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am 10. Januar 2000
I bought this book because I was interested in the subject and it was published by HarperCollins... Most OBE books are filled with mumbo jumbo and panty waste New Age B.S... This book had exercises that read like a pilot's instruction manual... I tried a few just before I went to sleep for about two weeks every night... Low and behold I woke up in the dream state, climbed out of my body and walked around my apartment!.. If you don't believe it buy the book and try it yourself you skeptical stick in the mud... I only did it twice but it was enough to make me realize there is more going on than what we puny mortals may imagine... I actually got a little spooked and quit the exercises... I thought I could be playing around with occult powers I wasn't prepared for... The Tibetans claim you need a guru to initiate you into this kind of thing... Be careful... Read this book at your own risk...
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am 27. Mai 1999
I found this book quite interesting--though, to be honest, this was the only book I've read on OOB's so far. His experiences are interesting and inspiring. The author also details some physics theories--black holes, energy matter, and such, which I found interesting, though you may need to read those parts a couple of times to understand what those principles are.
Overall, this what a very readable, easy-to-understand book. The only thing I found sort of confusing was his chapter order. For instance, he details his OOB experiences, then veers off on the metaphysics for several chapters before getting back to how to achieve OOB's (which is what most of us buy the book for).
Though I haven't yet experienced a true OOB, I found his suggestion to give it 30 minutes a day for a month reasonable. So far I've had a very close almost-experience (the vibrations and roaring sound). Oh--one other thing, that he doesn't get into much that one interested in achieving an OOBE should be aware of-- when he talks about the vibrations and sound, you probably won't experience that right away after trying. I mean, you won't go from visualization technique/meditation to all of a sudden being able to 'leave your body'. Not as a beginner. You need to first actually fall asleep (even if it's only for two seconds), and then when you 'awake' you'll probably find yourself being able to move your nonphysical limbs (try pushing your arms through your mattress--it's a nifty feeling). Then, right away focus on a separation technique (he lists several). You'll feel like you're a rocket, but if there's no outside distractions (unfortunately there was for me during that critical stage), you should have no problem!
What I learned from this book, to put it somewhat concisely, is: write down an affirmation 50 or so times (he provides suggested affirmations) during the day that you want to achieve an OOB. Go to bed not expecting to achieve an OOB, just focus on getting closer--more relaxed, concentrating on whatever technique you choose. After you wake up to go to the bathroom in the early morning hours, repeat this affirmation as you drift back off to sleep. You might be surprised, but after you have another REM dream period, you may wake to find yourself OOB.
By the way, you'll know when you're ready for separation. It's not a slight tingling or waves of vibrations (which I spent many frustrating times trying to use as my separation point). It's a full throttle sensation.
At the very least, this book is quick-reading and will alter your perceptions of reality. Good luck!
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am 18. Juni 2000
I read this book for a good couple of weeks. Most of the techniques Will goes into are pretty easy to follow, even though it gets repetitive. It wasn't long until I had my first controlled OBE, though it didn't last too long. I highly recommend this one.
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am 16. Mai 1999
This will change your life forever, and for the better. Ever wondered about your place in the universe? End your simple dense physical existance. We are all Powerful spiritual beings trying to have a good human experience(learning). Ever been afraid of anything? not after you read this. Ever tried to keep up with the Jones? not after you read this. Ever been a zombie like work-a-holic? never again after you read this. Ever wondered what is your place in the world? Past Lives that you may have had? Go to his web site & also to WWW.ARTBELL.COM hear him as a past guest on the art bell radio show. Do you watch TV??? you may never again. Find out how precious life this book NOW.
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am 13. Juni 2000
Based on years of astral projections the author outlines his theory of the universe as it compares to currently held scientific beliefs. He appears to have thought through the implications of out-of-body travel much more than most who do it, - attempting to fit it into a broader unified theory of the universe if you will.
