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am 24. Juli 2014
Scott Kelby with his latest installment ‘Photo Recipes’ in long lasting ‘The Digital Photography Book’ series again manages to deliver excellent piece which will be useful for inexperienced photographers, but also for those who have a lot of pictures in their portfolio.

For long time I’m a big fan of Scott Kelby works, many of which I have reviewed on Amazon such as ‘Photoshop for Lightroom Users’ and ‘The Photoshop Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers’ which are both part of ‘Voices That Matter’ series.

Still, in my opinion his best work is thick and even more helpful masterpiece ‘The Digital Photography Book’ which is not only one of the top-selling and most known photography books of all time, but also a book that with its wealth of information and accessibility is unsurpassed.

In this fifth installment Kelby in nine chapters on almost 250 pages in detail discusses what have been so far the most popular parts of his four ‘Digital Photography’ books – photo recipes – devoting whole book to them.

As already mentioned book is divided in following chapters:
- Shooting natural light portraits - recipes for making people look their best
- Using just one light - recipes for great results while still keeping things really simple
- Using two or more lights – two and three light recipes that are still pretty easy
- Hot-shoe flash like a pro – quick lighting recipes for using flash
- Shooting weddings - recipes for making bride look awesome (because nobody cares about the groom)
- Shooting travel – recipes that make them want to visit that place right now
- Shooting landscapes and nature – recipes for making the great outdoors look great
- Shooting other stuff
- Using post – step by step recipes to get the look using Lightroom and Photoshop

As already from this summary can be seen, the author retains his famous humor, but in same time excellently covered all topics that are interesting for hobby photographer and those who want to specialize in particular type of photography.

Book is full of great tips and examples so even if you do not buy it I recommend to at least browse through it in the bookstore because in 5 minutes certainly you’ll be able to learn some handy trick or two to make your pictures look more professional.

So in conclusion I can say that with ‘Photo Recipes’ book Kelby managed to prove what makes a good photographer is not only good equipment but also the usage of numerous small tricks and recipes that will make your image look of higher quality, and your style distinctive. Higher recommendation I cannot write, so if you jhave camera and love photography you'll love this great book.

‘B Is for Box’ made by David A. Carter is book of simple text and illustrations, but her magical attraction comes as a result of interaction offered to the young reader because of which neither to this work you will not be able to resist.

Starting from its cover that introduces Happy Little Yellow Box children will be invited to the exciting journey through alphabet, providing many possibilities for children interaction in form of pop-ups, flaps and pull-tabs which can be found on its pages.

The illustrations are made in very basic style while the text is short (e.g. “R is for a roaring rocket ship” or “F is for festive flowers”) which allows going through the book with your child in a relatively short period of time, for example during the time of afternoon play.

But where Carter’s book really shines is the approach author used which invites kids to action and thereby motivate for repeated going through the book, while inevitably children enable learning letters in process.

Therefore, this innovative and cute book made in heavy paper can be fully recommended for entertainment for kids between 2 and 4 years, in same time providing them an opportunity to learn a lot in process.
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am 25. September 2014
As always - great information. Extremely well written. Very useful tips. mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
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