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am 12. November 1999
I love this book , the steps of each recipe are very easy to follow ( perhaps this wonderfulls desserts are quite expensive to be done , but that wasn t a good reason for me) , I did most of the recipes of this book and they were the best choclate desserts i ve ever done. I don t know The Trellis restaurant but I think how much must cost a piece of cake , with all the ingredients it has on it. All the persons who eat a piece of all the cakes and pastrys I did told me:Give me the secret of this recipe! , and I answered : CHOCOLATE!
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am 28. März 2000
Book covers: chocolate fillings and toppings, cookies, truffles, mousse (non egg), lots of ice creams, brownies, tarts, souffles, layer cakes, and some fancy ways to put them together at the end.
I think this is a great book, maybe tied with 2nd among the chocolate books I own (behind cocolat, with Chocolate Bible, and better than int. cho. cookbook) Has a section on equipment but not ingredients.The presentation is absolutely beautiful, great photography and presentation of recipes. Recipes are written in a clear and easy to read manner. Nice little history and/or understanding of each recipe with each recipe. Lots of nice pictures illustrating technique There are actually a lot of barely-chocolate recipes in here, so keep that in mind. The recipes are definitely varied. Maybe the only thing is this book isn't quite as long as some of the others out there (just 143 pages). But that's sort of nitpicking.
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am 23. August 1997
Marcel Desaulniers is self-described as being consumed and possibly driven by his passion for chocolate -- a trait that endears him to many. "Death By Chocolate" is an indulgence for all your senses. It's pages are filled with scintillating photographs of desserts so enticing it is difficult to decide where to begin. In addition to the beautiful photography, he has included chef's tips in sidebars to give presentation and storage helps. His recipes are indeed readable and easy to follow and once you finish a recipe, hold on for an intense chocolate experience. I got a headache after consuming one too many of "Granny Twichell's Cupcakes." If you are a true chocaholic you will understand the positive significance of that statement. This book is a necessity in my kitchen
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am 25. Juli 2000
This was one of the first cookbooks I owned; even as a beginner, I've been able to produce yummy desserts. A lot of recipes in here are easy to make with little preparation, but some require lots of planning. Each recipe not only lists detailed ingredient lists, but equipment, so you don't get stranded in mid-pastry-ing, if you forget your "mise-en-place". The appendix covers useful information about purchasing ingredients and equipment. Some techniques (specifically decorating) are made to sound easier than they actually are - I've had some difficulty making everything look as pretty as the pictures, yet the taste makes up for it. I've particularly enjoyed the chocolate-date cake, deep dark chocolate chip cookies, and the chocolate-pumpkin cheesecake.
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am 3. Mai 2000
Cookbooks simply don't get more luscious, heavenly, or pompous than this one. The simplest recipes in this book take hours to make: the more complicated are recommended to take several days. One of the best (and certainly the best flourless) chocolate cakes I've had in my life came out of this book: I had less luck on my own making a simpler cookie recipe.
The directions are amazingly detailed, but this book simply isn't appropriate for beginners or people with quasi-normal kitchens, and you're left to your own devices if you want to adapt them. Fair warning: this book requires serious skill and care.
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am 6. Juli 2000
While many of the recipes are not trivial in terms of prep time and complexity, they are well worth the effort, especially if you have a special event you are preparing for. I bought the book after a visit to the Trellis restaurant in Williamsburg. Desaulnier's desserts are to die for. If you are looking for simpler recipes, try the Hershey's chocolate cookbook.
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am 25. Mai 1999
when i first took this book out of the library i was a little intimidated, but that soon passed. as i ventured into trying some of the recipes i was very pleasantly suprised with my results. everything i made was wonderful and rich!! if you crave a strawberry mousse cake that calls for about 3 lbs. of chocolate then this is the book for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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am 21. August 1998
I love this book, and not just for the recipes.
Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful photograph, a charming anecdote, and a barrelful of hints. It's almost impossible to fail at cranking out these desserts; Mr. Desaulniers is very careful to lead you through every step.
Did I say I love this book? It's definitely worth having.
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am 29. November 1998
If you like (LOVE) chocolate, this book will make your mouth water looking at the pages. Although the recipies appear time consuming, it pays off with the end product. Forget the calories here, just bake and enjoy. I do one killer desert a month and people whom I share with are dazed in the chocolate haze :-)
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am 6. Januar 2000
I wish that I could rate this book even higher -- it is absolutely superb in its clarity, its content, and its absolute devotion to that divine thing -- chocolate. The Chocolate Chunk Pecan Pie is the best I've ever tasted. Do yourself a favor and add this book to your collection. You won't be sorry!
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