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Invincible Iron Man - Volume 1 (Englisch) Gebundene Ausgabe – 17. März 2010

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Invincible Iron Man - Volume 1 + Invincible Iron Man Volume 2
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9/10 15. März 2010
Von Uthor - Veröffentlicht auf
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
19 issues in a nice hardcover. There's basically two story arcs here. The first seven issues take place before Secret Invasion where Stark's tech gets out into the hands of terrorists. It's about his fears that the Iron Man tech gets used for evil and the sacrifices he makes to stop it. It reminds me a bit of an early Authority story.

The next 12 issues are post-SI, with Stark being kicked out of S.H.I.E.L.D. (S.H.I.E.L.D. itself becoming H.A.M.M.E.R.) and being replaced by Osborn. Stark has all the important security info stored in his brain, which he has to erase so Osborn doesn't get his hands on it. It's a story about the world's richest man on the run, going from hideout to hideout and scavenging tech, all the while slowly losing his mind, his memories, and his abilities to function. There's a cool parallel with Stark's devolving mind and him using progressively more simple Iron Man suits, eventually completely loosing his mind as he makes his way to the original gray Iron Man mk I suit. I liked this second arc better.

There's also two stories going on at the same time. One is of Pepper Potts learning to use Rescue, a defensive only Iron Man suit. The other is a spy story featuring Maria Hill as she tries to get some info to Capt. America and that eventually involves Black Widow.

The only thing I don't like about this volume is the coloring. It looks airbrushed and, especially early on, gives everything an unnatural sheen. It gets mellowed out by the end.
4 von 4 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Redemption 17. Januar 2011
Von Soren K. - Veröffentlicht auf
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe Verifizierter Kauf
If you're one of the people who has been spitting on effigies of Iron Man since the close of the Civil War, prepare to make the transition spit-shining his image.

This story arch details Stark's own failure to run the world as head of SHIELD as his past confronts him and almost undoes him. Then, after the Krull siege, Stark loses everything to Osbourne. The Invincible Iron Man has taken a licking and now that he's the underdog again, we can root for him. Better yet, he's fighting on the right side this time.

If you're a Libertarian or even liberty-minded, this series will continue to terrify and infuriate you with your worst nightmares of shady government organizations with unlimited power and clandestine processes. Finally, Iron Man is digging in and going to war with Uncle Sam's tyrannical offspring.

Excellently written, fantastically drawn. My only complaint and reason to subtract a star is that the action, at times, can be a bit of a blur. The entire concept of the novel can at times become overwhelming and a sense of hopelessness grasps the reader. Comics have come a long way since the Man of Steel lazily snapped his fingers, flew around the world, and turned back time. The complexity of characters in the ever-expanding Marvel universe has become impressive and stands to compete with the depth and grit of Garth Ennis' more adult-oriented lines such as The Boys and Preacher (of course minus the nudity and ultra-violence, although this novel does contain more than a few provocative glimpses of Black Widow, Pepper, and Maria Hill showing some skin). Strap yourselves in for an incredible story. This novel will tear at you. Be prepared for the ultimate emotional investment.
9 von 11 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Tony Stark gets the hubris knocked out of him 30. März 2010
Von H. Bala - Veröffentlicht auf
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe Verifizierter Kauf
No one likes a high and mighty know-it-all. Even Classius Clay didn't become the people's champion until he lost his first fight. In the Marvel universe Tony Stark, the world's foremost futurist, is probably the most smug smart guy around. He wasn't ever my favorite costumed crimefighter, but then the live action movie came along and made me like him and then I picked up Matt Fraction's run and he made me like him even more. Drat.

This is the INVINCIBLE IRON MAN Omnibus and it collects the first 19 issues of the new series, and it's unputdownable enough that it won the Eisner award for Best New Series. If, like me, you're not caught up with everything that Tony Stark has been up to, well, it's fine, because Matt Fraction catches you up enough with the requisite backstory.

This first arc here covers Tony Stark's end stint as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. as he tangles with global terrorism and with Ezekiel Stane, the homicidal genius son of Obadiah Stane (who had been Stark's nemesis). Young and insane Ezekiel Stane is converting men into walking repulsor bombs, and the kicker is that the technology used is clearly lifted from Tony Stark's design. It's only one element of Ezekiel's murderous vendetta against our favorite superhero industrialist.

The second arc is epic and it comprises the bulk of this collection, and it takes us past the events of the Skrull invasion, and it finds Tony Stark discredited and ousted as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. on grounds of royally bollocksing stuff up during the invasion. And maybe, just maybe, part of it too is repercussion from his sanctimonious deeds in the Civil War. S.H.I.E.L.D. is shut down, H.A.M.M.E.R. established in its place, with Norman Osborn now running things. The public, of course, doesn't have the slightest that Osborn is a giggling psychopath.

This is about as low as we've ever seen Tony Stark, discounting his time in the '80s as a raging alcoholic, which inarguably was Stark at lowest ebb. Stark Enterprises is gutted, and when Tony refuses to cooperate (ie: hand over the Superhero Registration Act database), he becomes a wanted man. But here's the key element to this whole arc, that which makes this story so gripping: the database is now kept solely in Tony's brain and so, to make sure that Osborn doesn't gain access to it and other secrets, Tony puts into motion a comprehensive program which will hack into his brain and into the Extremis bio-electronics package in his body (the Extremis which, by the way, governs Tony's interfacing with the Iron Man armor). The result is a gradual erosion of Tony's memory and intellect and even his core personality. All this so that Osborn couldn't get into his head. Because Osborn is that dangerous.

