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4,1 von 5 Sternen24
4,1 von 5 Sternen
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 21. Juli 2013
Deadeye Dick ist kein Roman, den man mal eben schnell überfliegen kann. Es wäre viel zu schade, wenn man das täte. Vonnegut zeigt mit seiner Geschichte viele dunkle Seiten der Menschen auf. Doch er tut das mit seinem bösem Humor und bereitet dem Leser - trotz aller Grausamkeiten - ein wunderbares Lesevergnügen.

Allein wegen des genialen Epilogs lohnt es sich, dieses Buch zu lesen. Auch wenn Vonnegut den Bogen gerne ein kleinwenig überspannt - er hat ein wunderbares Auge für den Wahnsinn in unserer Welt. Und in vielen seiner homorvollen Einwürfe steckt erschreckend viel Wahrheit (z.B. bei den Bemerkungen über Radioaktivität).

Wer Vonnegut allerdings noch nicht kennen sollte, dem würde ich als erstes Buch nicht unbedingt dieses empfehlen. Auf jeden Fall schadet es nicht, vorher Breakfast of Champions gelesen zu haben. Es muss es sicher nicht gelesen haben, um Deadeye Dick zu verstehen. Aber Deadeye Dick spielt in derselben Stadt und es tauchen ein paar Figuren aus Breakfast of Champions auf. Ich fand es einfach amüsant, wenn man deren Vorgeschichte kennt.

Zur Kindle-Version:

Leider haben sich in der Kindle-Version einige Fehler eingeschlichen, als hätte man den Text gescannt und die Texterkennung einige Wörter nicht korrekt erkannt. Insbesondere wurde "th" des öfteren zu einem "m" ("then and there" => "men and mere"). Auch taucht der ein oder andere unnötige Punkt mitten im Satz auf. Das ist ein bisschen schade, allerdings nicht so häufig, als dass es beim Lesen allzu sehr stören würde.
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am 19. September 2000
Vonnegut strikes again with his wit, although this time his cynnisism seems a bit muted. He gives us Rudy Waltz, son of two of the most eccentric people you will ever meet. Rudy as a young boy accidentally kills a young pregnant woman with his rifle thus earning the nickname and book title "Deadeye Dick". Rudy grows to become a pharmacist. He never leaves his parents and his accident as a child has a profound role in the rest of his life. He carries the guilt, is unable to forge new relationships, and is relatively unhappy for the rest of his life.
Seems like it would be a bit depressing but Vonnegut keeps the novel rolling with his social commentary on parenting, the medical field, the government, etc. etc. etc. Of course the accidental shooting is not the only misfortune to enter the lives of Rudy and his family but why ruin the book for you?
Vonnegut really kept me engrossed in this novel. It is a quick read and worth picking up, even if you haven't read much of his other work. A solid 4-Star novel.
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Dies ist mit Abstand das schwächste Vonnegut Buch. Man hat fast den Eindruck als hätte er dieses Buch unter Zwang schreiben müssen. Die Grundgeschichte ist phantasie- und lieblos (Eine zwanghaft seltsame Familie aus Midland City schiesst sich ins gesellschaftliche Aus, nur die beiden Brüder überleben eine Neutronenbombe, welche alle weiteren Bewohner der Stadt tötet.) Die gewohnten vonnegutschen Abstrusitäten und brillant schrägen Beobachtungen der Weltgeschichte und Gesellschaft fehlen fast völlig, nur hin und wieder wird ein müder Versuch unternommen, in den meisten Fällen scheitert dieser aber kläglich.

