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3,5 von 5 Sternen20
3,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 4. März 2014
Ein guter Reacher-Roman, in dem es kaum Längen gibt und die Geschichte gut reinläuft, auch wenn es eher lustig ist, dass eine Vielzahl von hochqualifizierten Bundesbeamten weniger geregelt kriegen, als unsa Reacher janz aleene

Ich habe bis heute nicht begriffen, warum man sich bei der Reacherromanen dem Grunde nach wohlfühlt, trotz der zu Recht erhobenen Kritik an einzelnen Ausfällen. Aber ist ja auch egal, Hauptsache, es funktioniert.

Wobei ich denke, dass die Reihe eher gewinnen als verlieren würde, wenn die extremen Gewalt-Perversionen der Bösewichte wegfielen. Das Racheprinzip läuft auch ohne diese Übertreibungen.
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am 6. November 2009
Gone Tomorrow ist inzwischen der achte Roman aus der Jack Reacher Reihe, den ich las und ich muss sagen, es war nicht gerade der Beste. Die ersten 300 Seiten sind eher nicht besonders spannend. Erst auf den letzten 100 Seiten gehts in gewohnter Manier zur Sache.
Wie das immer so ist - reine Geschmackssache - aber hier meine Empfehlungen für Lee Child Neueinsteiger:

The Hard Way
The Persuader
Bad Luck and Trouble
Killing Floor

Es ist übrigens nicht mal im Ansatz notwendig mit dem ersten Roman aus der Reihe zu starten, denn die Bücher sind nicht chronologisch aufgebaut und Jack Reacher muss nicht lange vorgestellt werden. Dem Leser wird ziemlich schnell klar, was das für ein Typ ist. In einem der Bücher findet sich ein passender claim: Men Want To Be Him / Women Want To Be With Him

Dass es sich bei den Büchern nicht gerade um große Literatur handelt ist wohl klar aber i.d.R. bekommt man, was man erwartet: Spannende Geschichten, bei denen die Bösen auf die Mütze bekommen und eher selten überleben indessen Reacher, während er den Fall löst, die Frauen vernascht und anschließend weiterzieht um neue Abenteuer zu bestehen.
Die relativ plastische Schilderung der gewalttätigen Passagen spiegelt sich in allen Romanen und ist eine der deutlichesten Charakteristiken der Jack Reacher Reihe.

Hab' jetzt keine Zeit mehr, ich muss ein anderes Jack Reacher Buch fertiglesen.
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am 6. September 2012
Bloody thriller about Jack Reacher(JR), the dream of many men and women, although for different reasons. He embodies what many men secretly like to be, a combination of Superman and not having a family with its obligations, strictures and routines: JR has no home or relatives and travels ultra light, with only his passport, ATM-card, some cash and a foldable toothbrush. No bag. No suitcase. Buys new set of clothes every few days. Pays no taxes. Women like him for his courteous, polite ways and occasional bursts of mutually agreed passion. Escape lit.
JR takes a nighttime subway train in NY. He spots a woman who raises all the red flags on an 11-point checklist for suicide bombers once developed in Israel. A very strong, dramatic start, because blood flows indeed, which he failed within a whisker to prevent. JR is questioned by the NYPD, then by a Federal agency working under post 9/11 rules. When set free he is accosted by a foursome in nice suits. For the third time that day he is asked, "Did she give you anything?"
But there are a few moments when LC appears to lose the plot. Or defies credibility. As always, JR relies on his hunting instincts, logical reasoning and brutal force. Quoting more than once from a famous Kipling poem, the book is instructive about the perils of waging war, declared or secret, in faraway lands. Such as Afghanistan in the early 1980s... Very well crafted and written, with great dialogue and intriguing tips about how and where to spend the night cheaply, or for free in NY. Interesting insights into the intense competition of agencies involved in homeland security and the scrutiny US politicians are subjected to.
To tell more would deprive fans and new readers of the joy and ingenuity of this book.
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am 28. März 2012
PLOT: Once Jack Reacher was a Major in the US MP, now he is a loner, a wanderer with no phone, no permanent address, no family to call, no credit card, no car, no suitcase, no nothing. At 2:00 AM Reacher sits in a New York City subway train when he realizes that there is one among the few passengers that shows all signs of a suicide bomber. Could it be possible or is his hunch wrong this time? And what should he you do to save lives without getting killed in the process? Reacher has no idea what he is getting himself into as soon as he takes his first step. What starts out as a potential rescue mission soon spins into a top of the notch cat and mouse game with a bunch of some of the most evil bunch in the world...

OK, I admit it: I am a fan of the Jack Reacher character for years. How can you not be a fan of a guy who is tall, big, strong, good looking, smart, helps those in need and brings down the bad guys? ("Women want him, men want to be like him.") A brilliant character as Jack Reacher combined with highly entertaining stories made me buy and read all of Lee Child's books. But a year ago I read "Nothing to Lose" and the book was so unbelievable boring that it took me a whole year before I dared to touch another Reacher story. (Check my review if you like.)
Luckily this one is clearly better! This is the way I like Reacher - hard as a rock, going back and forth through every aspect of a possible scenario, using mental and physical power to achieve his goal, showing some great detective work and also educated guesses. A lot of aspects in the story are not obvious, simple or easy to guess so there are dead ends, twist and turns, surprises and characters that change a lot during the story. (Today's enemy could be your helping hand or best friend tomorrow - and vice versa.)
Overall the story is pretty good, it develops in directions never expected from the beginning and Reacher faces a really worthy opponent this time.

