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am 5. September 2008
Even though King Albekizan is dead, no one can forget his attempted genocide of the human race. Shandrazel accepts the duty of king, but fully intends to be the king who ends the era of kings. Shandrazel wishes to make dragons and humans equal by creating a new form of government in which all will get a voice. All begin to gather for Shandrazel's talks, but not all want to see the end of dragons ruling over everyone and everything. One of the biggest to oppose Shandrazel's dream is the Matriarch, who is solely responsible for which dragons may mate and which may not. She and her Valkyrie warriors defend the Nest where the eggs are kept. Refusing to attend herself, the matriarch sends Zorasta, commander of the Valkyrie legion, and her contingent. One of Zorasta's guards, Nadala, secretly hopes the talks will succeed so she may have a future with Graxen the Gray (one of Shandrazel's helpers).

Many humans still seek vengeance against all dragons. When Ragnar, a so called prophet, seeks to lead a war to destroy all dragons in the world, he gets many followers.

Bitterwood no longer hunts dragons. With hope that his son, Adam, may still be alive, Bitterwood searches with a couple of his new companions. But even if Adam is still alive, will Adam be all Bitterwood hopes for or a total disappointment?

Jandra and Hexilizan "Hex", Shandrazel's eldest brother, have become fast friends. They are part of the effort to locate Blasphet and his evil human devotees, the Sisters of the Serpent. Blasphet has his own agenda, though slightly changed from before.

***** Some characters are gone, but new characters appear. Readers learn more about the time before dragons, when humans ruled the world. The prophet and the goddess each have their own followers and the possibility for chaos is high. Tensions mount, characters become more developed, and a few secrets are revealed. Bitterwood and Jandra are at the heart of it all. They have gotten some interesting companions with special talents that just may be what the human race needs to survive the upcoming conflict. Once again, I practically inhaled the story and eagerly await the next. *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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