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Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System: The Divine Way to Heal You, Humanity, Mother Earth, and All Universes (Englisch) Gebundene Ausgabe – 20. Oktober 2009

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Master Zhi Gang Sha is a soul leader, an extraordinary healer, and a divine servant. He was trained as a conventional medical doctor and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. The founder of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment and of the World Soul Healing, Peace and Enlightenment Movement, he is a grandmaster of many ancient disciplines, including tai chi, qi gong, feng shui and the I Ching. Master Sha is also an expert in the most advanced cellular healing science now occurring in China. In the West, he is involved in breakthrough research on the effects of spirit on the human system. Master Sha was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth World Congress in Qigong. In 2006, he was granted the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for his humanitarian efforts. His Soul Power Series reveals soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices to transform every aspect of life. Visit www.DrSha.com.

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What Is the Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System?

In the introduction, I reviewed and emphasized some key teachings of Soul Mind Body Medicine. These teachings and practical techniques have served hundreds of thousands of people's healing journeys. They will continue to serve humanity more. In this book, I will move from Soul Mind Body Medicine to the Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System.

Concepts and Wisdom of Soul, Mind, and Body for Everyone and Everything

In ancient times, there was a renowned spiritual statement:

Wan wu jie you ling

"Wan" means ten thousand. In Chinese, "ten thousand" represents all or every. "Wu" means thing. "Jie" means all. "You" means has. "Ling" means soul.

Therefore, Wan wu jie you ling means everything has a soul.

Living things have a soul. For example, human beings, animals, insects, bacteria, viruses, trees, and flowers have souls. Wan wu jie you ling emphasizes that inanimate things also have souls. For example, a mountain, a river, a table, a chair, a house, a street, the name of a business, a star, a space, a relationship, and this book, all have souls.

When you highly develop your spiritual channels, including your Third Eye to see spiritual images and your direct soul communication abilities to have conversations with other souls, you will be able to see a soul clearly in every being and object. You will be able to communicate with any soul. For example, when you stand in front of a mountain, simply say, "Dear soul of the mountain, please come." Instantly, the soul of the mountain will appear in front of you. You can have a conversation with the soul of the mountain, just as you have conversations with your loved ones and friends.

Everyone and everything in the universe is made of matter. It is very easy to understand that tangible physical things are made of matter. The important secret and teaching I want to share is that even energy, light, and souls are made of matter. Energy is made of tiny matter. Light and souls are made of even tinier matter.

All matter is in motion. Matter resonates and vibrates constantly. When matter resonates and vibrates, it radiates energy out. Energy is life force. In ancient times, energy was named chi or qi. Five thousand years of traditional Chinese medicine theory and practice have been based on the concept of chi.

Qi gong was created about four thousand three hundred years ago by Peng Zu (pronounced pung zoo), the teacher of Lao Zi. Peng Zu created Zhi qi zhi dao. "Zhi" means manage or balance. "Qi" means vital energy or life force. The second "zhi" is a possessive particle; it functions like an apostrophe. "Dao" is the Way. Zhi qi zhi dao means the Way to balance qi.

Peng Zu created this profound teaching with an entire system of practice, including singing songs and chanting mantras, meditations, visualizations, and movement. Peng Zu's system teaches practices in various positions -- lying down, sitting, standing, and walking, practices for the various systems and organs of the body, practices for specific times of day, and more. It is a powerful healing, rejuvenation, transformation, and enlightenment system. With it, Peng Zu lived to the age of eight hundred eighty. He is revered in China as the Long Life Star.

Today, qi gong has spread from China and is widely popular in the world. Millions of people study qi gong to balance their energy for healing, as well as to boost their energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity. Qi gong is a great practice for rejuvenation and prolonging life.

To return to matter and energy: In a living thing, matter resides inside the cells. Cells resonate and vibrate constantly. Cells contract and expand constantly. When cells contract, matter inside the cells transforms to energy and radiates out of the cells. When cells expand, energy outside the cells transforms to matter and returns to the cells. When this transformation between matter and energy is in relative balance, health and vitality result.

The important wisdom and secret to know is that all matter carries a soul and all energy also carries a soul. Let me explain further by presenting the key theory that links matter, energy, and soul.

Message Energy Matter Theory -- The Key Spiritual Guidance and Principle for the Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System

The term soul (ling in Chinese) has been used more in China and other Asian countries. Spirit has been used more in Western countries. Message is used more in the scientific field. Soul, spirit, and message are the same thing but with different names.

Everything is made of matter. Matter includes atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, leptons, and more. Matter radiates energy. Matter and energy never disappear. They transform from one to the other.

Matter and energy are the carriers of message. Message is soul or spirit. Soul is the boss. Soul directs the transformation between matter and energy. This explains the one-sentence secret of soul healing, which is:

Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.

