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Drag Racing Pro Setups

von Greco Wireless Entertainment

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Verkauft von: Amazon Media EU Sarl
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Neueste Aktualisierungen

Was ist neu in Version 25.1.1
  • With the recent update of Drag Racing, we have started over with all new setups to accommodate for new vehicles, setup styles and techniques. We will be adding and fine tuning setups weekly.



  • Get access to race car tuning data across 10 levels
  • Learn launch and shift strategies
  • View "Best of Class" for each level and distance category


*****PLEASE READ*****
*Lite update for the new update 11/23/12*
New setups will be added regularly. This is the start of setups for the newest drag racing update. We launched early merely to accommodate for new player needs. Please refrain for negative reviews based on the number of setups, we will be adding and updating setups every Friday. Thank you for your understanding.
**If you don't see the full list of cars, click on "Best of Class" and deselect "only show Best of Class" in the bottom right corner.**

Pro Setups for Drag Racing on Android. The original source for Drag Racing Setups!
We've eliminated the guessing game and jumped you straight to the top of the leader boards. Don't waste hours of your time only to find you've spend days upgrading the wrong vehicles! Before you sell them off, check to see what your car is capable of with our non-Best of Class setups to see if you can get by before moving on to the Pro League vehicles.
Don't see a setup for your car yet? No problem! Text as at 16198001465 and we'll get back to you with what we come up with. We also have a great Facebook community at where you can post your requests and recommendations plus thousands of members to light your way.
We have videos on Youtube to display how these setups should be launched and shifted for the best times. They can be seen at:
Due to the recent overhaul to Drag Racing, we will be updating our YouTube channel this week. We will announce the videos via & will remove this announcement once the new videos are uploaded.
-Pro Setups 11/14/12

Lvl 1
RX-8 12.239¼
RX-8 19.283½
MX-5 20.207½

Lvl 2
RX-8 10.430¼
RX-8 16.550½

Lvl 3
Skyline 10.062¼
Mustang BOSS 15.802½

Lvl 4
Charger SRT8 9.271¼
Charger SRT8 14.563½

Lvl 5
M5 E60 9.294¼
M5 E60 14.270½

Lvl 6
Gallardo 8.763¼
C16 8.525¼
C16 13.400½

Lvl 7
RS200 8.246¼

Lvl 8
Agera R 11.940½

Lvl 9

Lvl 10
Venom 11.220½
Venom 11.209½ (Pro Alternate setup)
Venom 7.529¼

Please do not call the number provided. Due to world-wide calls and time-zones, it makes returning calls questionable. Texting us will be the fastest method of contact though we are on Facebook often.

Technische Details

Größe: 1,7MB
Version: 25.1.1
Entwickelt von: Greco Wireless Entertainment
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