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am 17. Dezember 1998
This book is written by two real enthusiasts and is well worth buying for the many appetizing recipes and the information on the history and the manufacture of miso on both large and small scale.
In addition, one is told many fascinating things about the properties of the food. It has a " range of textures and colors as varied as those of the world's fine cheeses and wines" and is of "limitless versatility". One learns that "food is a form of energy", that miso will substitute for animal protein and "animals will be grateful to you for not eating them". Since many recipes involve bonito flakes, the tuna must not count as an animal. Miso's fairly high salt content is "mellowed by the presence of amino acids and natural oils" and is thus good for low salt and low-fat diets. This is especially so since "Western cooking uses (large quantities of) fat to soften salt's intrinsic sharpness". Miso is a "perfect (alkaline) coffee substitute" for "acidic caffeine" (which, incidentally, is an organic base.) "Miso's alkalizing and cleansing effects are considered very important in the development of an alkaline condition that is known to promote resistance to disease". It "may prevent radiation sickness", "neutralize the effects of smoking and air pollution" and is "a key to the vegetarian transition". Vegetarians live longer than meat eaters and elimination of meat from a diet will cure arthritis and obesity. Vegetarians apparently have greater stamina than meat eaters (despite the fact that African hunters used to catch antelopes by running them to exhaustion).
There are many further interesting observations. Japanese shoyu is a fine natural product distinct from the soy sauce sold in the West. Sodium glutamate "differs in chemical structure from natural glutamic acid". Tofu is delicious (I suppose I would find that true if I could detect tastes other than those provided by added flavorings.) Maggi sauce is just soy sauce as filched by one Albert Langgarth in the 1870s and the name is a corruption of the Mogi family name. I would have liked to know more about the Mogis but, unfortunately, no further information is given.
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am 9. Juni 1998
Confused by 6 different kinds of miso at your store? This book explains 17 kinds, how each is made, nutritional analysis, what to use each kind for. Over 100 pages of general info plus 500 pages of recipes. My well-worn copy is dated 1976 and it's still being reprinted! This book is one of my most frequently used cooking references. Excellent!
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am 7. April 2000
This book will keep you going for years. There are so many recipes and they all involve the use of miso and many also show you what to do with tofu and noodles. It offers a great insight into the cuisine and lifestyle of the Japanese. So it is practical and a good read,too. I am hooked!
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am 18. Dezember 2011
sehr geehrte mitarbeiter von amazonenvertrieb,
ich bitte sie diese bestellung nochmals zu überprüfen,da ich dieses buch bis heute nicht erhalten habe,aber schon bezahlt habe.bitte senden sie mir dieses buch an meine adresse in st.antönien 7246 strasse posthaus in der schweiz name franco bü wurden mir auch zwei gleiche bücher von salz,miso...zugesendet,wo ich eins davon wieder zurück gesendet habe,mit der bitte mir ein anderes buch im gleichen wert von der serie dieses verlages zuzusenden. ich bitte sie daher dieses problem nochmals zuüberprüfen.

mit vielen dank

franco bügenburg
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