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Breaking the Constraints to World-Class Performance [Englisch] [Gebundene Ausgabe]

H. W. Dettmer
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Prologue Chapter 1 System or Process? Bethlehem Steel Ford Electronics A Systems Approach What Is the System's Goal? Necessary Conditions and Constraints Suboptimization Analytical Thinking Variation and Dependence Human Suboptimization Notes Chapter 2 The Theory of Constraints What Is the Theory of Constraints? The Chain Analogy: An Example The Theory of Constraints Solution The Five Focusing Steps Total Quality Management and the Theory of Constraints Intrinsic Motivation Policy Constraints versus Physical Constraints Why Policy Constraints Are the Tougher Challenges Theory of Constraints and World-class Performance Notes Chapter 3 The Tools Managing Change With TOC The Theory of Constraints Thinking Process Current Reality Tree Conflict Resolution Diagram Future Reality Tree Prerequisite Tree Transition Tree Negative Branch Categories of Legitimate Reservation Global System Measures Throughput (T), Inventory (I), and Operating Expense (OE) T, I, OE, and Traditional Financial Measures Management Priorities T, I, and OE in Not-for-Profit Systems When Is the Constraint Finally Broken? General Motors Summary Notes Chapter 4 A Logical Foundation: The Categories of Legitimate Reservation Cause and Effect The Anatomy of an Airplane Crash Instructions for Reading a Logic Tree The Logic of Aristotle Cause and Effect: Intuition versus Subject Matter Knowledge Correlation versus Cause and Effect Two Examples of Correlation Mistaken for Cause and Effect The Categories of Legitimate Reservation Clarity Entity Existence Causality Existence Cause Insufficiency Additional Cause Cause-Effect Reversal Predicted Effect Existence Tautology Summary Notes Chapter 5 Identifying the System Constraint: The Current Reality Tree Undesirable Effects Root Causes Complex Causality Core Problem Causality Arrow Negative Reinforcement AH-CHOO!: A Practical Example How to Read a Current Reality Tree Span of Control and Sphere of Influence How to Build a Current Reality Tree Using the Current Reality Tree Notes Chapter 6 Generating Breakthrough Ideas: The Conflict Resolution Diagram The Nature of Conflict Two Types of Conflict Opposite Conditions Different Alternatives An Indication of Hidden Conflict Traditional Ways to Resolve Conflict Win-Lose Compromise The Win-Win Alternative The Conflict Resolution Diagram Structuring Hidden Conflict The Critical Role of Assumptions The Information Systems Problem: An Example Building the Conflict Resolution Diagram Breakthrough Solutions The Silver Bullet Fallacy Conflict Resolution in Project Management Conflict Resolution in Development and Production Aluminator Wire Company Summary Notes Chapter 7 Designing Tomorrow's Systems: The Future Reality Tree Modeling Business Decisions Desired Results and Adverse Effects Case Study: BMG North America The Ready-Fire-Aim Syndrome The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) The Future Reality Tree Concept Negative Branches All Circuits Are Busy... Positive Reinforcing Loops Building a Future Reality Tree Notes Chapter 8 Anticipating Disaster: The Negative Branch Example 1: "May I Go to a Rock Concert?" Example 2: "If It Does Not Fit, You Must Acquit..." Anticipating the Undesirable Effects of Change How to Build a Negative Branch Handling Proposals from Others with Undesirable Effects Chapter 9 Overcoming Obstacles to Change: The Prerequisite Tree Organizational Change The Prescription for Successful Change Structure of the Prerequisite Tree Projects: A Special Kind of Idea Implementation America OnLine (R): A Continuing Example Building the Prerequisite Tree Project Planning Revisited Harris Semiconductor--Mountaintop, Pennsylvania Summary Notes Chapter 10 Assignment and Accountability: The Transition Tree Turning Ideas into Results The Importance of Detailed Execution Planning Transition Tree Concept Structure of the Transition Tree The Transition Tree and the Prerequisite Tree Persuading While Directing America OnLine(R) Building the Transition Tree Summary Chapter 11 The Human Side of Logic Understanding Systems Theory of Knowledge Understanding Psychology Breaking Constraints, Organizational Change, and Human Behavior Feasibility of Change The Logic Behind Resistance to Change Using the Thinking Process to Create Political Feasibility A Strategy for Selling the Idea of Change The Political Feasibility Conflict A Hypothetical Example Notes Epilogue Appendix A: Cause and Effect: An Example Appendix B: The Challenger Accident Appendix C: Ill-Advised Tax Policy: A Knowledge Tree Appendix D: Vector One Corporation: "Why is Our TQM Effort Failing?" "A Case Study" The Scenario The Current Reality Tree The Conflict Resolution Diagram The Future Reality Tree The Prerequisite Tree The Transition Tree Index

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