Also gar nicht so abwegig das Alles und echt glaubhaft. Absolut lesenswert.
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am 1. März 2014
Auch der zweite Band der Marked Men lohnt sich! Rule ist und bleibt mein Liebling, aber auch Jet und Rome können sich sehen lassen!
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