Da Vonnegut ein brillanter Autor ist schafft er es noch nicht mal in einem seiner schlechteren Werke auf nur einen gefühlten Punkt zu kommen, aber ich möchte neuen Leseren unbedingt "Breakfast of Champions", "Cat's Cradle" oder natürlich "Slaughterhouse 5" empfehlen, nach der Eingewöhnung dann "Sirens of Titan".
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am 1. April 2000
As much as I love Kurt Vonnegut, I failed to be moved by this book. It lacks the energy needed to hold the plot together, and it was only a vague curiosity and feeling of obligation which kept me from abandoning it halfway through. Hardcore Vonnegut fans may appreciate it regardless, but for anyone else I would recommend The Sirens of Titan (my personal favorite) or one of Vonnegut's many other wonderful novels.
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am 9. März 2000
Deadeye Dick had a mix of everything, murder romance and major accident resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of people in a typical American town. Rudy Waltz is telling the story of his life. Vonnegut is a master of suspense, not the usual cliched way, but he gives you inforamtion bit by bit that makes you want to keep reading. ofcourse any person can read this book but it takes a true reader and analyzer to UNDERSTAND this book. while i was reading this wonderful book, it got to me that today "...we're still in the dark ages; the darkages, they havent ended yet. (p240)" the book is full of twists, one of the little ones is that rudy waltz's father, otto waltz, saved hitler from death and starvation in Vienna before world war 1. "Think of that:my father could have strangeled the worst monster of the century, or simply let him starve or freaze to death. But he became his bosom buddy instead." A double murder, a neutron bomb explosion, a mysterious decapitation, just a few of the many ironical twists of this wonderful cynical look at society.
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am 22. Oktober 1998
Many reviewers have indicated that Deadeye Dick was their first Vonnegut. To get a better (if that's possible) experience from reading this book you should now read Breakfast of Champions, if you haven't already. One of Vonnegut's motifs through the years has been to bring up certain characters and plot lines in several books--Kilgore Trout being one of them. He does this most successfully in Deadeye Dick tying up many threads and characters from BOC. If you have not read either book read BOC first and follow it immediately with Deadeye Dick. While both books are excellent on their own, you will enhance the experience of both by reading them back to back. Although I read BOC almost twenty years ago, I was taken right back to it while reading Deadeye Dick. I enjoyed it more with each turn of the page. These two together are a knockout!
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am 22. Juni 1997
This is my first Vonnegut novel. With a quick pace and bizzare set of stories it kept me intrigued through and through. In my experience people either label Vonnegut as one of the best authors of our era, or merely as a gifted entertainer, both are accurate. I find his writing style compelling and very powerful. The story unwinds slowly, but you are forced to follow Vonnegut's mind to find out how or where you will turn up next, whether it be listening to a twelve year old wallow about his ignorant father, or curiously watching as the chairman of NBC loses yet another wife. If in reading a book you desire to see only the plausible happen then look elsewher, for here you never quite know what psychological quirk might be next
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am 21. Juni 2000
Deadeye Dick is the kind of thing that your average person might write after a prolonged lack of sleep when the 'giddies' sets in. It doesn't entirely make sense, and some of the themes are a little wacky, but it is still very entertaining and fun to read. Vonnegut manages to use plenty of his traditionally biting humor throughout the book and deals with neutron bombs, eccentric artists, criminal coverups, and life after Ohio is obliterated. I am already biased because I am a big fan of Vonnegut's style of writing, but I found the book to be consistently interesting and can't wait to get another of his books
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am 5. September 1997
Whether it is the average human individual who should not be allowed to possess a gun, or nations of humans who should not be allowed to possess nuclear weapons, Kurt Vonnegut champions the theme that man is too immature a beast too handle technology. In Deadeye Dick he is more successful in developing this theme than in the more famous Cat's Cradle, perhaps because Deadeye Dick is more serious. Unfortunately Vonnegut doesn't brook the question: Who is to deny humans the power they know how to create? He leaves no solution and if there is none, Deadeye Dick stands as a lament over hopeless humanity
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am 2. Juli 1997
After several letdown novels and "autobiographical collages" in the late seventies, "Deadeye Dick" was a blast of fresh air. A dark comedy involving one Rudy Waltz who accidentally shoots a pregnant woman, killing her and her child, when he points his gun out his window and fires for the sake of it. The book deals with one wild thing after another, and pokes fun at the darker side of nuclear bombs, Hitler's art, gourmet cooking, and public atrocity exhibitions of prisoners. A wild romp and one of the few later books that is a must for Vonnegut fans
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