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3,3 von 5 Sternen6
3,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. Februar 2015
So much wasted potential, there! I loved this series so far. It had silly moments, but the developing relationship of Ty and Zane was just sweet and mostly well-explored.
This book, though...

(Careful, Spoilers ahead!)

First of all, the Nick-is-the-third-Grady-brother idea just doesn't work out. It has been stated that Ty never brings frinds home. It has been stated that Nick doesn't know Deuce. And now, Earl basically adopted Nick? Please. Even in this very book, it's obviously not the case: It's said that Nick and Ty didn't talk for a year - and Deuce obviously still doesn't know Nick. When Nick flashbacks, Deuce isn't shocked that the man who's apparently been part of the family for at least fifteen years now freaks, no, he yells at Ty: You said we can trust him.
That Nick is pissed at Ty for calling him a coward and has been so for several years...well, I guess that whole "If you get tired of Zane, come to me and we'll live happily ever after, 'cause I love you"-deal was just a joke, then?
Also, Nick blaming Ty for Sanchez' death - it's understandable,in a way, except Eli didn't die undercover but while working a VERY public case. Whoops.

So, how does all that fit? Simply: It doesn't. It comes over as sloppy canon-handling to bring the new favorite further into the spotlight.

Next: The relationship between Ty and Zane just is....wavering. It seems that all is forgiven and they love each other again. On the other hand, instead of having Ty's back, as he did throughout the entire series so far, Zane constantly teams up with Nick to cut him down. And when he's not doing that, he comes over as extremly sedate, just standing there and snickering ocassionally; apparently, he lost his temper and emotional depths along with his bulk. A lot of potential for conflict and forgiveness, that's never used and/or really commented upon.
Ty himself is...stange, too. He has PTSD - but only if the plot needs it. His emotional issues are never commented upon. It's sad, in a way, how little regard is given to all the problems thos two should have, to the trust issues they still have, or to all the love they have for each other.

The FBI-Team is almost completely left out, unfortunately. No reactions to the outing, no reactions to Ty quitting his job, nothing. It really disappointed me, I hoped to see something after THAT kiss!

But what really, truly disappointed me was how Richard Burns was handled. I mean, there was so much potential for an intresting story, there! This is the first time he and Ty come together after their pretty spectacular outing in he middle of the office and just...nothing?
So far, basically everybody except for Owen Johns and Beverly Carter-Garret were positively giddy about Ty's and Zane's relationship. But what about Burns?
He always had potential for conflict. I mean, this is the man who liteally rocked Ty as a baby, and still carelessly used him as a weapon whenever convenient. And now, he finds out Ty is sleeping with a potentially dirty male addict who was a cartel member for years and even quit his job for that man.
He could have been worried about Ty. He could have been pissed about Ty basically turning into a houseman for said ex-cartel killer. He could have been worried that Zane WAS dirty and seduced and/or flipped Ty, offering him a life where he was more than a weapon. Hell, he could have been happy and said, "Congratulations, guys." But...nothing. Not a single word about any of those things. So much wasted potential for really interesting conflict!
Instead, we get a lot of Nick-Kelly-antics, that are funny but would have better fitted into a Sidewinder Book.

All in all, I am not totally scared off, meaning, I'll read the last one - just because I hate leaving a series unfinished. But I'm almost inclined to treat this book like a non-canon installment. Like a Treehouse-of-Horror episode. Real pity what has been done to Ty and Zane here.
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am 20. September 2015
I have to say I'm writing this review after I read Book 9. And quite a few things happening in B&C make more sense seen in the context of the events that follow. Most of all Nick's strange behaviour.
Yes, the book has all the flaws that have been mentioned multiple times, and I hesitated for ages buying it for these reasons. But eventually I caved in, and must say that I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected. I agree there are plot-holes, there is way too much of Nick (but not as much as some people say), there are too many people in it, there are some plot holes that make you scratch your head - BUT: I really enjoyed the Agatha Christie type 'Who dunnit' set up. I loved the setting on a Scottish island (I have personal reasons for that) and I was glad I didn't miss out on Ty and Zane's engagement (which was really heart warming)
In short - I think this is an okay book and worth buying if you've read all the other books so far.
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am 16. April 2014
If I have to describe Ball & Chain in one word, it would be


I'm so disappointed with this book, I'm angry, and I'm sad, everything at once.


