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am 17. Juli 2004
Eines der großartigsten Bücher über Hitchcocks Filme überhaupt. Wer glaubt, alles über Hitchcocks Werk zu wissen, wird auf höchst unterhaltsame Art eines besseren belehrt. Gründlich recherchiert, flott und anschaulich geschrieben, unglaublich informativ und spannend, läßt einen dieses Buch nicht mehr los.
Hinzu kommen kommen die teilweise atemberaubend schönen, teilweise sehr seltenen und perfekt restaurierten Abbildungen: Storyboards, Stills, Schnappschüsse, Setphotos.... allein das sensationelle Bildmaterial ist schon jeden Cent wert.
Selbst wenn man manche Hitchcock - Filme schon in - und auswendig zu kennen glaubt: Nach der Lektüre dieses Buches, bei der man aus dem Staunen und Bewundern nicht herauskommt, wird man sie sich - mindestens - noch einmal anschauen, um vorgeführt zu bekommen, was Bill Krohn so eindrucksvoll beschreibt und darstellt. Vorsicht, Suchtgefahr!
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am 16. April 2000
Anyone trying to decide whether to buy Bill Krohn's new, award-winning Hitchcock at Work should know that this reviewer is particularly pleased to be able to offer an unqualified thumbs up. Using original sources and applying a formidable intellect, Krohn has assembled the kind of "behind the camera" quiltwork that humanizes Hitchcock the great director without debunking the genius of the master's artistry. Real-life events and historic accuracy are the high octane fuel of the prose, and a great selection of finely printed color and black and white photos, from the archives, from the movies and from selected production sources, add depth and texture. Those who know Krohn and his seemingly boundless knowledge of films, directors, writers, actors, camera people and producers, will not be surprised to find in Hitchcock at Work the kind of revelations that make the best biographies compelling reading. The book is big in every way. Hitchcock at Work not only has visual coffee-table appeal, but is also an excellent reference tool. It will surprise and delight real cineastes and casual movie goers alike. In addition, Krohn writes from the perspective of someone who understands how movies are made. His years as a publicist at Fox and the work he did posthumously on behalf of Orson Wells, assembling and producing a completed version of that director's previously unfinished South American movie, along with decades of critical writing for the prestigious Cahiers du Cinema, give him a rare skillset with which to gently and precisely open up Hitchcock's world in ways hitherto unavailable to film buffs and audiences. But Krohn is no intellectual snob. His excellent prose style is clear and readable. If you can only buy one book about Hitchcock, this is the one, whether for its film history, detail and insights, or simply because you want easy access to the many images and visual delights which Hitchcock brought to the screen. Five stars aren't enough! END
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am 30. April 2000
First and foremost I shoud state that although I consider myself a film buff, I emphatically dislike the medium of coffee table books. They appear to be just another way to rip off consumers by creating great expensive "packages" with little or no substance. There are of course exceptions to this generality and the best one I've seen so far is this epic retelling by Bill Krohn of the work of Alfred Hitchcock. The Master's centennial has come and gone and with it so has the media hoopla surrounding him that made any interested fan at a loss to find the right vehicle to discover what it was that made him indeed the Master. Now that the dust has settled, Bill Krohn's book on Hitchcock emerges as the undisputed source for Hitchcock's film work. Yes, it is formatted as a coffee table tome but this unprecedented work requires nothing less.Meticulously researched, Krohn has done the unthinkable in his text and graphics by not only debunking the great myth of the director tyranically planning the enitre film in advance of production but uses storyboards and the like to prove this worthy point. Nor does Krohn rely solely on the sometimes faulty memory of the directors collaborators. He substantiates all claims with archival production notes to state emphatically once and for all that Hitchcock's genuis lay not in the pre-programmed myth of his work but his ability to be malleable in the collective art of filmmaking. In short, Bill Krohn's book has made me re-evealute the coffee table book format and more importantly, the work of the great Alfred Hitchcock!
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