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4,8 von 5 Sternen43
4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 14. März 2000
This book is a wonderful insight into how Bill Watterson's mind works. I for one feel grateful for the trend of comic artists doing a book to tell us readers about the nuts and bolts of their strips.
Watterson shows us his influences, gives us the inside scoop on his troubles with the syndicate and his take on artistic integrity. We learn about the idiosyncracies of Watterson's mind and how they shaped the growth and development of "Calvin and Hobbes". I learned a great deal about the history of comics as a whole, as well as many of the reasons for their decline and loss of space in recent years. Plus, the book contains many of the best strips and story sequences from the annals of Calvin and Hobbes.
I hoped Watterson would maybe do a Calvin and Hobbes comic book on his own terms after retiring from the daily grind; he could remake comic books in an image more to his liking. Sadly, I think the effort wore him out. C&H is sorely missed, there are only a handful of strips out there worth anything, and of those none (in my opinion) come CLOSE to equalling Calvin and Hobbes, even in it's early stages. I think the Tenth Anniversary Book reveals that Watterson is a very intelligent and competent artist, whose absence from the newspaper leave all of us a little emptier. Now with the loss of Charles Schulz, I fear the comics will slide further into banality and the same jokes done the same way by the same cartoonists, many of whom blatantly (wittingly or not) rip off Watterson, Breathen, Kelly and other giants of the medium.
Here's to originality. Here's to Calvin and Hobbes.
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am 16. September 1997
I am a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes. But as a fan, I can't help but warn other fans away from this book. Bill Watterson comes off as rather bitter and,
incomprehensibly, rather humorless. Not that his strips aren't hilarious. But his commentary fails to display any lightness of spirit.

For instance, remember the classic strip that ends with calvin saying "verbing weirds language"? Well, Watterson's commentary reveals him to be a language snob. Similarly, his strips that criticize the art world reveals that he thinks of many in the artworld as "blowhards". In every case, he seems to have no sense of humor about his own opinion.

And even when his writing isn't bitter, it isn't terribly enlightening either. His strips speak for him better than his commentary does.

To see what a book like this can be, read Gary Larson's "Prehistory of the Far Side." While I think that Watterson is (arguably) the better cartoonist, Larson's retrospective, is funny, joyous and insightful. Something that Watterson sadly misses out on.

