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Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas [Englisch] [Gebundene Ausgabe]

Edward Klein

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Klein documents how the Obama-Clinton feud evolved and deepened 8. Juli 2014
Von Daniel Berger - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format:Kindle Edition|Verifizierter Kauf
The two lead families of the Democratic Party hate each other. Edward Klein documents why and how in this entertaining and fast moving book. It's a good political beach read.

It's mostly about three elections: that of 2008, where Barack Obama came from behind to knock off front-runner Hillary Clinton for the nomination, with charges and countercharges of race-card-playing in the South Carolina primary; 2012, where Bill Clinton made a whizbang nominating speech for someone he can't stand and Hillary drank the Kool-Aid in agreeing to lie about Benghazi - `it was a spontaneous riot caused by a video' - to seal Obama's reelection; and the 2016 election, where Obama promised Clinton he'd support Hillary in exchange for their carrying his water, then reneged on it.

There are tons of details and fly-on-the-wall accounts of conversations. The Clintons come off much better than the Obamas do. We know most of the Clintons' dirt already and, as a nation, don't seem to care too much, but meanwhile they seem to have a clue about how to run the country, while the Obamas don't. Barack Obama comes off as narcissistic, lazy, and shielded from reality by advisor Valerie Jarrett, effectively the shadow president since 2009.

I get the feeling the Clintons shrewdly used this book to get their version of events into play. Klein found leakers near the Obamas who are unhappy with them, but many Clinton sources appear to be lifelong friends seemingly given the green light to talk for this book - people who wouldn't jeopardize their relationship to do so. And for many of the quotations, there would be no question in the Clintons' minds who had given them - people party to conversations where only one or two others were present. So it stands to reason the anonymous sources don't mind the Clintons knowing.

The Clintons, heavily covered for over 20 years, may realize there isn't much that can hurt them that hasn't already been printed. We all know about Monica, Clinton's womanizing, the financial scandals dating back to Arkansas days, Hillary's temper and so on. And a lot of the inside poop here is either flattering - Bill Clinton as political mastermind, say - or humanizing. It's remarkable that the Clintons stay together after all they've been through, but they seem politically fascinated with each other. And it's remarkable how many times Hillary initially tells Bill off about something, only to agree later that he's right and go ahead with it. Quite cute, say, is the anecdote about how Bill convinced Hillary to "have some work done" on her face after leaving the State Department, by first doing it himself.

The new news is the medical stuff. Hillary's health problems have been more serious than generally noted. And Bill's heart condition is serious; Klein quotes his doctor, by name, telling him the disease is progressive, i.e. it will continue to get steadily worse. Bill's obsession with sealing his own legacy by putting Hillary in the White House has become single-minded. It's suggested this is the primary thing he wants to get done before he dies.

The Obamas seem more on the defensive and more paranoid. You don't get any sense of Klein's sources spinning the narrative back in their direction. Barack comes across as a narcissist stemming from a deepset insecurity about his lack of experience pre-presidency. He's someone who doesn't read much beyond popular novels but thinks he's brilliant. He's visibly bored with the dull business of running the country. He doesn't prepare in advance for big international conferences, who he'll meet and what they'll talk about; he figures he'll just wing it. Detractors (like Hillary) call his administration "rudderless".

He's threatened by Bill Clinton, who not only isn't intimidated by him but tries to lecture him. (There's a priceless account of a dinner between the two couples - the strained conversations, Obama ignoring Clinton by reading his Blackberry under the table, Obama sneaking out and coming back a while later smelling of cigarettes.) He's shielded from much by Valerie Jarrett, who surrounds him with sycophants and upon whom he relies too much. She has her own room in the presidential quarters and is the only outsider who eats with the family. He thinks he can move the world with his speeches.

You see Obama good at campaigning and manipulating, but not much else. Michelle more or less invites herself and friends to Oprah Winfrey's Hawaii estate for a joint birthday party, in part to draw her back into the Obamas' camp and keep her out of Hillary's. The weeklong stay goes fine, but Oprah resists any political rapprochement, and even starts promoting Hillary not long afterwards.

Obama picks Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (a third Democratic family as powerful as the Obamas or Clintons) as ambassador to Japan, a way-too-late thanks for Kennedy family support in 2008 - and, apparently, just to get her halfway around the world from Hillary's candidacy.

It amazes me that the Obamas would work this hard to undermine their own party's frontrunner for the 2016 nomination. The Clintons will have raised a billion dollars for the run.

There's lots of dirt about both couples. Bill still womanizes intensively; you wonder if he'll die `in the saddle' like Nelson Rockefeller did. A guy with a bad heart condition?

His penthouse over the Clinton Library in Little Rock is his bachelor pad - Hillary avoids Little Rock - and effectively the Playboy Mansion South, the scene of many swinging parties. Klein suggests that the town not only shields its favorite son from scrutiny, but that its women, married and single alike, line up to sleep with him. Klein quotes one person saying Clinton will hit on married women even in front of their own husbands. (You'd think in Arkansas this would get a man shot, but then most other men there don't enjoy lifelong Secret Service protection.) He and Hillary lead separate lives, talking daily on the phone but rarely in each other's presence, and Hillary tells friends he'll have little presence in her White House should she be elected.

Klein notes some presidential couples become closer in the White House, where they finally have physical proximity after years of separation on the campaign trail, but this didn't happen with the Obamas, who are effectively estranged. Michelle Obama, of whom White House staffers are terrified, will burst in suddenly on her husband if he's in a room with other women; she's suspicious of him, believing he'd like to emulate Clinton's ways. Her post-White House plans, according to this book, don't include him. She and Valerie Jarrett, who plans to follow her, envision a high life of globetrotting funded by wealthy donors where they sit on corporate boards and don't have to do much work.

