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Publishing Chasse-Maritime Heritage advocates for over 30 years ....
Founded in 1981 to save, promote and communicate our maritime culture, the review of Chasse-is always faithful to his mission for 32 years.
The history of Chasse-since its inception in 1981, is a key player in the reconquest of the heritage and the French and foreign maritime and river culture through thousands of articles, hundreds of books, dozens of competitions, and many parties and gatherings.
It is the passion of a team of men and women who led the creation of a small publishing company to say the marine life of the seven seas. Enthusiasts it addresses are Marine coastal and inland waters, Marine trade, fishing, military and recreational boaters, Builders and architects, professional or amateur, the love of the coast and the environment. Over the years since the iconic shelter marine Douarnenez in Brittany, the SMEs involved in the promotion of a cultural movement.
Around the journal and its editorial, other projects have emerged, such as Boats Contest Côtes de France which saw restore or build more than 50 traditional boats from each port of France, the publication of five volumes of Ar Vag encyclopedia workboats Breton initiated by Bernard Cadoret, founder of Chasse-or maritime festivals Douarnenez and Brest (starting from Douarnenez 88 Brest 92 ...). The common point of all these projects is to contribute to the preservation of the memory of seafarers, their traditions, their tools, their skills ...
The journal paper is from the original format 22 x 27.5 cm. Under a thick blanket coated and painted the interior now consists of 88 pages in color and bound in perfect binding. A beautiful collection of magazine available by subscription or at home Presse. It is now available in digital format.
The content of the magazine focuses on several appointments that you will find in each issue:
The Editorial, usually written by the Editor-in-Chief Gwendal Jaffry. News with headings Books, Associations and Sounds passageways are devoted to news of the maritime world. On your shelves identifies maritime cultural events or ongoing in France, Europe and worldwide. Mail, Questions and Answers allow readers to interact with each other and with writing.
Then comes the body of the magazine: five to six long items shown interspersed with a graphic narrative and literary extracts. The graphic narrative can put more value in the illustration with a former or contemporary reportage. The literary excerpt shows the passage from a book that we particularly liked that, for the occasion, is shown exclusive original works of an artist.
The last part of the review is devoted to the more technical issues. The plan model has a traditional boat with three views of the plan as well as the sail plan, perspective views and details, and a blurb. The workshop section has two to six pages a technical know-how, or a field of knowledge required for the construction or traditional or modern naval architecture. Starts is devoted to news of construction: boat launch, put on hold, a new model site ... then the ads allow you to dream of your future boat or buy a boat owner puts his tradition for sale. Finally come the ads shipyards.
If you've never had in my hands a number of Chasse-Discover the digital edition for you to get a more precise idea of the human and maritime adventure.
If you already receive the paper Le Chasse-review, take this portable edition!
Good reading and good winds.
With best greetings sea.

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