I can say NOTHING positive about this book.
Except that I managed to read it to the end.

I could start my review with:

First of all I would like to say how I adore this series...blah-blah-blah...Ty and Zane are my favourite couple...blah-blah-blah...BUT...

The sad truth is that this book has nothing to do with my favourite series and with my favourite couple.

If it were the first book of the Cut & Run-series, it would have been the last one for me.

It has never been a suspense part that attracted so many readers to this series - it was actually the weakest point of it - but we all knew it! The suspense part has never played a big role here, it was always secondarily.

We loved this series, I loved this series, because of Ty and Zane.

They were the central magnet, the main pillar, the most important essence of the series.

Well...they were not present here. And if, then I didn't recognize them. Somebody replaced them with their doubles that maybe looked very similar to Ty and Zane but they didn't posses their skills and charm.

It is why they were downgraded to the supporting actors by the scriptwriter. And it is why I'm so disappointed.

They deserve more.

They are more.

If the last book of the series is supposed to promote Sidewinder, then I'm over here. You can do it, but without me.

I am not going to read it.

P.S It's time to say Goodbye to Ty and Zane...Guys, I will always love you.
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am 31. Dezember 2014
Wahrscheinlich ist es mein English, Achtung Spoiler!!!! Who & Why did Burns got killed??? Ich habe das nicht verstanden! Nachdem Motto: how do I keep an idiot in suspens?... I tell you tomorrow.

Echt geiles Buch aber ich habe noch tausend Fragen am Schluss... naja, wahrscheinlich to be continued
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am 16. April 2014
In this latest installment of the Cut and Run series (please read the previous books first) the author uses almost all of the ingredients of a classic Gothic mystery thriller:
- a remote island in Scotland! cut off from the rest of the world
- a mansion currently inhabited by a group of people come together for a certain event, including our heroes Ty and Zane and their family members as well as their friends from the Sidewinder series Nick and Kelly
- a castle ruin
- a lighthouse
- hidden labyrinthine passageways behind the walls (think of Ty's claustrophobia!)
- no cellphone service or any other way to contact the mainland
- a threat against the owner of the mansion and his family
- unknown murderers decimating the group slowly and randomly as it seems one by one
- Who is among the murderers and who's behind all this?

All of these elements are of course a powerful recipe for a mysterious and uncanny atmosphere and a big part of my enjoyment in reading this novel was based on just that. It reminded me a bit of an old Agatha Christie novel, in which one after the other member of a group of ten was killed or disappeared in a remote, isolated place until there were only three people left and still you did not know who the murderer was!

But nevertheless I think that Abigail Roux could have exploited this element of mystery even more by presenting the different suspects better and in more detail. It was almost impossible to formulate a theory about who could be part of the group of 'bad' guys because the reader isn't really familiar with the various people in the mansion. They are mostly introduced just in passing and used more like a backdrop to the emotional drama going on between Ty Grady and his best friend Nick, who seemed to be the real protagonist of this novel as he is the one who experiences a cliffhanger in the end, which suggests that there will soon be a new installment in the Sidewinder series, a spin-off of this series.

I would have liked the mystery to take more centerstage in the action.The carefully created Gothic atmosphere unfortunately does not make shivers run down our backs the way it could. I mean, just take the scene where all our heroes are in a big walk-in freezer to have a closer look at a body. I thought how stupid can you be and was waiting for someone to close the door and lock them in the freezer. Please allow me this little spoiler: Nothing happened. Also, the scenes in the dark passageways, never knowing what is lurking round the corner. Come on, what a waste! It is not enough to just have the elements of horror be there, you have to know how to tighten the screw a little bit more to keep us on edge.

Nevertheless it is a suspenseful, action-packed novel. I liked how members of the group of the 'good' ones work separately from each other in different parts of the mansion or the island or are separated by force. Like this the reader does not know where everyone is at any given time or how their part of the plot continues. So there are mini-cliffhangers within the novel, but fortunately not at the end, at least not when it comes to Ty and Zane, whose story - it felt like that to me - is drawing to a (happily ever after) close.

