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4,6 von 5 Sternen51
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 20. Oktober 2011
Ich entdeckte das Buch 2010 per Zufall in einem Buchladen einer Shopping Mal mitten in Israel. Ich hatte mal wieder eine depressive Episode, nachdem ich das Jahr zuvor erstmals eine schwere Depression bekommen hatte. Es sollte sich als Glücksgriff erweisen.

Wer wie ich eine Depression samt Therapie durchgemacht hat, wird wissen, dass man eine Depression nicht von heute auf morgen für immer loswerden kann. Es schleicht sich immer wieder etwas ein, was einen in die Pein der Selbstzerfleischung führt. Und das trotz begleitender (psycho-analytischer) Therapie.

Menschen, die Depressionen bekommen sind eher von der kritischeren Sorte, Menschen die Depressionen haben, sind generell super kritisch und so war es am
Anfang auch für mich schwer, mich auf die seltsam erscheinenden Ansätze der kognitiven Selbsttherapie einzulassen. Der Erkenntnis folgend: "Die Gedanken machen die Gefühle" analysiert man mit Hilfe des Buches seine Gedanken und erkennt destruktive Gedanken und versucht diese durch realistischerer zu ersetzen. Und es ist Wahnsinn, denn es hilft wirklich!

Wenn man die im Buch erklärten Techniken konsequent anwendet(ich führe eine Art Tagebuch), schafft man sich schnell aus der Depression und noch viel mehr,
man kann persönlich wachsen. War ich vor der Depression ein introvertierter, zurückhaltender, ängstlicher Mensch, so bin ich, und das verdanke ich zu sehr großen Teilen dem Buch, heute selbstbewuss und stark geworden. Ich komme mittlerweile gänzlich ohne Therapie und ohne Psychopharmaka aus und es geht mir richtig gut.