Soul has many layers. For example, a human being has a soul of the body (a "body soul"), which is our spirit or essence. Each human being also has a soul for each system, a soul for each organ, a soul for each cell, a soul for each cell unit, a soul for each cell DNA and RNA, a soul for each smallest particle of matter inside the cells, and a soul for each space between the cells. In fact, a human being has billions, trillions of souls, and more.

For example, scientific study has shown that the brain has billions of cells. This tells us that a brain itself has billions of souls. Each cell has many cell units, DNA, RNA, and smallest matter. Each of these also has a soul. So there will be many billions and trillions more souls of cell units, DNA, RNA, and smallest matter. Every organ has billions and billions of souls. The whole body has too many souls to count. People understand from anatomy that a human being has many systems, organs, and cells. Many people are not aware that every system, organ, and cell has a soul. I'm honored to reveal an important soul secret and wisdom that:

A human being has a complete soul system.

How is this complete soul system organized? I will now formally release some important soul secrets:

- The body soul is the boss of the system souls, organ souls, cell souls, cell unit souls, DNA and RNA souls, smallest matter souls, and space souls. (I revealed this soul secret in The Power of Soul.)

- The soul of the cardiovascular system is the boss of all other system souls.

- The soul of the heart is the boss of all other organ souls.

- The souls of the heart cells, heart cell units, heart DNA and RNA, smallest matter in the heart, and spaces in the heart are the bosses of all other cell souls, cell unit souls, DNA and RNA souls, smallest matter souls, and space souls, respectively.

This is important wisdom. It tells us that the body soul, the soul of the cardiovascular system, the soul of the heart, and the souls of the cells, cell units, DNA and RNA, smallest matter, and spaces in the heart are the vital souls to heal the body, systems, organs, cells, cell units, DNA and RNA, smallest matter, and spaces.


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Intoxicated on the "Power" 30. Oktober 2009
Von Anonymous - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
It is with mixed feelings that I write this- The world DOES need a soul movement - and Dr. Sha's teachings are based on some basic truths and provide empowering tools that can provide benefit...

But, I'm just not sure it needs the ultra-organized commercialized dogma of the Dr.Sha "Mission":

First of all, similar to his previous books, don't be duped by the "best seller" status or 5 star ratings: members of the Mission contribute thousands of dollars in lieu of `blessings' from Master Sha as a part of a `book campaign' to falsely and unethically stage the book's popularity (read the Wikipedia article on Zhi Gang Sha)

It's not really that they want to sell lots of books - they want to attract more members to the Mission- i.e. to join the Sunday Blessings and the Retreats....which is where the real money is made. It's not that unlike this story: google "Did dirty tricks create a best-seller"

Sure, the members deeply believe that they are promoting truth (indeed, other religions have done much worse in the name of God)...but personally, I don't find these methods to be all that `saintly'(it might even be karmic)... if there are real truths in the book and the Mission it would sell itself on its own merit like most best sellers do.

And what `services' does Master Sha offer at his blessings and retreats? Well, Master Sha believes that he is a "Channel" of the Divine, and he (and only he) has been given special powers. So he (and only he) can offer you- via the "Dr Sha dot com" channel (check it out for yourself):
- Divine Protection against every imaginable hazard
- clear your Karma for 1000. just like that - no followup or practice...even Dr, Sha calls it a "short cut"
- Transplants for diseased organs
- Body Soul Transplant for 5000 (not explicitly listed in the web site, but it is a prerequisite, among others, to be come a Master Teacher Healer)
- Etc.
(actually, you can usually get the blessings for less because there is always a last minute special to appeal to the "shoppers")

What is a Body Soul Transplant? You current soul leaves you and a new soul (a saint) chooses you. It's sad that some people are so down they feel they need a brand new soul....and I guess all the poor folks have little chance at becoming a saint...how exclusive.

By the way, for the higher services, you aren't told the cost of these until you apply first, in which Dr. Sha receives Divine guidance in whether he should accept you. Imagine trying to say no after the Divine supposedly accepted you (but of course, these are "priceless treasures").

But that's just the tip of the iceberg...the later chapters of his books speak of the higher Soul Transformations etc. The "highest" downloads for the `chosen' ones are offered only at the "invitation only" retreats (i.e. for those who have `passed' the previous courses)...

Dr Sha's Sunday blessings are as follows:
He offers a free blessing (download). Then his top assistants (the "professionals" on "dr sha dot com" who have gone through the full Soul transformation and have received all the highest downloads so that their souls reside in their highest chakra and they can see with their third eye- paid for either with $ or Universal Service(tm) to the Mission) describe what they saw. Then all the people who have registered get their downloads. That's it.

Yes, the downloads might feel empowering, but inevitably you are left wanting more...if the top assistants can really see with their third eye, wouldn't you want that too? Well you can get there by getting the downloads, becoming indoctrinated through the courses and practice practice practice (the practice e.g. chanting, empowering statements etc can make you feel good) - till you believe it (or some would say become deluded?)