The comics contained herein are, of course, as grand as usual. But there are other Watterson books that are better sources for them.
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am 6. Dezember 1998
Bill Watterson picks out some of his finest cartoons for this book, which would be reason enough to buy it. The additional commentary, though, makes it by far the best Calvin and Hobbes book. It was interesting to see what Mr. Watterson thought of his various characters, how he came up with different ideas and what he found interesting in certain stories. This book just confirmed to me that Calvin and Hobbes is one of the funniest, most original and most meaningful comics in recent years. It was interesting to hear about what Mr. Watterson is like as a person, as he reveals some of his personal interests and opinions through the commentary. Finally, finding out the background for Spaceman Spiff, Tracer Bullet, Miss Wormwood and the other Watterson inventions was interesting. Definitely worthwhile to buy, read and then read again and again.
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am 6. Juli 2000
While I had seen most of the comics from other books, Watterson's comments to his own strips makes it all the more enjoyable re-visiting old moments. A definite keeper.
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am 18. Juni 2000
This book offers a great insight in the work of William Watterson... From the frist strip to the last ones, you will discover the development of our main characters, roads taken or not taken, ideas, problems, and difficulties with the syndicate Watterson is confronted with.
What surprises me with Watterson is his extreme integrity, not doing Calvin & Hobbes only to make money, but to offer us good, funny and especially als good-quality entertainment by opening our newspapers every morning. It's not a cheap humor, he makes a point in each strip...
Unlike other authors, he didnt want his comic to be exploited by merchandising, animated pictures or anything "without soul" :) I also greatly appreciate that he did stop producing the strips at the peak of its success... Unlike other strips like Garfield which seems has been industralized, Watterson was able to keep up the quality and realize all the strips on his own.
While it is certainly sad not to read any new adventures of Calvin & Hobbes, it's still great pleasure to reread the old episodes and its still as funny as for the first time.
This compendium wont replace any other of his book, but it's a good entry point for people new to Calvin & Hobbes, and of course it offers a lot of interesting "behind the screen" information for any Calvin & Hobbes addicted like me...
This is one of the things I offer for a birthday presents to my friend and normally have a great succes with it, as well with people who know the comics already as those who meet our little heroes for the first time.
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am 31. Dezember 1999
Calvin and Hobbes filled a void in the funny pages that hasn't been taken over by anyone else. When it comes to comic strips, the bubbles above the character's heads could be interchanged and not cause too much confusion. I've rarely found any of them amusing. The Far Side was poorly and grotesquely drawn, trying way too hard to be funny. Family Circus is sickeningly sweet. B.C. is sanctimonius with its heavyhanded religious message. Calvin and Hobbes gave us something in our newspapers that was actually enjoyable. While Calvin is unusually literate and uses an extensive vocabulary for a six year old but this somehow works out. Anyone can identify with his search for adventure in his Walter Mitty like daydreams. The other characters: Hobbes, Susie, Moe, make good foils for his mischevious behavior. This book provides an excellent background in discovering where Bill Watterson found his ideas. It makes an interesting lesson on the job of a cartoonist. His notes on specific cartoons can be enlightening. At times his commentary may become pompous and overbearing though. Go out and buy the three Calvin and Hobbes anthologies first to have a complete set of his work. By the way: I always see these bumperstickers showing Calvin urinating on either a Ford or Chevy logo. I don't know how these faked bumperstickers got started but it proves another example of how ignorant and vulgar our society is becoming.
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am 17. Februar 2000
This collection of strips is particularly endearing because of all the footnotes that Bill Watterson writes next to each series. How did Spaceman Spiff come about? Why are the cartoons structured the way they are? How the strip grew over time... And of course the amazingly wonderful world of Calvin and Hobbes.
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am 23. Juli 1999
Wer kennt Calvin und Hobbes nicht ? Calvin, der hyperaktive altkluge 5jährige, Geissel seiner Eltern und aller anderen Erwachsenen und Hobbes, seinen Stofftiger mit dem unvergleichlichen Charme ? Die Strips, die die Geschichten der beiden erzählen gehören wohl zu dem witzigsten aber auch hintersinnigstem, was als Comicstrip erschien. In diesem Buch sind die nach Ansicht des Vaters von Calvin&Hobbes -Bill Watterson- schönsten Strips, vom Allerersten bis zum Letzten, zusammengefasst. Aber das Beste ist wohl, das Mr. Watterson die Geschichte von C&H erzählt, wie einzelne Strips zustande kamen, wie er versucht hat, seinen Lesern immer wieder neue Dinge zu präsentieren. Zu seinen Experimenten gehören Strips im Stile Picassos oder auch der Versuch, einen Strip in der Sprache Shakespears zu verfassen. Klingt hochtrabend, ist aber vor allem interessant (und -wie C&H immer- extrem lustig) Wer ein wenig Spaß im Leben haben will - also wohl jeder lebende Mensch- sollte sich dieses Buch durchlesen.
"Ìt's a magic world, Hobbes old pal - Let's go exploring." (Dies ist eine an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 22. Dezember 1999
Calvin und Hobbes, in weiten Kreisen der (besonders akademischen) Gesellschaft längst zu einem Kult geworden. An kaum einer Bürotür findet sich kein Comicstrip des kleinen Calvin mit seinem altklugen und weltgewandten Stofftiger Hobbes. Kaum ein Comicautor schafft es wie Bill Watterson, sich in einen fünfjährigen so hineinzudenken. Er stellt fragen, die so manchen Erwachsenen beschäftigen oder zumindest beschäftigen sollten, bleibt dabei aber durchaus glaubhaft und kindlich naiv. In diesem Buch zum zehnten Jubiläum erzählt Bill Watterson die Geschichte von Anfang an. Er berichtet von seien Problemen mit den Zeitungen, seinen Experimenten mit Format und Farbe, aber natürlich stellt er auch alle Charaktere vor. Natürlich darf da der Strip, in dem Calvin Hobbes in einer Tigerfalle fängt und alles seinen Anfang nimmt, nicht fehlen. Neben den Geschichten vom Anfang findet der Fan viele Strips aus anderen Büchern wieder, aber auch beim fünften Mal lacht man noch genauso herzlich wie beim ersten Lesen, das ist es, was Calvin und Hobbes ausmacht. (Dies ist eine an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 14. Februar 2000
that is what bill waterson has. integrety. calvin and hobbes is his creation, for comic strip ONLY. no matter what they pay him, no matter how they limit his creativity, his strip remains only in the papers. and that takes guts.
the other thing is that this is funny. a minor point, of course. (cough).
the commentary is a great point for the collector. not only do you get to see the characters and how they were thought-up, but mr waterson's continuing battle with the syndicate, not to mention the comments after certain strips.
it is great to see how the drawing and portrayal of calvin and his stuffed tiger has changed over ten years.
if only...if only we could all still be greeted by the first grader with an extensive vocabulary and his sarcastic tiger every morning over warm cups of coffee and an english muffin.
we miss you, calvin. and hobbes.
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