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am 3. November 1997
I can't believe no one has submitted a review of this book! Well, Dr. A's at it again, and about time. We've all been trying to keep the fat down, eat lots of those great carbohydrates, follow the new food pyramid. And since his original Diet Revolution, obesity in the US has risen from around 25 % to well over 30 %, or so I read.
Personally, I've tried all the AMA-correct diets, including Weight Watchers, balanced calorie-counted diet, and the McDougall/Pritikin very low fat essentially vegetarian diets. And I weigh 30 pounds more than I did before. (Light bulb!) I have had every symptom of hypoglycemia for decades. Maybe Dr. A is just right, after all. Or at least on the right track.

I just read this book, and a lot of what he says makes a great deal of sense. His analysis of the claims of the medical establishment re the low-carb diet, and the research on which they are based, is straightforwardly presented, with references cited. Some of this was a big eye-opener for me, since I've read all the Pritikin/McDougall claims about the bad effects of protein and fat. If, as Dr. A states, most cultures studied for dietary evaluation purposes show an approximate 90% correspondence between sugar and fat intake, then any analysis that claims bad effects based on fat intake levels alone must be inadequately founded, unless they have gone further in their research to separate effects of fat intake from those of sugar intake.

Bottom line, we may (once again) be facing lies from the medical establishment. (What a surprise... hard to believe this establishment considers itself "scientific".) It appears possible that some or much of the deterioration in our health over this century may be more closely related to increase in intake in sugars and refined starches, rather than in increase in fat intake.

