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4,2 von 5 Sternen29
4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 24. März 1998
As many of the others Banks reviewers, this is my favorite Banks book.

This book overcomes the classical genre distinction between fantasy, science fiction and mainstream novels: it's the novel of a complete artist, transcending categories to write without the limits of the traditional forms, playing with them all in a delicate fugue.

It mingles themes from Kafka and Freud (who makes a guest star apparition as Dr Joyce), with Banks own obsessions (war, Scotland, 19th century steel architecture), plays with the greek and middle-age mythology in a very modern way, with a funny link to the Culture.

I've been twice in Scotland: the spirit of this land is so well captured (I happen to live in Paris, where the heroin flies away: I can't understand her) !
The postmodern love story is also excellent. It moved me deeply.

A very absorbing book: like another reader, I keep an excellent memory of the period I read it, just because I read it at that time.

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am 15. Juli 2000
This book has a surreal "dream" life in it. The characters in the different dreams are of different traits and personalities but eventually you find that they have been made in one conciousness.
Because of this, you can either think "hey, this is Iain Banks' BEST book ever!" or "this was by far his worst, blah blah blah..." Unfortunately, the "decision" is fairly random unless you've already read stuff about conciousness and hated it.
Personally: I really liked this book. I found that it was best to read a chapter, then sit down and read another. Hard at first, but it flows. You can find out many things about The Bridge, from the fires to the maps to the sex scenes (if you look hard enough) and when I read it, I read it again and again. It suited me, so it was best for me.
It's just one of THOSE books. If you like this sort of thing, you're in for a treat.
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am 2. Dezember 2004
In another review I wrote that 'The Bridge' might be Banks' least accessible novel. It is doubtlessly his most imaginative, daring and diverse work to date, and the reader will find it impossible to decipher all the images and metaphors of the book - 'The Bridge' defies interpretation, at least on a conscious level.
Having said that it is also necessary to stress the novel's fun and funny upper strata. It is very well possible that the reader will find themselves laughing out loud though a vast number of the humour becomes clear only in hindsight. The various layers and plots of the novel make it an enjoyable and diversified read - a characteristic of almost Banks' whole oeuvre.
'The Bridge' is a most rewarding and enthralling novel which stimulated me both with its wit but also its compassion. It is doubtlessly a book worth rereading not once but several times, if only to discover more and more connections and intricacies (as for example "Orr's" real name; yes, it is in there!).
A last note to readers whose mother tongue is not English: though I would never wish to deter you from reading any of Banks' works, be warned that passages of 'The Bridge' (namely the Barbarian's parts) will be difficult to understand if you don't have a good command of vocabulary and aren't familiar with the Scottish dialect.
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am 19. August 1999
I don't easily give a book 5 stars, but this piece of writing showed how Iain Banks was not a one-off with the success of the Wasp Factory. In fact, no matter how good the wasp factory wasm, this is better.
The narrative follows an individual as he slips into a coma after an accident and the stories of the two parrallel lives in either. It is interspaced by the bizzare adventures of the most wicked, foul, scots-tounged knight ever to exist. Follow his narrative at your peril.
The story would be fine as it stands, but where the story unfolds in the parrallel world is a giant city built on an endless bridge. What really made the story for me was what the bridge was modelled on in real life - the Forth Bridge in Scotland. One thing that i'm interested in was whether or not other readers of the book who have not seen the forth bridge and it's surroundings felt the story had the same edge. Readers?
To conclude, a book that opened my eyes, and definately Bank's best. Just don't make this the first Banks book that you read - start on the wasp factory, a free tip!
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am 11. März 1997
If you're mostly familiar with Banks' science fiction (the Culture novels, Feersum Endjinn, etc.), this novel will come as something of a surprise. It reads like science fiction -- sometimes. And sometimes a more mundane reality intrudes.
It's the story of John Orr, rescued from the sea with no memory of who he is or where he comes from. He finds himself on the Bridge, a structure that apparently leads from nowhere to nowhere, and where everyone lives. It soon becomes apparent, however, that this fantastic reality is only part of the story.
What is the dream, and what is the reality? What is memory, and what is imagined? As our protagonist searches his own dreams and memories for clues, the true quest emerges from the undercurrents. This is the major strength of every Banks novel I've ever read -- the reader makes her discoveries along with the protagonist. Even when you've figured out what's going on, Banks somehow manages to surprise you
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am 24. Januar 2015
Es ist wirklich schade dass dieser wunderbare Roman nicht auf Deutsch verfügbar ist. Ich habe von Iain Banks vorher noch nicht gelesen werde mir aber sicherlich noch die anderen Bücher holen.
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am 12. August 1997
This was the first, and so far, only Banks book I have read, and it was a great place to start. From the first page, Banks' writing reels you in with a mysterious storyline and almost lyrical prose. The ease at which he takes something so commonplace as a bridge and turns it into something out a nightmare that perhaps showed up in the dreams of Kafka is almost frightening. The entire novel exudes strangeness, with odd events happening and everyone taking them for granted.

Banks dreams up a plausible culture that would live on an enormous bridge and takes us through page by page. Given, some of the parts are extremely odd and hard to read (the parts with the monologue in Scottish come to mind), but they only add to the ultimate mystery of the book: who is John Orr and what is the Bridge? I recommend that everyone try to figure it out. An excellent novel
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am 18. Februar 1997
A shocking surprise to anyone familiar with the real
Forth Rail Bridge and expects a travelogue cum novel.
Is it a trip to a fantasy world, a nightmare, a psychodrama?
The Bridge is ultimately one of the most challenging
and rewarding novels ever because it can be all of these
things and none of these things.
It is not a story for the passive reader hoping for
an easy narrative progressing from A-Z. Some of the
language can be difficult but rewarding for those
who will persevere. There are many surprises
awaiting the reader, many avenues to explore, many tracks
to choose between in this incredibly complex multi-layered
Let your imagination go for a journey which will astound,
delight and perhaps confound you.
One thing is certain - you will never forget travelling
on "The Bridge".
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am 11. Februar 2000
The previous reviews of this book have been poor and I don't understand why. The Bridge is a compelling story of a man in a coma. If the reader accepts this fact and understands that the guy telling the story is in the coma patient and in a land where the ramblings of his mind hold no bounds, then they will be able to enjoy it for what it is. This is not a conventional novel. It does not have a major plot and a big climatic ending. It is a wonderfully imaginative voyage of the human mind dealing with all its insane thoughts and wild inclinations. Expect sudden changes, chaotic dreams and be prepared to draw your own conclusions from the book. If you do this you will de fascinated by the unlimited imagination of Iain Bainks.
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am 23. Dezember 1996
Iain Banks' The Bridge deservedly returns to American print this February, along with his Culture novel The Player of Games. Banks hasdeveloped a strong US cult following, particularly for his science fiction works. The Bridge tells the story of a man trapped on the surreal title structure. This reality may (or may not) be a delusional retreat from another narrative set in a more traditional universe. To further complicate matters, the story is interspersed with snippets that seem to originate from a fusion of the Culture universe of Banks' science fiction and popular mythology. Like Banks' Walking on Glass, this three tiered narrative pummels the reader's imagination into its own warped sense of consciousness. Beauty in the dark.
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