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am 16. Juni 1999
I first found this paperback in a used bookstore 15 years ago. I couldn't put it down - too enjoyable! Since that time, the paperback has come apart at the seams (I lost track of the number of times I've read it), so I tried to find a hardback. Since it was out of print, I had to wait for I still love this book and its characters! Absolutely timeless!
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am 12. April 1998
I have read this book over the years since I first bought it in 1981 many times and I have never grown tired of it. My imagination pictures every scene and vista so vividly brought to life by Mr. Huffaker. Each Character comes to life as a individual in a truly powerful way. It is a tale of more than a cattle drive, but also of courage, understanding, and the opening of minds. I could not help but to think of my own attitudes in respect to how I view others. There was high drama (Novosibirsk with Col. Veruski), humer (The war games and the chaw of more than year old Red Devil plug tobacco), Wide open vistas, deadly enemies, danger, and even a tad of romance. Oh, and one heck of a battle with a tough ending. I think Ill go get the book and read it again right now! I would have given it a ten but I could have done without all the strong language. It would have been perfect for students to read.
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am 31. Oktober 1998
I can only echo what the other reviewers have said. I discovered it as a teenager, and absolutely fell in love with it: the humor, the unforgettable characters, the wisdom, the grace. I could go on indefinitely. It remains the only western I have ever read, as I do not believe any could hold a candle to it. I'm thrilled to see other readers cherish it as much as I do. Because it was hard to find, I squirreled away several copies, to be loaned out to only the most trusted of my friends. Perhaps a half dozen of my friends and family have read it and every single one, from Yale snobs to German dressage trainers to former Marines, have all, unequivocally, loved it. It is a great book. I hope they never make a movie of it, although I heard a rumor...Run, don't walk, to the nearest opportunity to get your hands on this little-known masterpiece.
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am 18. August 1999
I'm so glad to see others have enjoyed this book as much as I have. I first read it as a teenager but have read it a few times again---it is that good. I am an avid reader and have read quite a bit in several genres and I say without hesitation that this is my favorite book of all time. I highly recommend it to everyone. I noticed some comments on a few posts about a possible movie or film...I have mixed feelings about this. While I would love for others to experience this story, the movie would have to be very well done to capture the essence of this very fine work.
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am 1. Mai 2013
Ich habe dieses Buch gelesen, weil es so viele andere Leser positive Bewertungen abgegeben haben. Western sind normalerweise nicht meine Sache, aber das Buch hat mich sofort in seinen Bann gezogen. Es ist sehr überraschend und sehr gefühlvoll. Die Begegnungen zwischen Cowboys und Kosaken waren berührend. Zwei Kulturen, die sich mit dem gemeinsamen Ziel und durch gemeinsames Überwinden von extremen Schwierigkeiten immer näher kommen aus der Sicht eines jungen Mannes. Die Story ist selbst war so spannend, dass ich das Buch an zwei Tagen fertig gelesen habe.
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am 18. Juni 1997
I read this book when I was a young man and it had a tremendous impact on me. I grew up with the Cold War era and totally accepted the idea of fighting the Russians. But this book changed just about every prejudice I had about the Russian people. I learned they are humans too, with deep feelings and strong senses of honor and decency and pride. It is really a simple story, but I was moved to no end. This book touched my life. It should be on the required list for high school Freshmen.
-- Morrie Kayanan Arlington, Virginia 6/18/97
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am 22. April 2013
What a giant of a book!For me it was the first reading,because it never was translated to German and I got to reading English books just soon - so I envy all of them readers,which were able,to enjoy it years ago!But: immediately searched for a hardcopy for all of my reading family-members,which don't like the e-book-reader.I remember other Huffaker-stuff as entertaining reading-matter also (a very funny story about a horse,called "H-bomb",can't find it back,neither in English nor German)-but this East-West-tale beats it!
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am 7. Juni 2000
Smart storyline, I have to agree with the other reviewers that this book is a terrific read. My well worn paperback has also come apart at the seams as well, I have just reread the book and some of the pages were missing. I am purchasing this copy from Amazon for my brother as a birthday present, hopefully he will let me borrow it. I think that it is very unfortunate that some of the language is too strong for young readers, this adventure really stirs the imagination.......
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am 1. August 1998
This tale of 1800's cowboys taking a herd of Longhorn cattle to Russia by ship, and then driving them across the Russian steppes to their final destination - in some cases for both the drovers and the livestock - is full of suspense and adventure. It's a toss up for toughness and both Cowboys and Cossacks learn from each other. Laugh, cry, root for your favorite hero. Best for ages 18 and older.
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am 3. Oktober 1997
Although this book is recommended for children, I think any age will enjoy it. I was about 5 when they launched Sputnik. So I grew up with my eyes on the stars and all the science fiction I could read. No cowboys for me!
I still like science, fact and fiction. But as I got older I found myself being drawn to tales of the West. This book is one of the many reasons I still get drawn back.
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