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am 16. August 1999
I have baked primarily the mixed grain and whole grain wheat breads from this book with success each time. Good explanations with directions for utilzing stand mixers, food processors or the old fashioned "by hand" methods of mixing and kneading. Packed full of information and recipes. Color pictures would be nice, but it's such a great source for such a variety of breads, I don't hold that lack against it. A must for the home breadbaker from the very father of bread making.
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am 29. Oktober 1996
I recently told someone I bake all our bread from scratch--no bread machine for me. He looked at me in amazement and asked, "Then how do you do it?!" "Just the way your grandmother did," I told him. With Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads, anyone can bake flawless loaves of bread. Clayton has thought of everything, from explaining the many different types of flours and their differing attributes to formatting every recipe for hand mixing, electric mixer and food processor. I was given a recipe for Irish soda bread that listed the ingredients by weight, not volume, and Clayton even has a conversion table. I have made his recipe for Rudi's stone-ground wheat bread every week since I bought the book; the bread is so wonderful, my husband and I are addicted to it. But I have made perhaps ten other bread recipes, and without exception they have been delicious and professional looking. Clayton doesn't resort to tricks but uses techniques that are guaranteed to produce perfect results. I find the process of bread baking exhilarating: by mixing a few simple ingredients together I produce a living, changing dough that appeals to every sense: the resilience of the dough as I knead it, the excitement of seeing the dough rising in the bowl, the irresistible smell of the loaves as they bake, the crunch of the crust--and the taste of a fresh chunk of bread, hot from the oven, that makes me weak-kneed with pleasure every time.

From flat breads to quick breads to pizza doughs to every variety of yeast bread, Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads will never let you down. How could it? Your spirits will rise along with your bread.
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am 16. Juli 1997
Of all the bread baking books I have (and I have a lot) this is the one I actually *use* the most. I have made more than 30 of the recipes, and they consistently come out very well. The book covers a huge variety of breads, from the so-called quickbreads that can be assembled in a matter of minutes to complicated ones that may take a week or more from preparation to final result. There are classic French breads, wholemeal breads, small breads-chances are, if you want to make it, it's in here.The instructions are very clear, even if there are no illustrations or photographs. After many failed attempts, I was able to make perfect croissants for the first time from this book! Finally, the book if presented with a great sense of humor-you'll love reading the recipe for dog biscuits, even if you don't have a dog
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am 18. Mai 1996
If you think working with yeast is a delicate art passed down
from generation to generation, try the Cuban Bread recipe.
A wonderful bread that can be ready to eat (hot from the
oven) in less than two hours. AND, this one is fat free.
The bad news is that once you've made this one successfully, you'll
be hooked into more and more recipes. There are also small stories
with many of the recipes that help pass the time while the bread is
proofing, and the incredible smell is wafting through your home.
The recipes are easily laid out, with separate directions for
mixing by hand/mixer, or by processor. The only thing I don't
like is the lack of pictures of the finished product. Sigh, I
guess I'll have to use my imagination.
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am 16. Januar 1998
As a working woman who does not like "regular" breakfast fare, I have a sandwich every morning, preferably with homemade bread. Since purchasing this book I can hardly wait for the week end to make a new selection for the following week's breakfasts! It's truly a bread encyclopedia, and the instructions are so very clear and complete, plus the methodology is reduced to such simplicity that even the novice could succeed. Each recipe includes instruction for making by hand, processor or mixer, thereby avoiding having to refer to any other section of the book for advice. I have a 30-year collection of cook books, but this one never gets back to the bookshelf!
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am 21. September 1998
This otherwise wonderful cookbook has been fouled by including two sets of instructions for each recipe: one for food processor users and another for hand kneaders. They are intermingled in a way that makes it very difficult to follow the recipes. The problem could have been avoided by setting the special food processor instructions off in a little box or maybe by using italic type. As it it, I have to go through each recipe before I begin mixing and carefully strike the paragraphs that do not apply in my circumstance. Two books might have been the best bet. It keeps me going back to my old, worn "Beard on Bread".
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am 26. August 1998
Just to add to the reviews above: I like making little breads. We've enjoyed the pita bread, the hot cross buns, the bagels, the cheddar-cheese crackers, the oliebollen, and once I made the incredibly delicious and time consuming croissant. One of my favorites and one of the easiest recipes is that for the Buttermilk Oaten Cakes, which are low in fat, chewy, and amazingly good. Someday, I will go through this book recipe by recipe. I like the format, too, with each step called out. Very highly recommended.
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am 17. November 1996
I've got a lot of bread cookbooks in my library, but
this is the one I always come back to. Excellent detailed
guide to technique, wonderfully detailed recipes for those
using their hands, the food processor, or the Kitchen Aid.
(No bread machines here.) The maple oatmeal bread is
absolutely stunning, but don't cheap out and use imitation
maple syrup. (Fortunately it makes two loaves. One of
them is generally gone before it has cooled.)
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am 8. Februar 1999
If you like bread... this is definitely the book for you! The recipies are endless! I have never had any of Mr. Clayton's recipies "fail" on me... all are easy to follow and very thorough and accurate. Recipies are written for every kind a baker; from bread machines to kneading with a food processor to kneading with your hands. I love this book!
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am 8. Mai 1998
This book is a *must have* for anyone who wants to make homemade bread. The directions are clear and concise, including even different preparation methods for the different recipes. I started making bread as a hobby -- after buying this book and finding so many fantastic ideas in it, my hobby has changed into a passion.
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