Matt Fraction spins a breakneck, edge-of-the-seat tale of suspense, espionage, drama, and high tech skirmishes. It's crazy just how Stark becomes this utterly rootable character as he goes on the run, pressing on even as he loses bits of himself along the way, his smarts and his memory. As his intellect devolves, Tony not only finds it suddenly more challenging to survive Osborn's relentless attacks but he begins having trouble operating the sophisticated Iron Man armor and he's soon forced to rely on the older models. If you pay attention, you get to see the different incarnations of Iron Man, except in reverse chronology. As you get deeper in the pages, you can't help but note that the progressive decay of Tony's smarts and memory obversely parallels Fraction's humanizing of Tony Stark. A down and out Iron Man, I've never liked him more.

Supporting characters, Fraction gives them opportunities to shine. Pepper Potts goes thru a life-changing event and emerges as a hero in her own right. Maria Hill, whom I've never really cared about, endures some horrifying stuff and proves her mettle as a secret agent. The Black Widow surfaces in the later issues, and I like her tough as nails attitude. And there's even a team-up between the ol' Shellhead and the unregistered but incredibly helpful Spider-Man. But where Matt Fraction really lets loose is on Norman Osborn and his big bowl of crazy. In Fraction's hands Osborn comes off as possibly the worst case scenario EVER of a bad guy getting the remote control to the universe. The Goblin's insanity creeps me out and curdles the blood. It's gotten to the point now where I really can't wait for him to get what's coming to him. And I never thought I'd say this but, because of what he's put Tony thru, I won't even mind if it's Iron Man, rather than Spidey, who takes him down.

As ever, I'm digging on Salvador Larroca's sleek art, even though, yeah, the coloring on the characters' faces tend to take on this muddy look. On the other hand, the colorist is fantastic at adding texture and nuance to Larroca's pencils (check out the six pages of Larroca's penciled stuff at the back of the trade, and then compare that with the finished product).

I'm kinda curious to see more of the Triumph Division, the Philippines' preeminent superhero squad, although the first incarnation we see did go down pretty easy. But those are some pretty intriguing superhero code names.
2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Engaging and open run for new fans of Iron Man 17. Oktober 2010
Von G. Kincade - Veröffentlicht auf
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe Verifizierter Kauf
While I enjoyed the first Iron Man movie, it wasn't enough to make me go and pick up the comics. A friend gave me a few issues after I read Extremis (I love Warren Ellis' work) I found Fraction's run to be a damn good story. Keep in mind though, I haven't been following Iron Man, nor really cared about him as a character in a long time. I used to watch the Marvel Cartoon Hour as a kid, and I enjoyed Stark as the sometimes leader of the Avengers during Busick's run back in the late 90s.

The biggest thing I liked about the first arc was that it didn't require you to know the in depth history of Tony Stark. While I had some inklings it gave you enough hints and flat out said/reminded you of the parts you did need to know. The other part is that it was it's own book. In a industry where the majority of the big name titles are involved in "Summer Crossover XII" and your favorite comics are interrupted to take part in the mindless crap that the majority of the crossovers are, this one did not directly get involved in those.

Instead we're treated to Stark dealing with not just another tech/gimmicky enemy, but someone who's created a new type of Iron Man based tech, and gone beyond the typical suit of armor. I found this very interesting, especially the way they explain all the little psuedo-scientific ways it breaks down and works. Another nice little benchmark in this comic is there is actual drama and tension and you feel for these characters. The idea of Tony dealing with his fears and seemingly actually weighing him down is great to read. Again, I'm new to Iron Man, so if someone has done it better than Fraction, good for them, but I'm just reviewing the book I did read.

The second arc does deal with the 'summer crisis crossover infinity' bit, but it does it in a smooth transitioned way. The character isn't simply thrown at aliens or other heroes in a mindless conflict. He's dealing with losing his mind, literally. There is a bit more of a focus on Pepper Potts and her being a heroine, and Maria Hill being a badass field agent fighting against an entire agency sent to capture her. The change in dynamic between the 3 people being heroes and comfortable to fugitives almost constantly on the run is a fun transition to watch and read as well.

Tony Stark still comes off as a smarmy know it all playboy who wants to do good for the world, even if the world doesn't want to be good. The cast of characters are a group you care about and want to know what happens next. It's a comic book hero so you know things are going to turn out alright (for the most part) but how you get to 'alright' is a damn good trip.
2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Iron Man ROCKS! 31. März 2010
Von T. Wehrenberg - Veröffentlicht auf
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe Verifizierter Kauf
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and any casual Iron Man fan or longtime fan will as well. Great format, great writing, great artwork. At times the artwork and coloring was stunning- some of the page layouts worthy of framing.

I know this title was launched about the same time as the 2008 Iron Man movie and it shows in a good way. Its hard to say which inspired who as there are many concurrent themes and details that are shared almost as if they co-existed at times.

I particularly like the Dark Rein tie-in "Most Wanted" in the last half of the book. This just kept getting better and better- the cat-and-mouse between Tony and Norman Osborn with the supporting cast of Pepper Pots, Maria Hill, Madam Masque, Crimson Dynamo, and Black Widow. The smallest complaint I had was that while the overall art and layouts were spectacular- Norman Osborn just didn't look right to me- too young and not crazy enough. Minor nitpick I know but I loved how Mike Deodato draws Norman in Dark Avengers- makes him look like Tommy Lee Jones!
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