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4,7 von 5 Sternen12
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 9. Dezember 1999
I read Hardball for Women in 1995, when I was a manager at a very large Fortune 500. The book was recommended by a VP -- now I am one. I highly recommend this book not only because it gives one insight into a businessman's world, but more importantly, a woman's. Most woman managers already know how to suceed in a male dominated business -- its dealing with other woman, particulary those at a lower level, that can be painfully difficult. The book's most critical message is that woman are raised to keep the playing field level -- men are not. Moreover, men view work as a game with structure and rules, ever vegilant to keep their own sucess in the forefront. If you don't think there is merit to gendar differances, the next time you negoatite salary with a man, note the differences from negotiating with a woman -- a man will ask you for more money at least 7 times before he even considers the offer - a woman will ask twice, if at all. I highly recommend this book, and I plan to keep passing it along to other women.
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am 5. Oktober 1998
The most important point I took away from this book is the notion that in developing your own "management persona," you need to take into account several factors, among them the rules of the game being played currently in your office; the way you tend to want to relate to the people you work with, for, and who work for you; how to adapt your work style for different situations at hand; and eventually, how to change the game once you're in a position to do so. Pat Heim's assertion that understanding and living by (often male-dominated) work culture is like traveling in a foreign country (you have to go by that culture's rules and manners) doesn't imply that women have to be men. Rather, by understanding certain "traditions," the wise person will have a better time moving around getting along in that culture and perhaps transforming it once she's become familiar enough with and accepted within it. Highly recommended for any woman who wants to move up the ladder.
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am 21. Februar 1999
As women we view the world through what our childhood games and expectatations have taught us. Pat Heim does a great job of opening our eyes to how the "boys" view the world. Since men have shaped the business world like their childhood games, it makes a lot of sense that women have to be aware of the unwritten rules. One of the most important eye-openers to me had to do with hierarchy and winning in contrast with "let's-all-get-along" and consensus. No wonder women get mired at the middle management level, and as managers are viewed as mother figures or babysitters. Any woman who wants to penetrate the higher echelons of management needs to understand the dynamics portrayed in this book. This book is vastly superior to "Games Mother Never Taught You", because it does not tell women to be just like men, but rather to adapt the game to our own unique advantages while being aware of how the boys do it.
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am 12. Juni 2000
Pat Heim's book is the only management techniques book for women that acknowledges men's rules, without "selling out" to them. As she points out, knowing how the boys play doesn't mean that the same behavior will be perceived or received the same way from women - a key distinction ignored by all other books I've read on this topic.
Her follow-up book, Smashing the Glass Ceiling, provides a situation-by-situation manual for applying her insights (if you can find it - ask amazon or contact her at the email address she provides above.) Both books offer specific advice in a well-written, articulate presentation. I highly recommend them.
You may also be interested to know she has a great videotape series (expensive, but well worth the corporate dime, according to the feedback in my organization) and she is a terrific trainer (I've met her and was impressed.)
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am 14. Mai 1996
Hardball for Women is an absolute must read for women who
want to compete and succeed in the current business world.
This book sheds light on how men and women conduct business
differently and why. It then discusses how men play the
business game and gives women the tools to succeed at, and eventually
change, the game. To quote Dr. Heim, " change the game,
we've got to get the power first..." Women of the world, if
you are tired of having your abilities, education and ideas
ignored by the current business world, read this book. Men,
if you want to be able to survive in the business world of
the future, you had better read this book, too!
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am 14. Mai 1999
I was very disappointed with Hardball for Women, as it had been highly recommended. As a 35 year old female who has held management positions for the past 6 years in a large, male dominated company, there was little I could relate to. The frequent references to the way women operate did not reflect how I or female managers around me operate. How we supposedly were raised and socialized did also not strike a chord. Perhaps the book is for an older generation that faced more of these issues, or perhaps I've been lucky or worked with enlightened women. Either way, I would not recommend it.
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am 30. Januar 1997
If you work and you are female and you keep wondering why the "boys" have this commaradery that you cannot penetrate, you are failing yourself by not reading this book. Forget Covey, Robbins and the lot ... this book tells you what your childhood and social interaction have done to cripple you in the corporate world. Value and mission statements will do nothing to advance you until you address the fact you are more likely to compromise than coach. It should be on every working woman's desk ... whether CEO or minimum wage secretary
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am 27. November 2013
Sehr gut zu lesendes Buch für Frauen, die in der Männerwelt arbeiten und ihre Werkzeuge schärfen sollten. Den Männern, die den Frauen in ihrer Arbeitswelt wohlgesonnen sind, hilft es zu verstehen, wie die Frauen "ticken". Das Buch enthält auch einige konkrete Hinweise. Ich habe das Buch das Buch bereits dreimal verschenkt, an eine Frau in der Finanzwelt und zwei Ärztinnen.
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am 6. März 1997
I borrowed the book from a friend just as our unit went from having a woman manager to a male manager.When we (the manager and I) found ourselves at odds, I found this book explained the problem, and the solution in relevant, useful terms.Probably saved my position with the company.Riveting in its appliciability
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am 5. März 1998
I've read a lot of books on working women and office politics and this is definately the best! I just bought 4 spare copies from so I can give them to friends. Hardball for women showed me how to understand "the game" and how women can make the most of working in careers dominated by men.
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