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4,4 von 5 Sternen
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am 15. Juli 2000
Roger Ebert is perhaps the best writer working in newspapers today. Most people, I realize, will scoff at such a statement: He's just a movie reviewer, after all. But if Ebert were on the op-ed page of the New York Times he would be regarded as the finest political mind of America; he chooses to write about film, so he is known as the finest film critic of America.
Ebert is at his best when he is reviewing movies he detests; he himself has acknowledged (in Questions for the Movie Answer Man, another book I highly recommend) that reviews of great films are sometimes sleep-inducing. Unlike most movie reviewers, he couldn't care less what is popular with the general public; he realizes that we don't need someone telling us what we like, we need someone expressing a clear opinion of what he likes.
The reviews appear as they were written when Ebert first saw the film, though I at times wished he would have included some comments with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight. For example: When he bashed "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," no one knew what a huge star Jim Carrey would become. A note from Ebert following that review about his opinions of Carrey today would have been interesting.
Still, this book has provided me with more laughs than anything I've read since High Fidelity, and it is full of little gems, like the notes Ebert took during his viewing of "Exit to Eden."
Movie fans already know they can count on Ebert for expert analysis of the latest films, but everyone should read this collection of his work. You can find reviews of the great films anywhere, but Roger Ebert is one of the few people who can make his reviews of bad movies much more entertaining than the movies themselves.
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am 9. Juni 2000
last winter, i emailed roger ebert if he was kind enough to mail me copies of 2 of my favorite zero star reviews he wrote: CALIGULA & I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE-both came out in the early '80s. i got no response from him. he answers 100s of emails daily. i let it go. it seems i DID get that response in the form of his spectacular new film book just out. lo and behold, both trashy pics are in there! hey! there's CANNONBALL RUN II, FRIDAY THE 13TH II & of course, NORTH for which the book's title came from. no MS .45? oh well. 200 savagely bad reviews are here to cherish and laugh about. roger ebert is indeed 1 of the great writers and great film critics of the 20th and 21st century. it's deservedly dedicated to his late partner, gene siskel. in 1 of his final reviews, gene said on his show, "I rather turn my head and cough than watch trash like PATCH ADAMS!" he is sorely missed. God Bless Him.
we'll have to wait for EBERT'S 1/2 star review of BATTLEFIELD EARTH in the next edition.
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am 28. Mai 2000
It could be argued that Ebert is truly at his best when he is savagely attacking the worst films ever made. While his criticism is always sharp and insightful, his negative reviews are much more entertaining, employing sarcasm, bitterness, and outright hatred for the drivel he must endure. The book provides a diverse selection, ranging from the early 1970s to more recent disasters. Although he attacks small, obscure works, he is much more satisfied attacking the giants; the "sacred cows" of cinema that, by virtue of their budgets, are believed to be above criticism. Ebert is dedicated to his craft and would probably prefer to spend his time in the company of classics, but few individuals display such giddiness when given the "privilege" of witnessing true cinematic chaos. His humor is to our benefit.
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am 13. Juni 2000
As soon as I heard about this book, I knew I had to buy it immediately. Roger Ebert is one of the best reviewers around, and I must admit that I'd rather read a savage review than a glowing one any day. This book contains some of the most hilarious writing on film I've ever had the pleasure of encountering -- check out his reviews of "Little Indian, Big City" or "Jack Frost." There are also reviews of films he was truly revolted by, such as "Caligula" and "I Spit On Your Grave." Sure, much of it is available on the Sun Times' web site, but I still find a lot of enjoyment in thumbing through a real book. Besides, this is the sort of volume you'll want to leave on your coffee table for all of your friends to enjoy!
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am 12. Juni 2000
I couldn't help but think as I read through this book that most of its content is available for free on Ebert's own web site. (However -- The web site contains searchable reviews dating back to 1985, whereas the book contains a few 1970s clinkers). Ebert's site also contains the good reviews. Also, although this book contains reviews that received two stars or less -- Ebert seems to have left out a few less popular "zero star" reviews ("Sour Grapes") in favor of reminding us why he kind of disliked "Starship Troopers". This book has its moments, so I give it 3 stars (so it would stay out of Ebert's "bad" collection). But, if you have web access to Ebert's site, skip it.
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am 30. Juni 2000
Halfway through this book I decided to come back here and give this review. This is the funniest and most entertaining book I've read in a long, long time, and I read a *lot* of books that claim to be funny and entertaining. Almost every single one of the reviews has had something that's made me laugh out loud, which is rare nowadays. I can't recommend this book highly enough. It's also quite interesting to see how Ebert's style has evolved from back in the late 1960's through 1999. A fine book from a man on the side of all that is good and intelligent.
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am 15. Juni 2000
I love it. He is a very funny writer, and he warns you about spoilers - not that it matters with these flicks. Dave Barry's blurb mentions that the book makes you want to see some of these bombs, and that was the same reaction I had. I will definitely watch some of them for a good laugh. Roger is funny, as I said, and also very insightful. He doesn't just go for the obvious, like Showgirls (which is not in here) but on "regular" movies. I only wish the book was bigger. I also recommend his (newly expanded) glossary.
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am 5. Juni 2000
I look forward to really bad movies coming out because I know I'll be able to read a Roger Ebert Negative Review. I haven't seen the movie "Patch Adams" - I would hate to ruin the image of it that I received after reading Ebert's review. I gave this book 5 stars even though I haven't read it yet (well, I'm sure I've read some of it, since I follow his reviews weekly). Buy this book. I know that it will be hilarious and insightful.
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am 15. Juni 2000
Although some of these reviews appear on the Sun-Times website, Roger Ebert seems to have a thing for pristine cinema. Here, there are around 200 reviews of movies that got two stars or less from Ebert. Some of them are very funny, and some written in humorous styles (like a kid's science show for "The Concorde: Airport '79.") Buy this book! Even if you haven't watched any of these clunkers, you'll love the way Ebert reviews them!
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am 29. Juli 2000
Any fan of bad movies or Roger Ebert should stop what thier doing and by this book.His masterful ripping apart of Armageddon mirrors a lot of my personal hatred for Hollywoods BIG SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER mentality,and alone is worth the price.
Although a few movies do'nt belong here(Switchblade Sisters comes to mind)this book is a hoot riot and a must have.
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