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4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 2. Juli 1999
I am a summer intern at the Bureau of Reclamation in Boulder City. I brougth this book thiking that I will learn more about Hoover Dam construction. First the book is extremely general in the construction details of the dam,focusing on the major aspects only. I felt that for a construction enterprise that took many years the author could have written more. Second the author spent most of the book praising the engineers, constractors, and politians. Third the author writes the book in a life is beautiful fashion. I have to recognized that the author indeed wrote a very good chapter about Boulder City and that he in general choose many good pictures to put in the book. In overall if you are looking for a nice general narration of the construction of the Hoover Dam and you are willing to go to 200 something pages of adulation this is for you. Or if you want something in detail or more in deep this book is not for you. Also is you are interested in learning about Boulder City and Six Companies this book goes in deep with those subjects.
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am 15. Dezember 1999
I was a young boy who lived in Boulder City for five years when my father helped build the dam. This is an excellently written - maybe one of the best I have ever read - and very accurate account of the construction, the people who did it, and life at the time. I stop and reminisce every time I go through Boulder City and drive over the dam. I loved my Dad and am very proud of his participation there. This book took me back in a very instructive and entertaining manner. It did the entire project proud. I won't hesitate one second to recommend this book to anyone who appreciates excellence in writing, or who loves America and its history. For this was a truly great undertaking, excellently and excitingly performed. And by people who, in my opinion, are prime examples of the so called "Greatest Generation". Detailed accounts of the construction of the dam are available, and are also excellent. But that is not the focus of this book.
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am 6. März 1999
Author Joseph Stevens has conceived the perfect blend of technical detail, historical information, inspiration, intriguing anecdote, and literary entertainment in this very engaging story of the construction of one of the world's most spectacular engineering achievements: Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. You wouldn't think that a book about a dam in the desert would be that interesting, and yet this book holds one's attention from start to finish, with its story of how men and machines labored in the harshest of natural environments to build a structure that is still the definitive archetype of a dam. The book serves as both a reference and enjoyable reading material, and has something for everyone, from engineer to student to adventurer.
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am 12. Oktober 1999
Excellent book. I have read a number of science/engineering histories and this is one of the best. It follows the building of the Hoover Dam from start to finish. If I ever go to Las Vegas, it will be because I wanted to see the Dam. It has just the right amount of detail, both technical and political to keep me interested. It read faster than its size would suggest.
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am 7. Mai 1999
I belive that this is one of the best books on the subject of Hoover Dam. It doesn't just give the basics, it goes farther than that into the details of construction and personal accounts. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. This is truly a wonderful book.
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am 17. Juli 2000
According to the jacket, this is the first book for this author. You can't tell after turning the last page. Well written, easy to read history of the Hoover Dam project. Never overly technical, yet highly informative.
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