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1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 25. April 1999
If Network Marketing is something that interests you or any one you know, this book is a must. Whether networking has just recently caught your eye or you have been involved with this industry and have failed or succeeded, this book is a must. If you believe in learning from mistakes, let Randy Gage make them for you. His knowledge of what works and what doesn't in network marketing is among the finest and most accurate in my opinion. Network marketing is something that I was skeptical about, just like 99% of all people are. After reading this book, I jumped into the networking ocean, used Gage as my swin fins, and caught a wave comparable to the North Shore Pipeline. Every chapter, paragraph, sentence, word had me nodding my head to all of the possiblities network marketing has put out there for ordinary non-sales type people. And I feel great to have found a company that seems in compliance with all of Gage's techniques that made him the multi-millionaire that he is today. Discover the power of duplication and whether the company you are with or are about to choose is subject to intense government regulations. Dispose of your friends thoughts, "Is that some kind of pyramid scheme?" See how 10- 13 hours a week now can give 24 hours of free time a day in 3-4 years. Read this book if you have any type of interest in network marketing.
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1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 31. Dezember 1998
If you can only buy one book to get started in Network Marketing, this is the one! I have struggled for almost two years (and I already have three successful "regular" businesses) before I stumbled across this book. It has been worth every penny -- multiple times!!
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am 28. August 1998
I've been in network marketing five years and I want to say to anyone considering this industry this is the best book I've read to date. The information is well laid out and to the point. Anyone who wishes to succeed in network marketing owes it to themselves and their downline to read this book. But, more importantly you need to put the information to good use. I firmly believe had my sponsor taught me half of the information in this book I would be much further along with my busines building efforts. I believe in the network marketing concept and I will use this book and the information in it to build my organization. Thanks Randy you've given me the finally pieces I needed to take my business to the top. P. Miller
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am 29. September 2013
Because I'm from Germany, I was generally sceptic about all MLM-like companies. But after a while, I recognized that it's nearly insane and dumb, if you're working for only one boss.
With Network-, but also with Online Marketing (there I have a slightly different opinion than Randy), you can earn money from thousands of bosses, called 'customers' and 'partners'.
This book actually has given me a bunch of ideas on how to build my very own system which is as duplicable as possible. My tip: Always think as simple as you can and take this question serious: What is the best ability you have which you can use for helping your partners and customers - and how can you combine it with your MLM company?
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am 7. März 1999
I don't like ostentatious covers; so I had to take this one off, and have the silver-on-black spine urge me to the reading process. And then the unexpected: page after page of excitement! One doesn't expect good-sense and focus in business-types; this book has it all, plus a wealth of incalculably astute advice: if you can't make it big in NM after reading this, perhaps opt for miserly retirement now: Gage shows that NM is much more than optimal life-style: it is about making this earthly round, to speak with Pater, burn with that hard, gem-like flame!
An indispensable book not only for NM, but for self-realization!
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am 7. Januar 1999
The best step-by-step MLM book published so far. Randy Gage has setforth the basic proncipals you need to begin and advance your MLM business. The book is easy to read and understand. It gives the new or old MLM'r the 1-2-3 duplicatable business guideline to follow to build a reatail business and develop a downline. After finishing his book, we put his system to work and the results were immediate. There is no need to read any more how to books on the subject. If you are unable to grasp the steps Gage outlines, you're most likely not suited for the business.
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am 8. März 1998
I have just started in the MLM industry and this book has saved me thousands of hours of research and time. Randy Gage has effectively taken all of the guessing out of what this industry is and how it should be handled to effectively give you the business that you have always wanted.
If you are at all intrigued or interested in Network Marketing this book is a MUST read. With his advice,knowledge and dedication there is no way that a person could fail.
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am 11. August 1999
If you want to know how to build a long term, duplicatable networking business, then this book is for you. All I can say is that I endorse few books, but this one gets my vote as a "must have"! Al Perhacs-Business Director,
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am 21. August 2013
Zugegeben habe ich das Buch nur zögerlich gekauft, da ich dachte, dass es eines von diesen "Schnell-Reichwerde" Büchern. Aber weit gefehlt: hier geht es un nachhaltiges und professionelles networking!
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