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am 12. Januar 2012
As we dealt with Alan Brown's Diary in our English lessons, we are going to present you two book reviews. Have fun!

The book Alan Brown's Diary is a funny book about a boy who has the same problems like you. When I was reading the book I thought: 'This is very good!' The book is for kids from 10-13 years. It is not expensive. It is very thin, so you can easily take it everywhere. I think the book is good, because it opens your eyes to your real life.
© Sarah

Alan Brown's Diary is a book that tells you something about love, emotions, moving and a spy. A new girl came into Alan's class. Her name was Sandy. Alan loved her at first sight. Alan's dad wanted to move to Norwich, away from London, because he wanted a new job. Alan found a strange-looking man near his house.
This book is good but not fantastic. The story is a little bit interesting, because you want to know what happens next. But the characters are not good at all. There is not much information about them. The book is very short. But it's good to train your English-reading.
© Philipp
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am 21. Juni 2016
By Clara Aschenbrenner and Lynn Sahar (7.Klasse)

The book "Alan Brown's Diary" was written by Frederick L. Wolf and was published in 2015 by "Ernst Klett Sprachen Gmbh". This book is a diary of a boy who is called Alan and his problems. The main character of the book is Alan Brown who is about 14 years old. He is in love with a girl in his class, called Sandy. Moreover, he writes poems and songs for her. His father works away from home and maybe he and his family will move to another city. One day he sees a strange-looking man who sits on a bench. At the end of the story he finds out that he is a spy and Alan helps him.
We like the book because it was simply to understand the language and the vocabulary. We are a little bit disappointed by the book because we had got many expectations. The book is boring since there is no highlight. It ends very abrupt so Alan's problems aren't solved.

By Lisan Swertz und Carolin Winkels (7.Klasse)
The English novel “Alan Brown’s Diary” was written by Frederick L. Wolf. The book is for teenagers, because there’s a Boy, named Alan Brown, who writes a diary with all the problems, that teenager also have in those times. Alan is in love with the new girl in his class. Her name is Sandy and Alan is too shy to speak with her, so he doesn’t know, how to Show his love. Alan writes all his problems into his diary: Sandy, the school, his family and the strange-looking man.

We like the book, because:
-Alan is in our age
-there are different scenes (many feelings)
-there are problems, which everybody knows

We don’t like the book, because:
-it’s boring
-nothing happens
-we don’t know, how the book ends (there is no real ending)
-there is some boring information

We don’t recommend the book, because it’s boring and nothing ever happens.
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am 15. Mai 2016
Lesen wir - da wir das Buch durch haben - im Englischunterricht.
(D. h. Jeder durfte sich - aus vier vorgeschlagenen Büchern - eines aussuchen.)
Das Buch ist einfach zu lesen, sehr lustig, man kann sich die Charaktere bildhaft vorstellen.
Kurz: der Englischunterricht ist "very relaxing", auch wenn man ein reading log führen muss.

(Rezension von meinem Sohn)
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