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Bandologie - How to Lead Your Band to Success as a Musician [Englisch] [Taschenbuch]

Nils Kolonko

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Contents Why This Book Will Keep Some Musicians Forever Young 1. How Bandologie Works -- 15 2. A Musician’s Fundamental Questions in Search of Success What is a Rock Star—and How Can You Become One? -- 17 How Much Money Can You Make With Music? -- 18 Should I Become a Professional Musician? -- 21 3. How You Can Better Determine Your Future—the History of the Music Industry The Music Industry Before Rock ‘n’ Roll -- 23 The Dawn of the Traditional Music Industry -- 23 The Development of the Traditional Music Industry -- 24 What Was It Actually Like for Musicians and Bands from 1956 to the 1990s? -- 26 The Music Industry Today -- 27 The Music Industry Today (Part 2)—How Much You Will Need a Record Company in the Future (or Not) -- 29 4. How and Why Your Band Will Succeed—the Five Success Factors of a Band Factor 1—The Best Team Wins -- 37 Factor 2—Suitable Content (Including Innovations) -- 41 Innovations -- 50 From Witchery to Mainstream Rock—or: Today’s Most Striking Innovations Will Be Tomorrow’s Established Fashion -- 53 The Being Yourself vs. Market Research Dilemma -- 59 The Two General Approaches to Innovation as an Artist -- 60 From Begging Like a Wimp to Rollin’ Like a Pimp -- 65 How a Soldier Pulled Me Into a Stunning New World -- 66 The Local Hero Phenomenon—How to Find Out If Your Innovations Are Strong Enough … When You Thought They Were -- 71 Factor 3—Quality -- 75 Factor 4—Mass Impact -- 86 Impact -- 87 How to Market Your Band on a Professional Level With Zero Marketing Money -- 93 How to Make a No. 1 Hit Single Without MTV, Radio and Music Magazines … but With a Striking Idea -- 94 Mass -- 96 Why and How You Can Skip a Current Demo Policy -- 100 The Most Common Way for a Permanently and Hugely Successful Band to Get in Contact With Big Companies Who Can Help Them Reach the Masses -- 104 Guide to Target Group Marketing -- 114 Factor 5—Perseverance -- 138 5. How You Evolve From Musician to Musical Entrepreneur It’s the Effect That Counts, Not the Effort -- 142 The Most Important Criteria for a Band’s Musical Impact -- 145 Timing -- 145 The Most Important Criteria for the Overall Effect of a Band -- 147 Your Band as a Business -- 148 Your Band as a Large Business (Think Big) -- 150 6. Human Hurdles in Bands—and How to Overcome Them Decision-Making: Should We Kick a Member Out of the Band? -- 152 Someone in My Band Has Drug Problems—What Now? -- 159 How Do You Kick Someone Out of a Band in Such a Way That Both the Band and the Person Being Kicked Out Can Move on Constructively? -- 162 Musicians’ Excuses—and Their Solutions -- 166 The Only Four Reasons for a Band’s Possible Failure -- 181 7. The Most Important Tips for Band Founders I Would Like to Learn How to Play an Instrument—Where Do I Begin? -- 187 I Would Like to Form or Join a Band—How Good Do I Have to Be on My Instrument? -- 189 Do I Have to Drink Whiskey to Get a Rock / Metal Voice?! -- 190 Do I Need a Special Voice to Be a Singer? -- 190 How Do I Develop a Special Voice? -- 195 What Is Important For a Great Band Name? -- 197 Rehearsal Rooms -- 199 How Do I Find the Right Rehearsal Room? -- 199 The Most Common Mistakes When Searching for a Rehearsal Room -- 200 What Constitutes a Good Rehearsal Room? -- 202 How Should a Rehearsal Room Be Equipped? -- 205 How Do You Run a Rehearsal Room? -- 206 Do I Need the Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle in Order to Be Successful? -- 207 How Old Can a Musician Be Who Would Like to Become Successful? -- 212 8. Loudness and Ears How Loud Should or Does My Band Have to Be? -- 218 What is Tinnitus? -- 219 How Do You Avoid Tinnitus? -- 221 What is the Best Way to Protect My Hearing? -- 222 9. A Word on Copyrights and Performing Rights Organizations A Heads Up on Very Expensive Services for Musicians -- 230 A Word on Performing Rights Organizations -- 231 The Dirty Van Decision -- 232 10. Live Performances, Merchandising and Special Products Your Most Important Source of Income and Your Business Card -- 235 How Your Concert Can Become an Exciting Sales Event -- 241 Why Even a Two-Person Home Project Is Enough for Worldwide Success in the Music Business and an Income of Over 14 Million Dollars -- 245 The Principle of Good Salesmanship: “More Bang for Your Buck” -- 246 14 Million Dollar Sales, With Low Risk! How to Put It Into Practice in Reality -- 246 … And Then Pick Up the Money Comfortably at the Post Office -- 247 $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ -- 248 Low Cost, Big Money! How This Principle of Many Permanently Successful Musicians and Bands Works -- 251 A Glance Into the Future of Live Performances -- 252 How to Organize a Successful Concert Without Knowing How It Works -- 257 How to Win Fans and Keep Them Permanently -- 262 How to Bond With the Fans on a Grand Scale -- 265 The True Essence of the Music Business -- 267 The Three Stages of Music Marketing -- 268 11. How to Best Deal With Music Labels How to Force a Record Label to See What’s Good for Them -- 274 Handy Definitions for Terminology From the Music Industry -- 280 The Magic of Music Labels -- 289 How Queen Practically Had to Force EMI to Release One of the Most Played Pop Hits of All Time—or: What Else but Exceptions Should Be Expected From Exceptional Artists? -- 291 So How Do We Get a Record Deal? -- 303 Encore! -- 304 12. Epilogue The 25,000 Dollar Tip -- 309 Appendix -- 314

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