There is not so much emotional drama going on between Ty and Zane here, but to be honest, I enjoyed their relatively harmonious relationship in this novel after all the angst and what I felt was exaggerated personal drama in the previous book of the series. But there is a little element of suspense in their relationship dynamic, which I don't want to disclose here.

Yes, I can see where all the deep disappointment expressed in some of the reviews on comes from. It's a matter of expectations. A lot of fans of this series want the focus to be on Ty and Zane's romance including more hot sex scenes. They want relationship drama between ZANE and Ty and not friendship drama between NICK and Ty with Zane being degraded to secondary character. Ty and Zane's story is used to a certain extent as a spin-off for the next book in Nick and Kelly's story. So there is a lot of frustration because readers feel that the author is turning her back on Ty and Zane in favour of other characters, but maybe she feels that their story is told. I also clearly prefer the Cut and Run series and really hope that Ty and Zane will appear as more than merely supporting characters in the Sidewinder books in the future.

All in all, a captivating must-read for all who love the protagonists of this series, although it is a bit of a mixture of genres. Is it a mystery romance, a spy novel, a psychological novel (Nick's PTSD) or an action thriller? A bit of all of the above with weaknesses and loose ends in all of them. This latest book in the series seems to polarize readers. You have to judge for yourself. What I definitely know is that I enjoyed reading it like I did few other books recently.
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am 16. April 2014
Ich habe schon bei den Rezensionen auf festgestellt, dass dieses Buch der Serie die Menschen zu polarisieren scheint… Entweder finden sie es furchtbar oder toll, ein Mittelding scheint es kaum zu geben.

Ich gehöre zu denjenigen, die es klasse finden. Auch in diesem Buch haben sich die Charaktere eindeutig weiterentwickelt (nimmt man da nur mal Zane, der hart an sich gearbeitet hat, in der Zeit, in der Ty weg war) und nun in sich selbst ruht. Der Rest des Teams Sidewinder hat auch seinen Auftritt - Nick und Kelly sogar einen ziemlich großen, was bei vielen Rezensionen auch als negativer Punkt genannt wurde, mich persönlich aber überhaupt nicht stört, da es zur Story passte und auch Ty und Nick so ihre Probleme miteinander haben, wie sich dabei herausgestellt hat.

Zur Handlung will ich eigentlich gar nicht groß etwas sagen, das kann man alles in der Buchbeschreibung nachlesen. Nur so viel: es erinnert mich an das Spiel „Cluedo“ und an alte Agatha Christie Romane. Überhaupt ist das ein Aspekt, den ich an der ganzen Serie toll finde: jedes Buch ist irgendwie anders und Ball & Chain bildet da keine Ausnahme! Manchmal war es vielleicht etwas überdreht, aber ich finde, das macht u. a. auch den Charme der Serie und der Darsteller aus. Sie sind nun mal so, wie sie sind…
Wovon ich mir ein klein wenig mehr erhofft hatte, war das Wiedersehen von Ty und Zane am Anfang des Buches und die Wiedereingliederung in den normalen Alltag, aber wenn Abi da mehr in die Tiefe gegangen wäre, mit all den Konflikten und gesundheitlichen Problemen, mit denen Soldaten zu kämpfen haben, wenn sie heim kommen, wäre das Buch wahrscheinlich auch zu sehr ausgeufert. Letzteres hat meinem Spaß an dem Buch aber in keinster Weise geschadet und ich für meinen Teil kann nur sagen: ich habe viel gelacht, zugegebenermaßen auch geweint und kann den neunten und - leider Gottes - letzten Teil der Serie kaum erwarten…

Das hier ist meine erste Rezension und normalerweise schreibe ich auch keine, aber meiner Meinung nach verdient dieses Buch eine gute Bewertung!

Zum Schluss noch ein kleiner Spoiler - also bitte ab hier nicht mehr weiterlesen, falls ihr das Buch noch nicht gelesen habt und keine Details wissen wollt:
Endlich… ENDLICH gibt es den langersehnten Heiratsantrag und das ist so süß und herzerwärmend gemacht, dass das für mich einer der Höhepunkte des Buches war!
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