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am 11. Januar 1999
This book is a must for all interested in the Amarna period, whether they be a serious student or one whose interest is casual. Though slightly dated, the work is still the largest depository of knowledge concerning Akhenaten other than the late Cyril Aldred, himself. The plates are excellent and compliment well the captivating discussions they accompany. KV55 and its importance to the Amarna period are discussed at length, that discussion including theories on just who it was the make-shift burial was originally for. The conclusion of the book also leaves one imagining the meeting of Cyril and Akhenaten in the afterlife, each enjoying the company of an equally great leader in his field
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am 28. April 1997
Very informative!! Thoroughly written and researched!!
If a person is inexperienced in Egyptology, this book commences
from day one of the life of Akhenaten and Nefertiti to the end,
and aftermath of this great pharoah.

Well written. The way it (the writing) is constructed,
makes one feel like they are following history, just after
it has occurred. I commend Mr. Aldred, whom is no longer
among us, and recommend this reading to anyone who is
interested in two uniquely and innovative leaders,
Akhenaten and Cyril!
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am 9. Januar 1999
Cyril Aldred was one of the greatest Egyptologists of our time. In "Akhenaten: King of Egypt" he has left us his greatest legacy. This book reads as if you are right there. It is a mix between a volume for specialists, and an interesting detective novel. There are 107 excellent illustrations, both photographs and drawings, to compliment the wonderfully comprehensive text. A must have for anyone interested in Egypt, or in the world's first monothiest.
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am 8. Januar 2000
I was fascinated by this book. I have read a lot of different books on the history of Egypt and find Akenhaten the most intersting of subjects. He tried to try something new of a well established religion....was he a few millenniums too early! If you have to read anything on him. Read this.
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