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4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 6. Juli 2000
Brain Lock is, I'm sure, written very well. However, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is not something that one can, in my opinion, treat alone, at least not for more severe cases. I myself suffered from OCD for over a year. Before I confided in my parents, I bought this book to see if I could help myself. Let me tell you, it was impossible. Although the book is very accurate in telling what needs to be done to overcome the disorder, it does not take the place of a doctor. I urge anyone suffering from this disorder to consult a physician. You are not alone, and there is help. After over a year of therapy, I can honestly say that I am almost completely, if not completely, free from my OCD.
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am 29. Juli 2000
This is an very good book on OCD. It is kind of a self help book that can help you greatly, but I feel must be shared with your own Doctor, and you both could work together.
It offers much help to people that suffer from OCD, however a little late on the publishing. Many other excellent books like "Getting Control" and "Stop obsessing" written in the early 1990's have almost the exact same information and were also extremely helpful.
Not much NEW information compared the former books, but if you are a first time reader of a self-help book on OCD, I think it would be extremly helpful. The author is very compassionate and full of knowledge on this awful disease. Give it a try!
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am 1. April 2000
I have suffered from OCD for several years now, mainly taking the form of onerous,repetitive intrusive thoughts. It's a nightmarish ordeal, and it hard's to find relief. The typical outlets: sharing with family and friends,invariably fall on deaf ears. Not because the family is unloving. Simply, because the whole process is uninteligible to them. Psychotropic Drugs, critical to many, is a hit and miss proposition to others. Given this backround, I found "Brain Lock", a god-send. Not only is it singularly insightful and reassuring, but it sucessfully defuses another impediment to treatment: That is the notion that because OCD is a biochemical process, a cognitive approach cannot effectively deal with it. The answer can be found, according to the author, in brain scans (shown in the book!) of the patients who use the author's techniques. They show a normalization of the brain function after the author's techniques are employed. This is not hocus-pocus.It seems, as I understand it, that the brain -a biochemical organ- is altered not just artificially by drugs, but cognitive methods which can affect chemical processes. [The following is my layman's explanation, not the author's]You change your perception of a situation, and you become less hysterical. The relaxation results in a lowering of your blood pressure goes down, less stomach acid being produced,less adrenaline being released to the system. So, by altering your perceptions of OCD not only is your attitude changed, but the brain chemistry involved in the production of OCD symptoms is positively affected. This is not the point of the book though. I venture that any effective psychological technique will therefore have a resultant psysiological effect. The key is the way in which the author changes your outlook of OCD itself.Using his clinical experience, it showed me that OCD is not a death sentence, but a manageable disorder that's not you, nor your life, but just another problem that's part of your life. And one disease that can be significantly altered by taking this approach. This book did more for me than my therapy and the drugs I was on. So it's not merely a book. This is a life saver. I'm not trying to sell this book- I'm just your run of the mill OCD'er, who would like to see another fellow sufferer helped. God bless.
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am 8. März 1998
I do not rate the book as perfect because nothing is perfect, but this book has given me the best understanding yet of this OCD nightmare.He has a wonderful analogy of a broken transmission and he says, all right, the transmission is bad but you can still shift gears, go ahead shift shift now.As for the content of the obsessions, he basically says to take on faith that your imagined terrors are not true. It's not me, you say to yourself, it's only my OCD. My thought, though it seems so real and frightening if I don't do the compulsion to neutralize it, is only a thought, and a mistaken one as that.Do another behavior, reevaluate, and move on.It's hard to do, but his analogy to the car alarm going off when the car is not being stolen makes it nearly possible to see this thing for what it is.The limitation is, how do you dismiss from your mind, maybe this one time alone it is being stolen.Anyway, this doctor is a fabulous writer and he understands the disorder all right.
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am 30. Oktober 1999
I have Mild Tourettes, OCD, panic disorder and related symptoms. My Tics wax and wane and when I get a tic that really is annoying to me, like coughing, I apply the steps in this book to remove it. Most of the time I can limit the tic and remove it NATURALLY rather than take dangerous drugs. Everyone wants the easy drug way out but at what price? Drugs arent tested long enough to know the long term effects on kids or adults and I know I don't want to be a human guinea pig to doctors who get vacations for pushing a certain brand of drug to all of us so we can get addicted to it when they say we won' I am 100% for those who are coming out to help NATURALLY and you should be too....just say NO to drugs and support the ones who really care about us by buying their excellent natural treatment explained in their books!
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am 2. Juli 1999
A friend gave me this book and it is excellent. If you have OCD or even a related disorder it gives you a practical approach to learning to deal with and outsmart your disorder.
Take me, frinstance, while I do not have any checking compulsions, I have suffered from anxiety disorder and occasionally intrusive, disturbing thoughts for a number of years. (Other than that I am your regular guy, you wouldn't know I had a disorder if you saw me). This book gives you a 4-step method of "reframing" OCD in a way that makes it manageable. Ultimately, the authors say, by using their method you can "retrain your brain" and actually alter your brain chemistry in a positive direction and thus reduce the original symptoms to something liveable.
Buy it (or have a friend give it to you...) :-)
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am 12. August 1999
I have been suffering from a washing disorder from the past four years. Obsessions and compulsions have been running around for a while now. Though i think there is no better way to improve than medication, this book gives an insight into what the disease is all about and you realize that there are others like you. I have been trying out the 4 steps though i cannot say if that is the cause of improvement or medication. before reading this book i was on medication for 2 yrs and it got rid of my OCD completely(YES THERE IS A CURE!!) unfortunately it relapsed cause i stopped medication. for a serious OCD patient this book ONLY wont help but suplementing it with medication will help. Good luck. if any one wants to write to me regarding their problems please feel free to do so.
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am 26. Juni 1999
Dr. Schwartz has put alot of time, research and practical experience onto the pages of this book. I feel that if you THINK you might have OCD, or just want to be educated about OCD this book is a must to have. The four steps along with a good program of Therapy and Med's can help a person live and cope with a biological condition that is part of you and your everyday life. From my personal perspective as someone who has changed his life for the better, wellbeing goes hand in hand with the learning experience and practical methods gained by following the Four steps. I am grateful to Dr. Schwartz. You can learn to live with OCD.
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am 4. Oktober 1999
In reviewing recent releases in the field of the lay neuroscience press, I was struck by the fresh approach and readability of this one. I will probably recommend it to some of my patients with OCD. May I also suggest "The Care and Feeding of Your Brain" as a companion guide to help optimize your baseline brain state as you follow the very unique and useful suggestions by Schwartz and Beyette...all the best, Kenneth Giuffre MD, author, "The Care and Feeding of Your Brain"
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am 27. Juli 1998
An excellent piece, for the first time my friend has found help for OCD. You clearly define it and give steps to living with it. One comment, I feel an important element was left out....hunger and OCD are synomious. It is important for persons with OCD to eat at regular intervals. This lessens the OCD attacks. Hunger exasperates OCD. Thank you for the Brain Lock book and Tape. My friend has played the tape 40 times and feels it is his personal therapist. Thanks for helping!!!!!
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