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am 28. März 2000
This book was so interesting and readable, I read it from cover to cover in a day. I'm not a foster parent, I'm a teacher, but I have dealt with emotionally disturbed children in my classroom (in fact, I'm dealing with one this year). This book gave me so much insight into why these children act the way they do. Now I understand why they have such a need to be in control of everything, why they will do destructive things with seemingly no motive whatsoever (breaking their favorite toys, destroying their favorite books, etc.) Now I understand why things always get worse just as they seemed to be getting better. Most importantly, now I understand why these kids can't handle praise and rewards, and why those stupid behavior modification programs the administrators and counselors always suggest always seem to make the problem worse. Thank you Daniel A. Hughes!
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am 29. April 1999
This is a very realistic story of an abused little girl with attachment disorder and how she was bounced around the "system" until she was able to find the "forever family" she needed. The only issue I have with Hughes' book is that the ending is a bit too much like "and they lived happily ever after". This book also has a significant amount of psychological jargon. A similar book that is more simply-worded, that could even be read to older children, is "Don't Touch My Heart" by Mansfield. If I had it to do over again, I would probably read Mansfield's book first.
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am 14. Mai 1999
Dan Hughes wrote this book with me in mind. I read this book while fostering a 9 yr old girl who had attachment disorder that, without proper treatment, would have destroyed her ability to function in a normal life. There were ideas and strategies in this book that worked (no matter how strange they sound). Dan Hughes knows what he is talking about. As a professional foster parent, I appreciate the straightforward language used in this book. I would recommend this to any person dealing with an attachment disorder child. It brings a much needed awarness to this overwhelming issue in surrogate parenting.
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am 13. März 2000
This is a must have book for anyone dealing with attachment disorder. I have read it over and over and learned something substantial each time. After about 6 months of failed attempts to find a therapist trained to work with my four year old daughter and I, I finally bought this book and dove in. I have been doing therapy with my daughter for about two months as described in the book and now we have a budding new relationship. A reciprocal one. She is beginning to love and trust. This is the missing peice of the puzzle. It makes sense.
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am 9. September 1999
This book was so helpful to me as an adoptive parent that I have recommended it to several families with whom I have come into contact at the adoption agency where I work. We keep a copy in the agency library to lend to those people thinking of adopting special needs children. It spells out some of the trials foster and adoptive parents may find themselves up against with some concrete ideas to use to remedy negative situations.
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