Ich kann das Buch also nur empfehlen, mir hat es das Leben gerettet und ich würde mich freuen, wenn es weiteren Menschen hilft. Allerdings muss man auch etwas Arbeit reinstecken, sich darauf einlassen und die Techniken konsequent anwenden. Es lohnt sich aber!
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am 14. Januar 2000
And not just for depression. I find that the critical thinking skills taught in this book can be helpful for nearly everyone. After doing cognitive therapy for depression, I realized that even people who are not considered 'depressed' often make painful mistakes in logic which can lead to all sorts of possibility being depression. Yes, it may be a chemical disorder (I find Dr. Burns to be very objective in stating that ALL the evidence just isn't in yet) but is it going to do any good to tell someone with this disorder that it's all chemical and not in their power to control? I don't advocate blaming the patient for his/her problem, but people need to start taking as much responsibility as they can for the way they feel. This book can help you do that, even if you still depend on medication. I found that I did not need to take anti-depressants by using the techniques of cognitive therapy. I love logic, I love rational thinking, and I love feeling like I have control over my life and the way I feel. I do not want to surrender this freedom to drugs, or to thinking that my mind is just a bowlful of chemicals that I cannot control. Also, I find it a nice change compared to modes of therapy that dredge into your childhood and personal life to find someone else to blame. Sorry, but I don't feel like lying on a couch so some neo-Freud can get off on all the dirty little details of my sex life and potty training...for months or years. Cognitive therapy can work swiftly, and by spending 7 bucks on this book, you can avoid lining a scam artist's pocket with thousands of your dollars. Dr. Burns may be mushy at times, but I believe he is sincere in his mushiness...and putting up with it is a small price for learning a technique that can make your life better.
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am 25. Dezember 1999
It can be scary to belief that you yourself can actually do something about depression. We may like to think that we are awfully complex beings with no true answers to help us change the situation we find ourselves in. That the reasons for how bad we feel are deeply buried within ourselves (guess where that dysfunctional belief comes from?). That we have no conscious access to the source of depression. Or we may prefer to consider ourselves as a melting pot of chemicals hidden under our skull, making us biologically predestined to live our lifes according to whatever nature has given us. Why this resistence to an approach that has proven to be very effective in numerous scientific publications? Maybe we love to feel special, and maybe we fear we will not be once we become fully consciously aware of our thoughts. Maybe we fear the responsibility that we can actually do something about how we feel. Whatever the case may be, cognitive therapy is not about positive thinking. It is about replacing illusion with fact and what is so scary about living in truth? It might be more beautiful than you think.
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am 11. Juli 2000
I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for many years and have read just about every type of book imaginable. The only reason I'm writing this review is that I found this book to be the best overall work I have ever read in the realm of self-help psychology.
One of the greatest parts about the book is that Dr. Burns' model of cognitive behavioral therapy is very thorough, yet it is easy to understand and incorporate into one's daily living. He recommends cognitive behavioral therapy as the first line defense in dealing with mood disorders. However, the beauty of the book lies in the fact that Dr. Burns does not simply dismiss psychotropic medications. He clearly states that medications in addition to his therapeutic techniques are wholly appropriate for many people. In fact, it this updated edition he goes into detail about the different classes and types of drug options available on the market today. This approach is refreshing for someone who is benefitting from the use of medication and wanting to incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy into their recovery without having to read a book which outright dismisses the role of medication in treatment.
Also of special significance is his list of 10 'Cognitive Distortions'. Here, he lays out a plan for recognizing faulty thinking, how these thoughts affect our moods, and how to correct these distortions.
In summation, Dr. Burns' book is a practical encapsulation of the ideas and theories of some of the great pioneers in the field of mental health such as Drs. Abraham Low, Albert Ellis, and Aaron Beck.
If you made it this far to decide whether or not to buy this book, read some of the other reviews then put it in your cart.
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am 8. Februar 2014
Ich habe ja schon einiges zu dem Thema gelesen, aber nichts davon ist so fundiert und so klar sturkturiert, wie dieses Buch. Am besten finde ich die Test, in denen man genau feststellen kann, wo die eigenen Problembereiche liegen. Dann wir dauf jeden Problembereich detailliert eingegangen und genauestens beschrieben, wie man sein Verhalten ändert und aus dem Problem rauskommt. Ich habe noch kein besseres Buch zum dem Thema gesehen. Nicht nur für Depressionen, sondern für jeden, der sein Leben verbessern möchte. Einziges Manko: Auf dem Kindle sind die Grafiken und Tests (von denen es viele gibt) so klein, dass man fast nichts erkennen kann. Deshalb habe ich das Buch dann nochmal als Hardcopy gekauft.
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am 28. Mai 2000
This is considered to be the very best book for depression. It's a landmark book. Just about every medical journal that I have looked up in many libraries recommend this book. It's the IT book for psychiatric disorders. Unless you are completely "bonkers" like me, you won't need anything else except possibly a psychiatrist for temporary medication and couseling if you are severely depressed (take Burn's test). The chapter on procrastination is brillant. This is the best book on psychiatric illnesses that you will find. I did use one of Burn's other books. Don't buy it. At least not yet. Depression is like sitting on a "hot stove". You start a program. After one hour, you are still still sitting on a "hot stove", so you throw the program away. I need more intensive heavy-duty headwork. But my reasearch has gone back 20 years and I've must have spent hundreds of hours in libraries and bookstores. My "research team", lol or smiley face, would like me to go to a certified zoo where a group of us count our "cognitive distortions". Since I have a anxiety panic attack even when I cut my nails, I doubt you will need such intensive treatment. I wish I could only follow this book. So go by my research, and not by me. Buy this book. The 10 distortions have ruined a lot of people. And Burns will help you to overcome them. Also remember this. In this book, Burns states that the results will stay with you EVEN IF YOU QUIT THE PROGRAM! Outcome studies have shown this. You will also benefit the others around you. I used WordPad with "Three Minute Therapy" by Edelstein. But then I quit after two weeks and became a lama in Tibet. JOKE. Oh! I mispelled a word in my last review! I'm such a dope (labeling and magnification). I should never be such a dope (should statements). It's Amazon.coms fault (blame). No! It's all my fault. (personalization). I never do anything right! (all-or-nothing thinking and mental filter). This always happens (overgeneralization). And it's going to happen again (fortune-telling). Reviewers know that I'm stupid (mind-reading). See! I don't even have his book anymore. But I can apply his techniques when I'm having brief "glimpses" of sanity. Those are most of the 10 major cognitive distortions. If you are not stuck in your room growing a long beard, but beat yourself up regularly with these distortions, buy the book and really practice. Good luck
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am 12. September 1999
As a woman of 5 children, I needed help so desparetly that words can't evern describe. I had anxiety, depression, and was afraid to answer the phone or the door. I could not leave my house. I wanted so bad to do things for myself and for my kids, but had to depend on my dh for everything. Then one day I came across someone talking about this book on a message board, and I thought I'd give it a try. I did, and I can't tell you how greatful I am to Dr. Burns for writing this book. Not only did it do me good by feeling emotionally better, but it gave me the strength I needed to get help for myself. I no longer have depression or anxiety. I can go anywhere I want to now and enjoy my life the way I deserved to all along. And I could have never gotten to where I am now without the help of this great book. I am not going to lead you to believe that the book itself will change your life, but it WILL lead you in the right direction, and if you really want to feel better, it will help you do just that. Please do yourself a favor, and the people in your life as well, and pick up a copy today. You wont be sorry!
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am 20. Dezember 1999
Dr. Burns' book, "Feeling Good", will help you do just that. If you have depression, you will see your image clearly in this text.I have found myself wondering if Dr. Burns wrote this book with me in mind. I will read a section and then think to myself, "Sounds good, but that can't possibly work for me because...", only to find the first line of the next section saying, "You are probably thinking that although this sounds good, it can't work for you because..."!I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to rise above depression.The text is easy to understand and full of examples. There are practicle practice exercises and notes of encourangement along the way. Best of all, reading this book has helped me to realize that they way I think can make a difference in the way I feel.I hope this has helped you make a decision about Dr. Burn's book. A psychologist recommended that I read this book, saying that it is highly regarded. I agree!
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am 4. Februar 2000
I found this book to be a wonderful addition to antidepressants and psychotherapy. After about a year of being on antidepressants and dealing with some deep lifelong issues, my therapist recommended this book to me. It is _not_ a substitute for professional help for people who are suffering from a clinical depression. I wouldn't have been able to make use of it totally on my own without the help of therapy and medication to deal with the bleakest parts of my depression.
But once I was on the road to being emotionally healthier, this book was an additional guide, and I would count it among the most influential books I have ever read. I can say that it changed my life, my outlook on life, and my ability to enjoy life.
I recommend this book highly for anyone who is at a point where they are ready (and able) to seriously look at their own thought processes and how they contribute to their moods and attitudes.
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am 10. Dezember 1999
I'm not a person who's used to giving 5* reviews for books; it happens too frequently to give accurate pespective.
However, this is an excellent book. I've had moderate depression for ten years. This book gives the effefcts of depression and practical, long-term ways to deal with it. It gives you an inside perspective of how depression affects the way you look at the world.
The thesis of this book is that by changing the way you interpret events, you can change your mood.
If you give this book two weeks and stick to it for six months, you will experience a significant improvement in your level of happiness.
The writing is very well done and explanatory. You will develop automatic techniques that change and improve your attitude. I highly reccommend this bookm and its siblings by Dr. Burns.
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