Are there flaws?
As in almost every story (movie or book) you will find some bits and pieces that lack logic or do not rhyme completely. In this case e. g. I was wondering if cell phones are different in the USA. You can switch them off completely but you do not need any code to unlock them?
It is also strange how easily police officers work together with a private person as Reacher, share information or let him go in and out of police stations. (That is also a flaw that is evident in other books of Lee Child.)
Some readers might dislike the strong violence part of the story and I cannot really argue against it here. There are some drastic murder and torture scenes that are hard to overlook but they might be necessary to demonstrate just how ruthless and sinister this adversary is.
More important: You could argue that this enemy is a bit too big for a Reacher story (or any single man). Is it plausible that there is any chance in hell right from the beginning that he could figure out so much and has any chance to succeed? But hey, we are talking about Jack Reacher! ;-)
Please note that this book is written as first-person narrator. Therefore the reader only sees and knows as much as Reacher does.

Bottom Line:
This book is quite the opposite of "Nothing to Lose" as it is really thrilling and entertaining, has ample twists and turns, is easy and fast to read - and kept me up and guessing for long hours of reading.
For some readers the ending might be a bit unsatisfying as there is one aspect that leaves space for your own interpretation and especially speculation. (On the other hand I am not sure if a clever solution could be offered anyway. Therefore I cannot really argue against it.)
I am not sure if "Gone Tomorrow" is the book to get new readers addicted to Child's books or the Reacher character. Better start with "The Enemy" and read "Killing Floor" afterwards.
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am 15. Dezember 2011
I read most of the Reacher novels - and this one was the worst of all of them. A very artificial, far-fetched story, with a lot of lengths. Tension trails off all the time. The twists of the story are not surprising but in a way disturbing because they are so constructed, so unrealistic.
Sorry, Reacher, first time in my bookkeeping that you got really lost...
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am 4. Juni 2009
Jack Reacher beobachtet einen Selbstmord in der U-Bahn - und fühlt sich verantwortlich. Seine Suche nach den Hintergründen ruft nicht nur einen für den Senat kandidierenden Politiker und eine mysteriöse, äußerst attraktive Frau, sondern gleichzeitig auch das FBI und NYPD aufs Programm. Sie alle eint die Suche nach einem verloren gegangenen Datenträger aus dem Pentagon.

Wie man es von Child kennt, folgt Reacher auch in diesem Roman wieder seinem eigenen Sinn für Gerechtigkeit und lässt sich von einer schönen Frau für ihre Geschichte einnehmen. Nach einigem hin- und her gelingt es ihm, die wahren Hintergründe zu erkennen und das Problem auf seine Weise aus der Welt zu schaffen. Welche Rolle afghanische 'tribeswomen' und der Talibanführer Osama bin Laden hierbei spielen, sollte man jedoch selber herausfinden.
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am 8. Mai 2013
Jack Reacher is the best! One does not get tired of reading it. Already buying book number 14. Lee Child knows how to keep us readers entertained.
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am 24. August 2014
After reading most if the Reacher 'Series I've come to the conclusion it's not worth while reading any more of the Reacher series. The plot start with total nonsense and it takes quite a while to come up with logic. These books have nothing to do with real life, are so far away that nobody can reall identify himself with one of the characters or understand the plot
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"Please, my brothers, do not act wickedly." -- Genesis 19:7

The best Reacher novels start with him being in an ordinary situation late at night when something out of the ordinary happens. Because of his exceptional training, Reacher notices that there's a problem and intercedes where others would miss the issue or simply ignore it. As a result, he then becomes entangled into a complex situation where many people have very evil motives.

The good news is that Gone Tomorrow has such a fine beginning. It's fun!

The bad news is that Gone Tomorrow doesn't build on the beginning as well as it might have. The story behind the beginning will disappoint many readers . . . and the ultimate twists will seem more than a little far fetched . . . and tacked on without enough foundation.

Overall, the book manages to rise above the mundane after the satisfying beginning due to having many classic Reacher scenes such as ones that use his instincts and experience to find solutions to difficult situations . . . including the kind of "Reacher-takes-on-the-world" scenes that all Lee Child fans love.

I hope that in his next book Mr. Child will try to give us lots of good detection and action sequences in a very credible plot rather than trying to overwhelm the book with plot developments that over reach and stretch credibility too far.
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am 9. Juni 2009
Schon in seinem ersten Abenteuer strolchte der vagabundierende Superheld Jack Reacher durch eine Kleinstadt, in der ganz zufällig gerade sein Bruder ermordet worden war. Wer sich an solchen Dingen stört, ist in dieser Serie falsch. Nur in ganz wenigen Büchern der Reihe gibt es einen plausiblen Grund für die Verwicklungen Reachers in allerlei Verschwörungen. Hier fährt Reacher nächtens in der New Yorker U-Bahn - und trifft prompt auf eine Frau, die alle Kriterien einer Selbstmordattentäterin erfüllt. Reacher liegt nur halb richtig, und natürlich geht er der Sache entschlossen auf den Grund. Zunächst mit bloßen Fäusten und schließlich mit geborgter Waffe boxt, schießt, sticht und denkt sich diese Mischung aus John Wayne und Sherlock Holmes durch die Handlung. Dabei hilft Lee Childs hartgesottene Schreibe wie immer über die Löcher in der hanebüchenen Handlung hinweg. Und wie immer verarbeitet der Autor aktuelle Ängste in seiner Story. Reacher ist diesmal besonders sauer, weil er die Welt vor dem 11. September irgendwie mehr mochte als die danach. Zudem kann der Held hier seine männlichen Gegner wie lästige Insekten verscheuchen, findet beim blutigen Showdown mit "zwei Mädchen" aber fast den Tod.
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