A Tale of Survival
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A Tale of Survival

von Dynamic zero
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Neueste Aktualisierungen

Was ist neu in Version 1.1.78
  • Fixed glitch with chest constantly re-selection items on hover
  • Player damage is now rounded for damage text
  • Fixed a small memory leak when loading a previous save whilst in game
  • Fixed bug with chest items not being saved until the chest gui was closed
  • Removed place item from Wheat item
  • Monsters will now randomly spawn at night, known as 'phantoms' they are extremely dangerous and will try to destroy your base defences, beware!
  • Growing resources are no longer solid to prevent the player sometimes getting stuck when placing them
  • Fixed some bugs with ghost animation not displaying correctly
  • Fixed bug with fence gate displaying an incorrect sprite when loading a game
  • Fixed bug with fences closing when saving and loading a game
  • Added extra backwards compatibility to save files
  • Added new range check to prevent pre-emptive playing of combat music
  • Fixed bug with music engine sometimes playing multiple tracks at once when exiting and entering a game quickly
  • Fixed but with leather hide not displaying drop option in item description
  • Added new water collision checking to fishing floats to stop them sometimes appearing on land
  • Enemies will now sometimes continue to chase the player even if they are off-screen
  • Added differentiation in map detail types so that some are now solid where others are not
  • The raft will now simulate water movement when the player is standing on it as-well as travelling at slow speeds
  • Added sound when digging up plants and other detail items
  • Fixed bug with sleeping not restoring health and energy correctly
  • Player can no longer sleep during the day
  • Expanding sleeping with several new error messages, a cool down between sleeps and
  • Fixed a bug when building an object and cooking items that would check the mouse position after the cool down bar had faded instead of the actual position of the original click


  • Erscheinungsdatum: 1. Juli 2014
  • Bewertung: Aufsicht empfohlen Diese Anwendung kann dynamische Inhalte enthalten. Was ist das?
  • Amazon Bestseller-Rang: #2.034 Bezahlt in Apps für Android (Siehe Top 100 Bezahlt in Apps für Android)


  • Dungeons to discover and explore
  • Lots of enemy variety!
  • Permanent death
  • Fight deadly monsters
  • Manage your hunger and and warmth to stay alive
  • Unique soundtrack
  • Fishing, mining and lots more..


A Tale of Survival (ATOS) is open world survival based RPG. The game features a completely randomly generated open world to explore, crafting, survival based game play and resource gathering. Stranded and alone you must harvest the materials from the land around you to survive!

Features -

* Randomly generated, unique open world to explore
* Craft weapons, clothing and tools
* Dungeons to discover and explore
* Lots of enemy variety!
* Permanent death
* Fight deadly monsters
* Manage your hunger and warmth to stay alive
* Original soundtrack - Credits to our composer - http://allhandsburythedead.co.uk/
* Fishing, mining and lots more..

A Tale of Survival is constantly being updated with new features, optimisations and game-play elements. Do you have an idea for the game? Send it to us using the email bellow!


Latest version - 1.1.74 -


Added new power save option to game settings
The ladder can now be used on cave entrances to journey down into dangerous caves
The well now has it own animation, use a bucket and rope on it to build and use it!
Removed smoothing around player sprite and equipment for a much sharper image
Fixed a small memory leak when exiting the game menu and entering the game
Fixed bug when changing gore settings which would sometimes change the game resolution
Fixed bug with paper-dolling depth sorting not working correctly after latest patch
Fixed bug with some items not appearing on the character when equipped
Fixed bug when destroying a chest that the gui element would stay visible
Energy potion now requires a banana instead of bandage to craft
Fixed lighting glitch when pausing the game
Fixed bug when pausing the game that would sometimes cause equipment to now be drawn
Fixed bug with clicking some map items that would activate the joystick
Increased sensitivity of the joystick
Fixed tile transition between dark and light grass
Fixed the difference in colour between deep and dark water on some devices
Fixed bug when loading and saving the game which would sometimes change the players attack damage and armour values
Fixed bug when clicking some resources that would activate the joystick
Fixed flicker caused by reloading surfaces after pausing the game
Fixed bug with water depth not being drawn to paper dolled items after last patch
Fixed bug with play button sometimes disappearing after creating a new character and exiting back to the menu
Fixed bug with eye sprites not displaying correctly
Added multiple button states to interact buttons to stop accidental key presses
The joystick will no longer activate when clicking interaction buttons
Re-added damage bounce from lava and camp-fires
Fixed bug with zoom buttons still being visible on death
Picking up detail objects will no longer cause the joystick to activate
Increased length of night time by 30%
Fixed bug with cooked pork requiring furnace to craft
Added new fall back for character creation surfaces when focus is lost on some devices

Read the full patch notes here -- http://www.dynamiczero.com/tale-survival-version-1-74-patch-notes/


- version - 1.1.73 -

--- http://www.dynamiczero.com/atos-patch-notes-15/

- version - 1.1.70 -

--- http://www.dynamiczero.com/atos-patch-notes-14/

- version - 1.1.67 -

--- http://www.dynamiczero.com/atos-patch-notes-13/

- version - 1.1.60 -

--- http://www.dynamiczero.com/atos-patch-notes-12/

- version - 1.1.55 -

--- http://www.dynamiczero.com/atos-patch-notes-11/

- version - 1.1.51 -

--- http://www.dynamiczero.com/atos-patch-notes-10/


Find all the patch notes on our official website - http://www.dynamiczero.com/


Technische Details

  • Größe: 25,1MB
  • Version: 1.1.78
  • Entwickelt von: Dynamic zero
  • Anwendungsberechtigungen: (Helfen Sie mir zu verstehen, was Berechtigungen bedeuten)
    • Netzwerk-Sockets öffnen
    • Auf Informationen über Netzwerke zugreifen
  • Mindestanforderungen an das Betriebssystem: Android 2.1
  • Geschätzte Downloadzeit: Weniger als 4 Minuten


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