Barack Obama wants to retain control of the party, but Bill Clinton already sees him losing his clout and political capital.

The real question mark goes back to Bill Clinton's health. If he dies - a guy with this bad a heart condition? Waitresses and Little Rock matrons, think about it - some think Hillary, relying upon his advice forever, may not go ahead with a presidential run. It often sounds like more his obsession than hers, other than the first-woman-president thing. The family foundation's reins have been handed to Chelsea, in part to take pressure off Bill, and she is being positioned as his replacement as Mom's closest advisor and confidante. Others think Chelsea would encourage her mother to run if Bill dies because it's what he would have wanted. You get the feeling that Hillary, for all her ambition, doesn't have all that much fire in the belly - that it's Bill who's given her the vision, encouraged her, pushed her, made her see a path through obstacles, and been willing to fight battles large and small where she would have been more inclined to go along, get along and acquiesce.

Truly surreal is the ending. Bill tells an appalled Hillary, in front of friends, exactly how to stage his funeral if he dies before the election: what to wear (widow's weeds), where to do it (Arlington, he's a former commander in chief.) If properly done, he said, the video footage will be worth a couple of million votes." Not for nothing do they call him the smartest political mind of his time.

PS The day before I filed this, I saw a story online at Business Insider quoting an unnamed Clinton confidante attacking this book as lies, all lies, nothing but lies. The story didn't specifically rebut anything or cite any specific error in the book; it reprised a finding of an error in one of Klein's previous books. It suggests to me, though, this book is right, if the attack against it is as unspecific as "lies, lies, nothing but lies." Perhaps the Clinton camp is doing some preventive public fulminating so that they can deny the unflattering or unfavorable parts of it. I still think they planted a lot of this.

The same day, the Wall Street Journal had a front page story about Hillary distancing herself from the Obama administration. This is exactly what the book says she would do - it's half revenge, and half good politics, as seen by Bill Clinton, with the Obama administration in a tailspin on any number of fronts.
673 von 750 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen The Truth Knows No Author Nor Any Allegiance 23. Juni 2014
Von Michael Cantley - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format:Gebundene Ausgabe
I read the Mr. Klein's book, The Amateur, and that book reads like a tome on everything that has occurred during the Obama Administration. I would add that if one read Saul Alinsky's book, Rules for Radicals, that together the most casual observer could virtually glance at the books, then at the headlines, and get a foreboding chill straight to the bone. This is another classic by Mr. Klein and should be in everyones library. And for what it is worth I am a combat veteran, and my political views have morphed quite dramatically since reading these books. I find myself neither Democrat nor Republican or Tea Party, but more interested in the truth rather than rhetoric and campaign slogans. As Thomas Jefferson referenced, "Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories. " And lastly, "I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

I hope this was helpful. God Bless the United States of Americal
282 von 314 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Excellent 24. Juni 2014
Von El Gordo - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format:Kindle Edition|Verifizierter Kauf
This book confirmed what many of us had already suspected. Based on body language, newspaper op-ed pieces (esp. by the liberal press), I had always had a hunch that the Clintons and the Obama camp had a serious animus between each other. This well-written and absorbing book really lays bare that animus and provides an illuminating insight into both the Clinton machine and the faltering Obama presidency. The seemingly docile and,obsequious Valerie Jarrett is finally exposed as the almost true President of the United States who literally pulls the strings on the Obama puppets as the Clintons exhult in Obama's missteps and contradictions. Edward Klein has produced a masterpiece of contemporary politics that will be surely read many years into the future.
234 von 265 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Dishy and Delicious 24. Juni 2014
Von Liz Carlson - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format:Gebundene Ausgabe
If you liked The Amateur you will love this. It was Valeri and Michelle who coined the name Hilldebeest for Hillary over a bottle of wine and on June 23 of 2014 Michelle said that they "have SEVERAL options for a woman President." Does that sound like she is rootin' for Hilldebeest? Not so much. Bill says he "Hates Obama like he has never hated anyone," because Obama played the race card on him in 2008. Also the birth certificate rumors were attributed to the Hillary campaign. Back stabbing, wheeling and dealing, palace intrigue and nasty politics! You gotta love it.
Valerie Jarrett is the Rasputin of our times, whispering in the Obamas ears, slithering around as a go between and influencing every corner of the WH. She exerts extreme control over this disastrous Presidency. Obama does NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING without Valeri Jarrett's approval and input. She basically invented them, got them into the Chicago political scene and then the WH. Her fingerprints, good or ill, are on every decision made by this WH.
My only complaint is that Klein can't attribute quotes of WH insiders. I understand why. No one wants to be the next Vince Foster or be audited to infinity and beyond by the OBAMA IRS. Mr. Klein has never been proved to be lying or of misquoting sources, nor has he ever been sued and he and has written many political intrigue books such as this. I am guessing it is all true.
57 von 61 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Absolutely riveting! 28. Juni 2014
Von T. Bauer - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format:Kindle Edition|Verifizierter Kauf
No matter one's political leanings this book should be read by everyone interested in US politics because it is so darn interesting. Mr. Klein certainly has the background to have made the acquaintance of many of his interviewees, but it is unbelievable how many personal friends of the Obamas & Clintons he was able to persuade to be interviewed - even anonymously! I've become an Edward Klein follower!
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