I gave it a whack and within two weeks I got to the "vibrational" state he describes, which immediately precedes leaving the body. This was quite bizarre in itself. I got the feeling that if I continued my efforts I would in fact be able to get out of my body during the next few attempts. But I stopped trying because of nagging concerns about the "wisdom" of leaving my body. Often times we are so concerned with whether we "can" do something that we don't consider whether we "should" do it. I wondered whether another spirit could occupy my body (with or without my knowledge)while I was out of it. Buhlman says that this can not occur and yet I found an account on the web written by an experienced astral projector in which this exact thing happened. Also, considering that astral projection is done while in a hynogogic state (between wake and sleep) the experience is much like a dream with elements of reality and fantasy woven together. I wondered what other things could occur. Just yesterday, quite by accident I came upon a news story at Salon Magazine about a man who was just convicted of murdering his small children while having an out-of-body experience. He claimed that during this experience he came under the control of an evil influence, but nonetheless took responsibility for his crimes and was sentenced to life in prison (he also attempted to kill his wife). Buhlman seems to ignore the good vs. evil paradigm, preferring to explain the astral plane as simply a spiritual, non-physical environment shaped by our own minds. However, various other accounts that I've read do acknowledge that there are both good and evil entities out there and you will encounter both if you make a practice of out-of-body travel.
So ultimately I have concluded that OOB is real and you can get there with this book or other techniques, but that for me anyway it's not the right thing to do, for now anyway. I believe we're in these physical bodies to learn lessons and to experience physical life. We'll be out of them soon enough.
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am 22. Oktober 1998
I say "perhaps very lucid" because this is the first book on the subject that I read. I liked Buhlman's scientific approach. Sometimes I didn't like his repetitious writing, but it was useful to ingrain in the reader the new reality that he is being subjected to. The book is very good in that it searches for clear answers to what is happening at each stage of OBE, but it raises a lot of questions as well. It makes you excited about the subject and creates a burning desire to try it for yourself. There are many techniques for obtaining OBEs explained, among them dream conversion, which was useful for me.
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am 21. Mai 1998
I've read several books on the subject,and have been having OBE's now for a year.I started reading about them,in order to induce them with more regularity,and more control during.I found Mr Buhlmans book superior to every other book I've read,but the D Scott Rogo comes close.Buhlmans advice on how to control the experience by asking for clarity,and even asking for help never occured to me,before.My OBE's have taken a sharp improvement in their frequency and duration. I strongly reccomend this book and the D.Scott Rogo book.(to a lesser extent).You dont need to read any other books,than the 2 of them
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am 22. Oktober 1998
The general publics understanding of out of body travel is little understood. To most, it is a fringe and non scientific subject. To those who have experienced leaving their bodies and being on the 'other side' while fully conscious, it is one of the most illuminating experiences of their lives. This book is the proper text to help you understand this most natural and personal experience. Buhlman is a caring and first rate teacher. I read the book, understood, and was soon out of body myself. This is an empowering and extraordinary book.
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am 10. August 1997
The Out-of-Body-Experience is something that must be experienced first hand to be truly believed. We can climb one mountain and from it know, in a small but significant way, what it must be like to conquer Denali, K2, or Everest. We can watch a documentary or read a book and get a "feel" for what such an adventure is like. It's not so for OBEs. You gotta be there. BUT... if there is one book that brings you right to the threshold of this experience its this one. William Buhlman recounts his own countless explorations in minute detail from his first attempt to leave this plain. Everything from simple walking around the room to going deep inside your own "self" to exploring the vast expanses of a multi-dimensional universe. Most refreshing is that the book is done from the scientific point of view while never for a moment leaving out the wonder and awe that is an OBE. And while the subject is inherently "metaphysical" Buhlman strives to keep the discussion in the realm of conventional science, steering clear of the occult. From particle physics to the joy of flying, nothing is left out. Quantum physics is just now starting to discover the true nature of the universe and our own existence. After reading Buhlman's book you'll be ready prove these things beyond any doubt in your mind. You'll be Newton and Columbus, Albert Einstein and Neil Armstrong. This book for anyone remotely interested in the subject and is must to give to the skeptica
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am 30. Juni 2000
This book was written for me and it came at a time when I needed it the most.
I had been suffering from OBE attacks (I called them) since 1994 and didn't even know what it was. I went to see everybody, from the doctor, to the priest, to the spiritual healer etc., they couldn't understand me. I prayed to God for any other human problem - but please, stop these spontaneous OBE's from happening....! Because I had no knowledge about it, it was frightening. Most night's were like Freddy Kruger's Nightmare on Elm St. (Fall asleep and it's BOUND to happen). I was desperate. Until I found this book....., IN AN OBE!
So much has happened since then and now that I understand it, I pray that it never stops.
I've bought 3 copies for friends, and my sister whom I live with also has her own copy.
It is definitely the book of all OBE books, easy to understand and very well guided. Highly recommended.
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