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am 23. Juni 2000
This is the best book (if not the only book) to have with you when you're working with DNS. It has useful, clear, and well-explained examples. Its presentation of real-life scenarios and how to solve them in a reasonable manner is very thorough. Its well-written style is very easy to follow for beginners as well as experts. It's money well-spent considering how much knowledge you stand to gain from this book. It definitely belongs in the UNIX classic category.
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am 25. Februar 2000
Changing from a pre-8 version of BIND to version 8 of BIND is not as straightforward as previous upgrades have been. Then 'named.boot' file is entirely different, among other changes. This book is great at identifying the required changes and assisting in making those changes.
DNS and BIND clarifies all the mysteries associated with BIND (named) and DNS. Easy to read. Covers every detail from getting and installing the latest BIND, to configuration and troubleshooting. Has a great chapter on nslookup and another that gives detailed explanations of just about every BIND related error message. The only thing they left out is info on configuring syslog to manipulate in a usable manner the BIND generated messages.
For some reason, DNS seems to be a mystery to so many sysadmins. If it were as simple as people often pretend it is (typical system admin person: "Oh, I already know everything about DNS that I need to know... so why read a book or take a course?"), then why do I see 15,000+ lame server messages and 250+ mail CNAME messages every month? These errors are only the result of DNS configuration errors!
Very few sysadmin people REALLY know as much about BIND and DNS as they should. If you are a sysadmin person, do yourself a favor and buy and read this book. If you are an IT manager, check your system administrator's book shelf. If this book is missing, then buy it for them and make them read it! (You should read it first, then develop some test questions to see if they really did read it!)
This BOOK MUST BE REQUIRED READING for EVERY system administrator on any type of system connected to the Internet. If everyone that administered an Internet site read this book, we could probably reduce the error traffic on the Internet by 50% or more!
This book also should be the basis of a required one-quarter undergraduate CS course at all schools that teach CS, CE, IT, or equivalent.
One of the best written of the O'Reilly books.
Jon R. Kibler, Systems Architect, Advanced Systems Engineering Technology, Inc.
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am 14. Dezember 1999
I was new to administering DNS when I first bought the book, and now I feel quite confident with it. It covered most every aspect of the system from the very beginning (how the internet/networks work with domains, etc.). If you're managing a domain and/or virtual hosts, this is a great book.
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am 7. Oktober 2008
Die Anschaffung hat sich gelohnt!
Auch wenn das englische Buch nicht so leicht zu lesen ist wie mein älteres, deutsches Buch über Bind v.8. (Bind und DNS 1999). Nach den ersten 75 Seiten war die funktionsfähige Installation und der Betrieb des Bind v.9.4.x auf SUSE 11 erfolgreich.
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am 31. Oktober 2004
Wer das gelesen hat, versteht die Namensauflösung in Netzwerken und im Internet, kann implementieren und debuggen. Ich war durch dieses Buch in der Lage, einen DNS-Server mit über 3.500 Domains verantwortlich zu betreiben. Ein MUSS für den DNS-Administrator.
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am 21. Juni 2000
This is one of the classical O'Reilly books with which O'Reilly got it's status of "you need to have this book". With this book it was easy to set up a domain name server on linux in no time. It goes very deep into details of DNS and BIND, so that one can probably handle DNS whithout other books. The chapters of the book are: 1.) Background, 2.) How Does DNS Work?, 3.) Where Do I Start?, 4.) Setting Up BIND, 5.) DNS and Electronic Mail, 6.) Configuring Hosts, 7.) Maintaining BIND, 8.) Growing Your Domain, 9.) Parenting, 10.) Advanced Features and Security, 11.) nslookup, 12.) Reading BIND Debugging Output, 13.) Troubleshooting DNS and BIND, 14.) Programming with the Resolver and Name Server Library Routines, 15.) Miscellaneous and F Appendices.
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am 25. August 1999
Dies ist ganz einfach DAS Standardwerk fuer jeden Netzwerkbetreuer, der einen Nameserver zu verwalten hat. In lockerem Stil und mit guten Sizzen werden zuerst die grundlegenden Eigenschaften und die verteilte Struktur des DNS (Domain Name Service) erklaert und seine Einsatzgebiete beschrieben. Das Buch bietet weiterhin Beispieldateien zum Abtippen (und Modifizieren), so dass man seinen eigenen Nameserver in Nullkommanix konfiguriert kriegt. In den weiteren Kapiteln wird auf Fehlersuche und Optimierung eigegangen. Besonders bei der Fehlersuche hilft der exzellente Index, in den auch die Fehlermeldungen eingetragen sind. Mein Lesezeichen klemmt fast immer bei dem Kapitel, das die Fehlermeldungen und (ggf.) Abhilfe beschreibt.
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am 4. Februar 2000
It doesn't matter if you're new to Linux/UNIX or if you've been using it for awhile, this book delves into the mysteries behind DNS and BIND and puts the right information in simple, easy to understand format at your fingertips! So easy to follow, I had my basic DNS up and running in a few hours and tweaked to maximum efficiency in a few days! If you're planning on setting up and running a DNS server or if you just need to run it for your internal network this book explains it all! Buy it now... you won't regret it! Kudos to Paul for such a wonderful peice of work!
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am 14. Januar 2000
This book is a must have for anyone who administers DNS servers. I knew nothing about DNS or BIND before I bought this book. This book has made mystery behind DNS very clear.
As a person who runs a small ISP, this book has helped me a great deal in setting up and modifying our name servers. I highly recommend this book to anyone, the beginner or the advanced. Even know this book has taught me most of what I need to know, it is an excellent reference to go back on.
great book!
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am 6. Januar 1999
Everyone who runs a linux box needs to buy this book! Just seeing examples, and putting in what you think isn't enough. After buying this book I was able to repair many problems, and fine tune my DNS files. It all becomes so much clearer after reading this book. An ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE! Go Buy it Today!
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