So inevitably, most are drawn to take the courses and to become a Universal Servant (requires you to volunteer time to the non-profit Institute that does all the `work' - whereas payments go to Dr Zhi Gang Sha LLC.). The courses all link together and coax you higher and higher, with the light at the end of the tunnel that eventually you might be able to charge for your services, like the "Professionals" on the web site - it's the classic pyramid marketing scheme.

But here is the hard part for me: people DO feel better... faith in the empowerments can help heal. But any one will feel better if they spend time getting out of their thinking brain and doing some chanting, setting good intentions, and having faith that they are empowered to make choices to make their lives better. And the collective energy at (any) group retreats is very powerful and healing. Why not rejoice in that - it might be the piece some people really need...

But when that collective energy at the retreat is highest, and people are feeling their best, that is when Dr. Sha `suggests' that his downloads can make you even better....which is made so easily done by sticking your personal barcode on a form (& voila, your credit card is charged). It's so effective that retreat registrants have to sign a legal disclaimer saying that all though the downloads are `priceless', they must spend `within their means". From my experience, few of the faithful do, unless you call credit card bills and liquidation of savings as `within your means". (many retreat attendees spend 10's of thousands)

Seems like Dr. Sha is selling water to people standing in a river, and in the process they give all their power over to him, the power that he is intoxicated on. It's a shame that our consumerist society thinks we have to `buy' everything. Its part of the reason we need a true soul movement.

Members of the Mission have made a huge leap of faith to jump on these tracks. But the light at the end of the tunnel might just be an oncoming train. After investing so much, it might take an even bigger leap of faith to get off...
8 von 9 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System 11. Dezember 2009
Von Delcie Mokulehua - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Audio CD Verifizierter Kauf
This is an excellent (self-help) workbook for anyone that wants to improve their quality of life, health conditions and finances. The combination of the audio book and the hard cover book becomes a most powerful healing tool. The audio book read by Master Sha allows me to sink deeper into the practice and the 46 Divine treasures transmitted to the readers/listeners. I love the short subjects which contains simple teachings (one sentence secrets), examples and practices you can experience 15-30 minutes at a time. Master Sha teaches simple mandarin words, Chinese culture and self-healing. I can feel the healing vibrations radiating from the picture of Master Sha on the back cover of the book. I have used these teachings to Bless my family, friends and relatives; improve finances and relationships; and my working conditions.
The "Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System" has improved my quality of health and outlook of life. Some common self-help conditions: Heals Menopause; Heals Cancer; Heals Heart; Improve Finances; Removes Fear; Removes Ego and Negative Mindsets; etc. These are only some of the chapters. I am sure you will enjoy the combination package of the hardcover book and the audio book as I do.
10 von 12 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
You do the work and the results follow 12. November 2009
Von Christopher Keehn - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe Verifizierter Kauf
This is a very practical book using simple practices on healing using soul wisdom revealed by the Divine through Master Sha. This is a teaching on soul healing, not religion. It works no matter what your religious orientation may be. The soul downloads alone, offered inside, are priceless treasures. These practices are the cutting edge for those who want to accelerate their spiritual journey and make rapid progress. These practices really work. The heart of the system lies in the truth that one must not only enlighten the soul but must also enlighten the mind and body to achieve true healing. All the way Master Sha lovingly guides the reader along to understanding the essence of the teachings and its practical application to remove what ails you. Reading the book is healing in itself, almost as if Maser Sha is there with you as you read. Suspend what you think you know and give this book a try before you make a judgement on this one. Master Sha is a true living Master and we are all blessed by his presence and this book. Thank You.
4 von 4 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Heal yourself with Master Sha's wisdom 11. Dezember 2009
Von Primrose A. Wylde - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe Verifizierter Kauf
The book "Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System" by Dr Zhi Gang Sha ( Master Sha) has changed my life. There are literally hundreds of healing treasures within these pages. The index is very convenient, but I would suggest reading the book from cover to cover. So far, I have been able to heal my digestive system, my kidneys and am working on purifying my soul. This is an exceptionally simple, yet inspiring book. We CAN HEAL ourselves. Thank you Master Sha so very much. And thank you Divine. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I can never be grateful enough.
4 von 4 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
A completely new and refreshing view of how our body works 18. März 2010
Von G. MOR - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Audio CD Verifizierter Kauf
This Audiobook is so wonderful! not only it is a healing experience and a whole workshop given by Master Sha himself - It also reveals an interesting view of how the body functions on the soul level.
How the relationships between all parts of the body work? Which parts or organs of the body govern other parts and organs? how to use this understanding of 'how things work ' for your own healing.
If you can absorb and use this knowledge - the benefit you will get is beyond words!
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