Worth a read for anyone interested in improving their health, or just wondering why we keep getting fatter even though we're eating less fat.
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am 22. Februar 2000
Briefly (for me) I had been on a low-fat, count-your-calories, get-more-exercise diet plan; the standard stuff your Mother and the majority of dieat plans tell you. I ate stuff I hated (including more pasta than I needed or wanted, but it was a *low-calorie* frozen dinner, so it was okay). I actually like carrot sticks, but they did get old after awhile; I couldn't eat my beloved sunflower seeds -- too full of the demon fat! I balanced my calories better than I did my checkbook.
I gained 11 pounds on this diet.
But, the organization who sponsored the diet did me a good turn--they blasted Dr. Atkins repeatedly in their newsletters for his crazed, dangerous, low-carb diet that dared to defy the Holy Food Pyramid. I was so mad about that extra 11 pounds, I bought Atkins' book. And I was very impressed with the fact that he explained the diet so scientifically; i.e. what happens to food in your system and how his idea of making fats and protein the staple of your diet really works. I was treated, by his book, like someone with a brain instead of a dumb fatty who was just too lazy to exercise enough.
I've been on this diet for a week and lost 6 pounds, and never felt better in my life.
My old diet advisors were wailing to lose my business, and my mother is sure I'll blow up like a balloon since I can still use salt (thank goodness for salt!) Believe me, it hurts when I watch my sugaraholic husband eat sweet rolls and See's candy. And it's nice that I can have unlimited butter, but I'm still looking for creative things to put it on since I can't have toast. But overall I'd say--get this book, it may change your life.
It changed mine. I can eat sunflower seeds again!
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am 12. Juni 1999
I once read someones review about this diet stating: "To the critics.... No one said anything when I gorged myself on cookies, ice cream and donuts... would death be worse if I try Dr.Atkin's Diet for 2weeks?" The first day on the diet... I had not read the book... I went out to dinner. Had a baked chicken with bacon and cheese. The restaurant had peanuts to munch on before dinner.I overloaded on those... Weighed the next morning. Skeptical. LOST 3 POUNDS! I have since been reading the book.First 4 days were pretty painful. Bad headache, weak, dizzy and almost listless. By day 5 I was doing good. Went to the lake and had agreat time with my 4 kids.(Ages 3,4,6&9). Cutting out flour(starches), caffeine and sugar. Painful but worth it.Symptoms of withdrawl have disappeared. I have lost 10 pounds in a week. It has been so long since i had even any semblance of "diet success/hope". I am encouraged. Even when cheating opportunities have arisen, I have been able to overcome. I just tell myself: Remember how fat feels and wouldn't it be better to read the scale in the morning. NOTHING tastes as good as success." If you are discouraged- hang in there. I know it's early yet for me.I have 23 lbs to go. If anyone reads this that may have similar stats to those of mine... e-mail me. I'd love to have a diet
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am 31. Januar 1999
My wife and I started the diet in April '98. It has been a very easy, enjoyable diet. Our cholestrol dropped like a rock: mine 276 to 206, my wife 244 to 200 in just 2 months. We have found it really neat that we eat like royalty and loose weight at the same time. T-bones, ribeye, fajitas, shrimp, crab legs, etc. We never knew it could be so enjoyable, delicious and easy to diet. One part of the diet is to use a sugar substitute, well today we received over the internet a message from a friend up north (we're in Texas). It was an article concerning Aspartame. The article is written by Nancy Markle dated 1-14-1999. I write this because we want all the information we can get on this subject. The WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE and the MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS FOUNDATION F.D.A. ISSUING FOR COLLUSION WITH MONSANTO. At the conference there was quite a bit of information about how aspertame reacts to high temperature. When it reachs 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in ASPERTAME coverts to formaldehyde and then formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis. This was just the tip of the iceberg.That was just the beginning, this serious business friends. There is so much more to this article. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! If anyone has any more information please let us know. You need to read this article e-mail the Womens Cancer Resource Center at
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am 1. September 1998
This book gives one a new focus on food. "Diet" has always meant starving oneself, but this book shows that low-carbohydrate eating is a revolutionary way of life. You won't think you're "on a diet" because you never get hungry and you eat so much good tasting food that you can't believe it works...but it does! I lost 43 lbs. in less than 3 months! I found it interesting that my once (severe acne-prone) skin has completely cleared up since eating all low-carb foods. More studies should be done to research this end of its potential (on Acne)for those of us who have suffered for decades with this problem. You will lose inches in places you never thought possible even before you may see the results in losing pounds. This book makes sence. You will understand how it works by Dr. A's simple to understand explanations. Almost any question you may have about this new "revolution" is already answered in the book. I was a sceptic when I heard people raving about this "new low-carb diet" idea. I even critisized it harshly before I read the book. But when I read it and tried it...I couldn't believe how it worked! You focus on all the things you "can" eat instead of what you "can't" as with any typical low-calorie diet. It gives one a truly positive outlook on food!
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am 4. Mai 2000
You will see from the comments following mine that most people succeed on this diet. You have probably heard bad things about this diet, from people who either never did the diet, people who tried it for a week and gave up, or from "doctors" and "nutritionists".
One person commented on this diet (you can read her review here): "We have only been on the diet for 4 days but we have never felt worse." Well, you didn't read the book, or do enough research. You will feel weak when you withdraw from carbohydrates, just as you will feel bad the morning after you eat a lot of candy, or drink a lot of alcohol. It is not because your body needs carbs. It is because of the withdrawel process. Once you eat lo-carb, you will find that anytime you eat carbs, you will feel weak, because it is the carbs that make you feel weak.
You only will have problems if you do not follow his advice; you must take the supplements, you must eat more fiber, and you must drink lots of water. The Atkins Starter kit contains most of the vitamins you need, plus it includes a booklet that explains the whole diet (you don't need to actually buy the book). Plus look for the lo-carb FAQ's on the internet, and read the lo-carb support group on USENET, and you will have great success!
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am 14. April 1999
I've been on this diet (if you can call it that) for 4 weeks and I've lost 18 pounds. When I started this diet on March 15 I weighed 194 llbs (I'm 5'7"). Many people at my office have been on this since Jan. and I've seen the results first hand, so I thought I'd try it. I read the whole book, went to the grocery store, and started the very next day. Immediately, I felt better, had more energy, slept better and my hypo-thyroid problem has since disappeared. I still can't believe the food you can eat! I chose not to give up caffeine, rather, I drink only diet pop. I still lost all of this weight! The scale is now my best friend. Just a word of advice: there are many people out there that bad-mouth this diet. It seems that everyone has a horror story to tell! IGNORE IT. But after digging a bit deeper, it seems the person didn't follow the exact diet, or forgot to take vitamins, or drink plenty of water. THIS DIET WORKS! I can't wait to show off my new body to the biggest critic of this diet - my father in law!
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am 16. Dezember 1999
I am a self professed expert regarding Dr. Robert Atkins. With this in mind, I would like to express my concerns regarding "the masses" skimming through this book to get to the "how to" part. Dr. Atkins' states clearly in the book that certain tests (blood chemistries, glucose tolerence, blood pressure and other monitoring tests) should be taken prior to entering into the Induction Phase of the diet. After atleast two weeks, the above tests should be taken again. Additionally, if medication is being taken, (i.e- high blood pressure or any blood sugar altering meds) the Atkins' Diet has a profound effect and therefor only a physician can regulate your medication. The diet will give most people positive results, but it is not for everyone. Seek out a physician whose eyes aren't closed to the truth about the eating pyramid. Daily dosages of vita-nutrients are required and make all the difference in the world.
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am 25. August 1999
I have been on the diet revolution plan now for 18 days. Frankly I am no longer interested in eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, and bad breath. I have lost weight slowly (as is problably best) to avoid other health problems. There must be a conspiracy between the chicken egg industry and diets. Eggs are used for everything. Most people need to have good tasting food and a variety. But not food that makes us compulsive eaters. It is easy to overeat eggs, etc. as any other food. I travel a lot on my job and cannot follow the diet with prepared foods but have to pick and choose protein foods from limited menus (because of the diet). How about a book for this type of eater and not just for "fat" people who are at home or work near home all the time. I liked the diet because of the change, but now the change is becoming common place. Would like some suggetiions.
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am 16. Juli 1999
My friend told me about the diet, she had lost 28lb in 2 months - so the 1st day I started the diet without reading the book, the 2nd day I bought the book and found it very informative, especially about carbs and insulin. (The book doesn't really go into detail about exercise). Now I understand more about the way our bodies work with the different types of foods we eat. Everything he wrote was true, by the end of the first week I had lost 8lb and without no side-effects. Three weeks later, I have lost a total of 21lbs - I have been trying to lose weight for the last 4 years and for the first time in my adulthood I am able wear a bikini. I always keep the carb counter with me at all times and love the Vanilla carb drink. This book is worth more than its weight in gold. I have passed the diet on to my friends who say I look fantastic. Thanks Dr Atkins.
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