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am 1. Mai 2014
This is a beautiful and heartbreaking love story. A kind of the story that you read first, feels uneasy after that, stay with you and then ask yourself, oh Gosh what kind of life that we really lives in actually? I love my dark romance but usually either Stockholm syndrome or sex slave victim. Tillie wrote another level of dark love story.

Living in one of Western country I couldn't imagine the story like Mae's in the name of religion and hard cruel life like Styx's really happens but apparently it does. It's a very dark and sad life to be living in but luckily Ms. Cole wrote about Mae and Styx wonderfully and it made us can accept that this can be 'a normal life' for them too. How Mae still innocent after those years abuse or how gentle Styx can be to Mae it just so sweet. He can play guitar and sing for Mae while he can't even talk to his 'brothers':)). Also the power of love at the first sight when you still very young and those innocent first kiss, just awww:)))

I'm so happy with their so deserve Happy Ending, but please write about Rider too, my heart breaking for him too, he was as victim as Mae's and dear dear Flame, what actually really happened with him Ms. Cole? He and Maddie really need their story to tell too..

I'm so loving this book and It Ain't Me, Babe is more than just a bikers story and I will give more than five stars if available:)
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am 13. Juli 2014
Wow! I'm stunned. This was such a great story. Intense and absolutely brilliant.

Mae's background was unbelievable. Her naïveté or “innocence” was adorable and really got to me. How she didn't know anything about the “outside” life, from technology to food and also phrases, was sweet and made sense after living in “The Order” for 23 years. A big part of the book was violence, sick to the core. But there were also devastating and crushing emotions, that really moved me. The story was also about fate and destiny and kept me breathless, because of the suspense. This was a wonderful book that I didn't want to put down. I was eager to turn the pages and dreaded finishing it at the same time.

That Mae found a tender, loving and caring man in Styx was absolutely lovely, as her past was filled with crude torture and punishment, and infamous Styx being the aggressive Hangmen Mute, known for abhorrent brutality. It was also wonderful, that of all things Mae found freedom within the Compound after fleeing from the Commune.

This was the first book I've read by Tillie Cole but it definitely won't be the last. The writing was great and she just pulled me into her wonderful story. It was amazing! I would love to read Ky's story, but I'm not sure I could stomach Flame's.
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This book took me away in a world I didn't know exists in the western world. It's extremly brutal what happens in the cult where women from very young age are facing a life of torture, lexture, falsehood and that all in the name of God. I know why I'm out of church and want nothing to do with religion. But reading this - based on collected fieldwork of the author - I'm very happy to live here far away from such madness.
I love reading biker stories, and that's why I have started to reading this book. Funny, the good guys are the bad guys here. The biker MC find one of the poor women at there compound and it turns out she is familiar to the young President of the Hades Hangman. They slowly discover together the wrongs of the cult live Mae (Salome) comes from. There is a lot of brutal fighting, sex but also romance in this book. I really love to read it and hope Tillie is going to write a lot more about the Hades Hangmen. Book 2 is already out and got also a 5 star rating from me. I'm waiting now on book 3 which will hopefully coming soon.
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am 30. April 2014
I'm a big fan of Tillie Cole. "Sweet Home" is one of my most favorite books. There was no question to purchase "It Ain't Me, Babe" directly at the publishing date. I won't give you a summary of the book, just read the given sample concerning the contenct of the book ;-)
This book is clearly different than "Sweet Home" but nevertheless a perfect read. You will find the combination of sweet innocence and biker gang in one book. If you look for a strong heroine, a big bad guy and true love, you will find it right here! But as before, a whole new world is created and you will find this book extremly different than any other "bad, biker boy meets good girl"-book.
Thanks for another amazing book, Tillie!
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am 20. Mai 2014
Das Buch hat mich umgehauen!
Der Schreibstil ist faszinierend, bitte mehr Bücher!
Konnte das Buch nicht mehr aus der Hand legen!
Beide Geschichten sind auf ihre Art grausam, aber genau dieser Aspekt verbindet die beiden.
Man bekommt Einblicke, sowohl in das Leben als Member eines Motorradclubs, als auch in das einer Sekte.
Beide Schicksale haben mich ergriffen.
Die Liebesgeschichte ist wunderschön.
Es lohnt sich das Buch zu lesen!
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am 4. September 2015
ich wurde auf Empfehlung auf dieses schmuckstück aufmerksam gemacht und ich muss sagen ich wurde nicht enttäuscht. Mae, flieht aus ihrer Commune weil sie den Propheten David nicht heiraten will. Styx, President des Hades Hangmen MC. Mae wird blutetend und bewußtlos am clubhaus des MC gefunden. Die geschichte hat mich ab dem ersten Satz gehabt. Die chemie zwischen den beiden hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Sehr gutes Buch....
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am 7. Februar 2015
Alter: Sie 23, Er 27
Heldin wird von einer religiösen Sekte gefangen gehalten und dort bereits im Alter von 8 Jahren vergewaltigt.
Unglaubwürdige Story!
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am 9. Mai 2014
In diesem Buch ist einfach alles too much. Sie kann nicht nur Mitglied einer Sekte sein, nein, sie wurde auch ab einem Alter von 8 Jahren regelmäßig vergewaltigt. Sie kann nicht einfach entkommen, sondern wird dabei von einem Hund halb totgebissen, etc. Jede Situation ist überzeichnet und überdramatisiert. Die Rocker sind alle überfesch und sportlich, obwohl die echten eher die Erfinder der Bierwampe sind. Ich habe mittendrin aufgehört, als das Buch von überdramatisch zu lächerlich abgesackt ist.
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am 9. Mai 2014
This woman has a way with words…she opened me up, slashing a gaping wound to my very soul, leaving me crying and breathless, content and happy. Feeling every last bit of the emotions, completely tangled up in this beautiful heart wrecking story. Holding my breath, shedding tears, joyfully smiling, feeling so raw and tender, feeling it all at once. I lived through every single bit of the story like I’m part of it, alternating experiencing between being (with) Mae and Styx. Both are so wonderfully developed multi-layered characters, with heartfelt depth. Both are so strong and determined, but are expressing their internal strength and struggles so differently.
They members of the hangmen mc have flaws, but are strong, loyal and determined to their club and what they see as theirs to protect. The characters in this book are (thankfully) lacking the usual mc-stereotypes. Every character is special, sometimes jagged, but every single one fascinating and multifaceted. A kaleidoscope of emotions so raw, running so deep…every bit felt right, nothing seemed “constructed”. I read a lot of books, but it is rare, that a book affects my emotions and feelings in such a strong way.
Ms Cole works the “feather” like a master, wielding it like a sword, to give Mae and Styx words to tell their story with such a virtue to shatter my heart and rebuilt it all the same with each turning page. A story with Subtle notes, never to obvious, never to “flashy”. Words flowing into each other, dancing through me, accelerating my heart rate long after finishing the book. Words, soft spoken but not with less conviction, aiming right to my very core, grabbing my heart, my soul and never leaving me, stirring me up all over again. One of the most intense and beautiful reads I had have in the last few years.
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